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  1. Congrats!! Very nice, I see it came with the white wheels that seem to be rarer than Snap-on trucks supplied with yellow wheels. My guess is that it's an early-production truck. Once again, congrats. Now let's find a Snap-on Fox that's affordable! Bob
  2. Hi Bill! I don't blame you for wanting to replace your Sand Viper wheels. They've got to be some of the ugliest wheels tamiya ever came up with. I'm currently finishing up my new Sand Viper and I'm using wheels off a Desert gator. Very good looking in my opinion. Tamiya #'s: Front 51205 and rear 51206. These are the same exact dimensions as the Sand Viper wheels. Also, Dyna Storm wheels fit nicely, though the fronts are a bit narrower, but tires still fit. As far as aftermarket wheels go, I know the HPI SS monster wheels will also fit, but are different dimensions and will require new tires. There's got to be more options, hopefully more will chime in. Bob
  3. I got my screen name from a nickname I picked up several years ago. I had purchased a new Hugger orange Camaro SS that I named Huggie and soon enough, the guys at work named me Huggiebob! Corny, but non offensive, I use it on eBay also. Bob
  4. Yes, same problem here in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA. I went to my local hobby shop, who is listed on Tamiya's dealer page as an off road Tamiya supplier, and was cold shouldered! I was after wheels and tires for my Dyna Storm and you should have seen the look they gave me before they turned their back on me and walked away. This place brags about being family owned and operated and in business since 1967, it's a wonder that they're still in business. No sense complaining to the owner!! It's a shame, I do spend a good bit of money on my hobby and they will never see any of it. I resorted to just ordering from Tamiya USA and get fabulous service without the bad attitude! Being an old guy, I grew up with hobby shops that would bend over backwards to get what you requested and take the time to work on a problem with you. Heck, I worked in a slot car track for a few years in the late 60's and would have PROMPTLY been fired for displaying the attitude I ran into here. I'll be moving back to Colorado in a month or two and hopefully I'll find a decent shop there. I'm sure all hobby shops can't be judged by a few bad apples, but it sure is frustrating! Bob
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