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    Re-releases are KILLING the hobby

    You have some good points and I will give them a thorough thought. The rereleases are a complex and not at least an emotional subject. Fritjofarnold
  2. fritjofarnold

    Re-releases are KILLING the hobby

    I agree on you with that Max and I fully understand that rereleases triggers new members and interests. I have three Hornets which I run with my sons and hopefully the boys will discover the Tamiya joy and bring it further. That being said though, parts were cheap for these buggies before the rerelease. What I am having bigger concerns with, however, is that I have an assumption that this club is changing, in some ways good, in some ways the opposite. For instance I can not understand why so many members of this club totally goes to war against other opinions. Do we not have higher tolerance? I knew that when I posted my answer it would be synonymous with harakiri. As in real life it is often neither black or white. Also a lot of great contributors to this club has left and moved on to other Tamiyasites. Why is this? Fritjofarnold
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    Re-releases are KILLING the hobby

    You are all wrong, Max. My page describing for instance the differance between MK1 and MK2 Sand Scorcher has been visited almost 4000 times. Do not accuse me for not being interested in Tamiya and only a speculator. In what way do you contribute to make TC a better place other than to disrespect other views than your own? Fritjofarnold
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    Re-releases are KILLING the hobby

    I hate the rereleases from Tamiya. It is as easy as that. The endless rereleases have also changed my opinion of the Tamiya RC brand. I also believe the rereleases have made many of the early and dedicated members of TC to leave the club making it less interesting. Members who have been around the club some years know what I am talking about. Fritjofarnold
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    My NIB KILLER. FOX Knock Off

    Happy New Year everyone! I luckily have one of these and have gathered some information about it: Obviously the Killer is a copy of the Fox. Lots of parts are identical and interchangeable. It seems like they have used the same mould, but the Tamiya logos on the chassis and gearbox are gone. It has some improvements like a strong metal rear roll cage. It has also front and rear sway bars. The body is cut behind the rear window and the wing is little bit different, so are the wheels and bumpers. There is no manufacturer on the box as it's intended to be rebranded by whichever company buys it from the manufacturer, with the distributor sticking their own name on the box. In the UK it was branded by Maplins. The Killer was probably manufactured in Taiwan. Here is link to my showroom entry of it: And also the earlier discussion thread: It is quite interesting to see photos of the building process so keep up the good work Fritjofarnold
  6. It could not have been said better Paul. I fully agree (as always). It is also great to hear you are still in the hobby, although not as much as before. Cheers Fritjofarnold
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    Hotshot front drive shafts wanted

    See the trades area on the mainpaige. There are some new ones there for sale. Fritjofarnold
  8. fritjofarnold

    SRB 1979 different to later 1980s SRB wow info please

    Or here Cheers Fritjofarnold
  9. fritjofarnold

    *** Dissatisfied with Tamiya petition ***

    Tamiya is not what it used to be Fritjofarnold
  10. fritjofarnold

    Scorcher 2010 VW body corrected

    Great work with the fenders, Erich. They are nicely box art. Keep us posted on the progress. Fritjofarnold
  11. fritjofarnold

    MY BAJA BUG!!! - pictures taken in 1988

    Yes, fantastic group photos and paint work. Tempting to make similar ones. Fritjofarnold
  12. fritjofarnold

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Yesterday I picked up a lot of older Tamiyas and today I got around getting an overview. I bought a NiB Celica LB 58009 and Lotus 58020, one Holiday Buggy in good nick, a Grasshopper 2 and a Hilux RTR for 1200 UK Pounds. Here is a photo of the lot. I will probably keep the nibs (although open for offers) and sell the other cars. Cheers Fritjofarnold
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    Not a word on the Royal Wedding?

    Oh, are they married now? Fritjofarnold
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    Kit number 58500 will be a huge Re-Release!

    ... or a 1:1 Sand Scorcher...
  15. fritjofarnold

    Kit number 58500 will be a huge Re-Release!

    Could it be the community scorcher Fritjof
  16. fritjofarnold

    Fox drive shafts

    Hi Just recently I bought a Fox with some unusual drive shafts. They are in one piece quite similar the Hotshot driveshaft, but the gearbox end fits exactly inside the gear. The cup end is similar the Frog, with regular drive cups. Does anybody know if this was a hopup or are parts used from another car, or what have you? Any help much appreciated. Have a good weekend! Cheers Fritjofarnold
  17. fritjofarnold

    Fox drive shafts

    I have a Fox runner and I will swap the drive shafts with these since they seem to have lesser wear. Thank you for your advice! Cheers
  18. fritjofarnold

    Fox drive shafts

    I agree, they do not have that "Tamiya feeling". Here is a photo of shaft and wheel axle. Hope this helps. Cheers Fritjofarnold
  19. fritjofarnold


    Hi See my showroom. I have shown the differences there: Cheers Fritjofarnold
  20. Hi, check my showroom: Have a nice weekend. Fritjof
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    Vintage Lunchbox Build

    I agree. Nice work! Cheers Fritjofarnold
  22. fritjofarnold

    'Make me an offer' and 'How much mate'

    Somewhat annoying can it also be replying to wanted ads, maybe sending photos and describing the item, and then the usual question: "How much do you want for it?" Cheers Fritjofarnold
  23. fritjofarnold

    I Wonder...

    It is hard to tell, but I would guess around 1/3 are not genuinely owned. Some members even seem to have all their sold cars in their showrooms. Cheers Fritjofarnold
  24. fritjofarnold

    Fox Gears

    .. or de-dyeing their painted black ones
  25. fritjofarnold

    Hornet Shell?

    Yes, they only cost 20 us dollars at Tower Hobbies; or the Hornet body for 16 usd dollars; Cheers Fritjofarnold