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  1. Just noticed you in Las Vegas

  2. Unfortunately that is the case with TRF in general (driver contracts). No more Championships
  3. Comparing 30 year old builds to a new Competition 2wd race buggy was a bad choice don't you think.? Apples and Oranges when it comes to feel and quality. I would never compare my old plastic babies with my TRF babies. Anyway, the build sounds fun and easy as you pointed out (like my 501X-201-417-EVO.7). I hate cutting bodies so that is a bonus to me
  4. Just 3 -King Cab and Hi-lux Monster Racers w/re-re SA trans please -Blazing Blazer
  5. Get a high speed motor fan, been using these fans for years.
  6. I kind of have the same question about 420 suspension upgrade for my EVO.7.
  7. I was about to ask as I have a NIB body set.. Looking for parts and came across this (the good ol' days)
  8. MT44 is very light even with 3 AAA batteries let alone a lipo sack. The M12 feels great also. @Jonathon Gillham,, I forgot the other recievers that are compatible, will look for one or two or three... As I want to hold 3 more models in the TX (417, 201, 501), feel like my EVO.7 is spoiled
  9. I love my MT-44 w/ RX-482 Combo (Best I have ever had). Only knock is this RX seperately is expensive and I can't justify buying one for my other Touring Car/ Buggy.
  10. I know, I know. Since the apocalypse and no gambling (Vegas shutdown), weekly funds are abundant and the price did not hurt as bad.
  11. Get the DB01 or DB01RRR (if you could find one), as both can bash with covered gear/belts. The chassis are reinforced plastic but you can use TRF501X/502X/503 and 511 parts like A-arms, uprights, hubs, belts, Gear diffs, alloy hop ups etc. I have a 501X and never get worried about parts because the DB01 has so many parts available. Here is my old 501X (Raced at prepped tracks only)
  12. They brought me the wrong kit (TamiyaUSA) so it will be returned and it cost me $15.00, the kit was free shipping!!
  13. Just got this from TamiyaUSA but it was the wrong kit.. They really goofed this up at the warehouse. Just got back from UPS store and it cost me $15.00 to send it back, it was free shipping on the kit I bought.
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