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  1. Hi there Just after a few bits to finish restoring my Pumpkin. 1 - A full set of the white shell mounts (E parts bag) 2 - At least 1, but possibly a full set of shocks. I'll take the original (****) ones if they're available, as one has just snapped at the ball joint mount and isn't repairable. However, if there's any sort of oil filled hop up shocks that I can buy to upgrade the nasty stock ones - I'd be very interested in these too! Thanks - please PM me if you've got anything.... Richard
  2. Holy ****! That's some answer.... Most of which I just don't follow too well. I'm more of picture and arrow guy than a text guy - if there's a guide to servicing a Technigold motor out there on the web, I'd love to take a look.... I've got a car battery now and the Motor Tuning System does appear to work. However, the one thing that I've not been able to get working yet is a reading on the RPM counter. At the moment, I'm selecting the first option (MOTOR RUN) - and choosing a voltage (7.2v to bring it close to max) and seeing what happens. The motor's are spinning up nicely, BUT when I stick the motor arm into the RPM hole on the side of the Motor Tuning unit - the RPM display just remains at 0, with no flicker of a result. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Thanks - have been searching for a while - and the only thing I've found so far on Ebay is a genuine set of decals at £25 (which is too much for them) - hence putting the word out here.
  4. 4 - Can I add a driver cockpit to that list please? That would be really cool!
  5. Hi to all Just mid-restore of another one that I've just acquired, and am after the following bits for this RC Celica GT-Four (92/93) either Repsol or Castrol colours. I've actually got the 58119 (Repsol) model with the flip up lights, but the 58129 appears to be same model/shell and chassis but just different Castrol livery. What I need is: 1 - A good shell (ideally NIB), but WHYG? 2 - A set of orginal five-spoke white alloys with rally block tyres (I know this is from the 58129 - but IMHO looks loads better than the wheels from the 58119!) 3 - A battery compartment cover - I believe that this is a TA01 chassis - so should be standard! Thanks in advance to any replies..
  6. Hi to all Am also after a couple of Midnight Pumpkin parts if anyone's out there? 1 - 1x rear shocker - mine just broken at the bottom where it meets the ball joint - so in truth, only the black bottom plate is needed, but would take a whole shock, or a set of four if that's what anyone's got? 2 - A set of the white shell mounts (from the E parts bag) - I've just laid my hands on this and I'm going to restore it - the previous owner had drilled out the fitted mounts and screwed into them as they had clearly been splitting on him. In actual fact, I only really need a decent pair of the rear (white) shell mounts as I've got a pair of fronts - but will take whatever's needed if they need to go as a set. 3 - A genuine set of original decals - for when I've repro'd the shell! Also - does anyone know if there's a good shocker hop-up for the Pumpkin? I've been looking at them, and the standard set are TERRIBLE! Would like to upgrade to some oil filled, but they're shape doesn't seem to match with any other Tamiya model that I can find....
  7. Apols - we've got a "family" weekend. LMK about the next one....
  8. Thanks - in all my time of living in Kent, I never knew that road was there! So, does this small lane pass underneath the Simon Weil Avenue (with the Ashford International on it), and then pass underneath the Fougere's Way as well?!
  9. Hi Steelrat - thanks. Where is the Warren? RD
  10. Cool - but how does this create a bond between the decal and the shell surface?
  11. Aah, right - got it. Superglue, as made by Loctite/Henkel over here. Ok - will get onto this, and know exactly what you mean now about getting your grubby finger print on a dab of it! Thanks for the tip TamiyDan....
  12. This looks like another awesome answer - but I don't understand parts of it! (what is comm wear?) Is there a "how-to" guide, either in photo's or video, that goes through pulling apart and servicing / improving a motor in the way that you've outlined below? Would be amazingly useful for lots of less knowledgable wannabies like myself!
  13. Thanks TamiyaDan - am going to give this a go. I'm guessing that you're in the US from Crazy Glue and popsicle references? Does anyone know what the UK equivalent to this Crazy Glue is? Just want to make sure I buy the right stuff!
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