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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing the Vanquish re-released, and the 2001. I've got a new built Avante on the shelf and another two still in the boxes, so not worried if they don't release it again!
  2. What have I done today? Logged back onto Tamiyaclub for the first time in years!!
  3. Hey guys, if anyone has any ideas how to fix the photos so they show in the thread, it would be appreciated!
  4. Makes me want to get out a kit and start building again!!!!
  5. What are NIB King Cabs going for nowadays? Still got mine in the wardrobe.....don't think I'll ever get around to building it!
  6. So is it a good time to advertise my NIB Avante yet???
  7. Is that alloy? I'm afraid they will have to make gear cases and suspension arms before they impress me.
  8. I thought I'd finished collecting these things! Just when I think I'm out.....they drag me back in!!
  9. As per the thread title, has anyone got one? The machine that could spell the death of the parts shortage...... Interested to know and see what people are making with theirs!
  10. Thumbs up from me. He's on here, isn't he? Is his name Myles? My memory is failing.....must be getting old.....
  11. Mine arrived yesterday, scored one with the toothbrush. Thanks Stella, can't believe the lengths they went to with the protective packing! Not allowed to open till fathers day
  12. Warning points?? What's this??? What's the go here? Collect enough of them and get banned or something?
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