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  1. well that doesnt help me much!!! fun vid though music nearly sent me asleep though, cant stand coldplay! CARNAGE
  2. Has anyone else been having trouble re-loading all their cars and images up into their showroom????????? i did everything as normal; model number, title, load pics etc etc. once i click on upload and it takes the same amount of time as it used to when adding a new car to your showroom but then once finished the newly added car is not there or anywhere???? any one having the same probs or know if i am doing anything wrong???
  4. WOW!!!! thanks for all your replies. Well i see alot of you mentioned the txt1but for what i want just dont see the point really. Im not going to be climbing over massive rocks and stuff. i will only really be running it in gravel some slightly bumpy dirt track areas and grass and tarmac maybe with one or two jumps thrown in. i looked at a twin detonator but dont really want to have to deal with two engines and i really, also i would guess the run times are less if your using two motors? would like a 2wd for the dougnuts and getting the back end out a bit. i love the nostalgic look of the monster beetle and the blackfoot extreme. I personally think a 2wd monster truck is what i would like really for light-medium off road running, and would enjoy the task of cotrolling a heavy 2wd off road!!! looking to buy new in box as well so if anyone knows a good online stor with cheap prices or is selling of something along the lines of what i am looking for then let me know. thanks again for all your replies.
  5. I have been considering treating myself to a monster truck. loved the idea when i was young nipper when i had a nikko. but things changed i got older and wanted to go faster but realised monster trucks arent really for hammering through corners as fast asyou possibly can!!!!. although i want a monster truck that can handle some light-medium off road with some pace and have the characteristics to handle it. i have seen vids of people using monster trucks and just watching them barrel roll when they turn in and there not really going all that fast, i guess its because they are top heavy and high off the ground.i was looking at something like a blackfoot for going over gravel, light dust and a few medium bumps and jumps. not really looking to get it caked in mud or trying to see if it will swim or anything.so any recomendations would be welcome. i do like the look of the blackfoot as it seems a little lower to the ground and not as stocky as a lunchbox or a midnight. i would like to know the "cons" as well as the "pros" the former not being discussed much in the tamiya guidbook (naturally!!! its their own propduct) regards CARNAGE
  6. thanks for the comment jpod!!! yours looks sweet to just not a fan of the traditional blue that pic of the motor is a great help to thanks again for all you replies
  7. but where should i solder them on i have run out of places? can i solder more than one to the same place?
  8. will upload pics tomorrow cant be bothered now im to stressed to eve look at my cars without the temptation to throw them across the room and put them in the oven just to get my own back!!! lol well the motor came (nib) with one capacitator soldered on theres four gold tabs that stick up two have the capacitator on and the other two have my motor wires connected to, so therefore all the places to solder things on to are used up. i soldered another capacitator onto the two tabs which have my motor wires connnected
  9. I was having interferance glitches with my tt01, the car would get a certain distance (not very far, approx 15 yards) and the car would start to twitch and shudder. I am using an lrp ai autoatic reverse rated down to 15t i am currnelty using a 19t corally on it, the motor already has one capacitator on it but after talking with a few members in the chatroom I was informed I should solder another one on. And so I did, but it seems no different perhaps worse now! Is there a right or wrong way to solder a capacitator on? I soldered the second one onto where the motor wires are connected (is this ok??) as the other two gold plates are occupied by the other capacitator. I might just give up soon and stick with my rs540's (boring) I have been having the same prob with my df02 which is using the same kit. I have arranged the wiring as best as possible aswell. Please somebody help!!!
  10. does anyone have the part no. for the tt01 chassis cover im fed up wih getting stones caught under my prop shaft its was all sexy, shiny and blue now its got perfect scratches from a trapped stone :-( or even better if someone has one they want to sell. im not fussed if it has the drivers or not my windows are blacked out anyway lol
  11. that was my intention. went to spray it the same colour as the body then ran out of paint!!!! i thought id leave it as i didnt think you could notice the difference in colour but then again i am colour blind!!!!
  12. change my wing the wole thing??? i like the rear wing. do you mean take the blue stickers off? i wasnt to sure about putting thos on in the first place but at least there easy to remove
  13. well as it turns out the ride height of my tt01 scooby isnt actually as bad as i thought it was gona be. after taking it out it gets over gravel and light bumps easily, so i think rally block should do the trick, as for spacers on the shokcs, i cant fit any on it as the pistons are fully extended. so rally blocks i guess i have to order now, or is there something with slightly bigger tread than rally blocks that wont make my car look silly??? CHECK OUT MY NEW RIDE!!! let me know what you think http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...68&id=14886
  14. well i think im gona try and get hold of a tb01 chassis cover only a few cuts to be made the car in tha link looked okay ith it on nice fit actually!! i thought about the whole ballon thing but doesnt that make esc's and motors etc over heat with no fesh air to circulate round them????. does anyone have a spare tb01 chassis cover knockin' around that they wanna sell? gona start cutting out my body shell tonight maybe spray it to. got to fit my hop up parts that came aswell. will take some pics of the progress as i go. i was thinking of going for a "street" look after seeing a brilliant decal set of flaming skulls for 1/10 cars, but decided id go more for the rally look as you dont see "barry boys" doing the paris-dakar rally lol
  15. I have seen some cars with what looks like a clear lexan chassis cover to keep the majority of dirt and water out, i think they were tb02's. Does anyone know if i can get the same sort of thing for my tt01 as the drive shaft is not covered and it would help keep small stones and dust out. Or will a tb02 chasssis cover fit a tt01???? any help would be greatly appreciated, or if someone owns won that they do not need and fancy making a few quid then let me know kind regards carnage
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