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  1. wildwillydriver

    Kyosho Honda ATC 250R [1982]

    Here the close UP to the 540 mod....., not so happy about it but i have to deal with it. If i can't find a gear set and put the 380 back on i have to find a 540 motor with high turns that mimic the same performance. Any suggestion 50T more or less.....? Bye WWD
  2. wildwillydriver

    Kyosho Honda ATC 250R [1982]

    Here we go a couple of pics to share. Bye. WWD
  3. wildwillydriver

    Kyosho Honda ATC 250R [1982]

    Thanks for your posts. Considering them i need to be very patient and take my time. Luckly it is in a condition that can be a good runner easily and then with time will try to find and add the missing parts... Bye. WWD
  4. wildwillydriver

    Kyosho Honda ATC 250R [1982]

    Hello, I just got one of these beauties, that i'll try to restore at best and run. Anyone of you have or can give me a link to a Spare parts numbers (codes) sheet for this model? Online i found the manual but there are no parts numbers inside and can't find anyting more. What i miss are: - Front number plate and fender - Gear set The reason for gears is because the previous owner modified it to 540 motor and to do so changed a little the gears logic simplyfing it and since i'd like to have it back to 380 motor size i've the gears set in my wish list. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Bye WWD
  5. Hello to everyone, i going to start a Vintage Sand Rover resto and i'm trying to find, if exist, a Gear Cover for it. I remberer they were available in the past on the "bay" made in Polycarbonate but i also saw here some custom made. Due to time issue i'm no more in the RC Biz as i was in the past and i'm not updated on what is availabe, considering also all the 3D printing experts that sell items on Shapeways. From a first quick search i couldn't find anything, if someone can point me in the right direction or help me i'd really appreciate. Thanks for your time, WWD
  6. wildwillydriver

    Super Astute Gearbox Testing

    Fantastic work! Hat off to you! WWD
  7. wildwillydriver

    My TRF 801 twins

    NIce Combo! WWD
  8. wildwillydriver

    King cab differential help needed

    YES! But very hard to find.... WWD
  9. wildwillydriver

    King cab differential help needed

    Love the tyres! WWD
  10. wildwillydriver

    WTB - Exotek 1245 Chassis Extension

    HI, still have one NIB. PM me if you are still interested. WWD
  11. wildwillydriver

    New foam tyres for 1/8th vintage circuit cars?

    Very hard to find, i'm not an 1/8th racer but i had to search some for a project in the past and the only ones i was able to find are Arrows tires. Sometime on ebay Germany or on some Internet sites, surfing now looks like the HK shop below still have some available (1/8 are at the end of the page). http://jethobby.com/_shop/product/product.php?brand=116 You can try to email them. Bye WWD
  12. wildwillydriver

    Stripping paint from polycarbonate shell

    I mainly use two products: - Tamiya's Polycarbonate Body Cleaner (87118): good results - Carson Paint Killer (available as Spray or Liquid): At the moment i use the spray and it seems to work even better than Tamiya (lot less rubbing) with no damage on the lexan. You just spray wait a little and rub with a clean towel. As already said in other threads results depends also from the type of paint and also in some cases the type of lexan. In my experience using the same product some lexan bodies suffered a little (foggy look) other remain perfect. I used also Nitro and brake fluid but results are not as good as with the product above. Hope this help. WWD
  13. wildwillydriver

    Novak is now a thing of the past

    What a bed news!!! They are outstanding products and i still use them in my race cars. I still have also an old GTB "Spread Spektrum" that is bullet proof and is still working after years of "battles". WWD
  14. wildwillydriver

    Tamiya TR-15T Restoration

    Nice to see an update! Very good job! Bye. WWD
  15. wildwillydriver

    WTB Dyna storm/Blaster parts

    Did a check and sorry to say i don't have it. The only one i have is on the car. Bye WWD