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  1. Love the cars on the list... But to tune the monsters the diffs play a big factor. I figured out using half the gear diff fluid (don't fill it all the way up) in a Db01/501x it will perform well like the touring cars.
  2. Not sure about the gear ratios. Start with smaller race truck tires (tarmac low profile) first to help tune with. Endless inexpensive options out there for DT03T.
  3. Spent the past week watching these videos when I've had the chance, very entertaining. Thanks to all who have and will keep pushing the LIMIT!!!! Thank you Jason for getting this going
  4. I dare to say, many of the original TRF201 have been converted to the longer chassis kits a few years back by the hardcore racers. Making a original roller hard to find is my guess. Just keep looking, something will popup
  5. Either way, "can't touch" this... Sorry for going off topic
  6. Oh yes, thanks for clearing that up mates. Just used a little emphasis on the MEE part ... Now we got Hibernaculum LEGO (I learned something just now, thank you ), and berman being berman "can't touch" !!!
  7. I'll trust Scotty Ernst (world wide race promoter), TA MEE YA
  8. For me it is about the King Cab/Monster Racer family (see my avatar). But I must mention my two ORV chassis that got me started in the late eighties which led to some great racing and bashing with the Monster Racers. Either way I have boxes of rare/spare parts, NIB bodies. I would sell my beautiful original Bruiser before thinking about parting with any Monster Racer/ORV chassis in my stable. Call me crazy !! Decided to take a pic of my six shooters (a few minutes ago) after I saw this thread today..... Great thread by the way!!
  9. I guess I was a rich adult ... I had the other design. Pic from early 90's I really like what I have seen with these SC10 tranny conversions, to use modern electronics its obviously the way to go.
  10. Wow, that SC10 tranny can handle some serious power, awesome work!! Would love to see it bashing on a beach . Great work jBrinks, would love to see yours in action .
  11. Yep, he has some very rare collectibles. I am lucky to see his collection!!
  12. It started when I saw my friends Brat in 1987, so fast and looked cool, he gave me the controller and I was hooked!! It took awhile to save up, eventually went to a LHS later that year and saw the Blackfoot - SOLD!! Building it was an experience that will never be forgot, thankfully my buddy with the Brat helped me out sorting the MSC and radio gear. Had fun with it and made the trip to the LHS and I saw the Monster Beetle on display and a kid behind the shop was racing one (got the racing bug - no pun intended). Well, bought a Monster Beetle with a few hopups a week later and sold my Blackfoot to my cousin. My cousin and I raced and bashed our trucks weekly and breaking everything imaginable. In 1990, we saw two of the coolest trucks we have yet seen fly around the track with ease, a Kyosho Outlaw ST and the King Cab and like they say "the rest is history". He went with Kyosho and I stayed with Tamiya. My cousin GAVE the Blackfoot back to me and we had one of the most fierce rivalries on the track (good ol' days)! My avatar pic is from 1992. I still have my first three trucks in my collection and featured in TC showroom.. Blackfoot thread - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=61532&sid=14859 Monster Beetle - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=61431&sid=14859 King Cab - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=61314&sid=14859
  13. They would be great for all 2.2 truck wheels. The BF and the retro 3speeds would look cool!
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