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    Vintage RC, and new Brushless RC. I like to restore the old stuff and make the new stuff as fast as possible (without thermal meltdown) unless just for fun of course. Today's project.... a LOSI XXX-G+ with a 10,500kv 3.5 turn motor and a 260amp burst 45C LIPO... all hop-ups have been added over the years just took a few months to figure out the Novak Havoc Pro was not going to be capable of helping so had to go with a new GTB... much better ESC for a high current draw project such as this one. Yesterday's project... obtaining the rear shock arm mounts to match an RC10T... found white ones. Now I just have to die them black to match and everything will be 100% restored to the same time era aside from the 8X2 Revolution Mod motor.... OH... and of course the Tranny internal drive ratio conversion kit.. also will have to be died black. Next week... finishing up the final touches on a Tamiya TA04 pro with 3.0 turn brushless.... IT's CRAZY FAST!
  1. To Mr. Tamiyoman... If you do still have the flatnose tires from the Kyosho Porsche I have collected this series for years... I have all of them except for the Thunderbird, Please let me know how I may aquire a set of wheels please. I would be thrilled to have some!
  2. I'm not sure why it says I am from Belgium? I live in Arkansas..... I think there must be some confusion there... Hmm.... I have however destroyed my share of spurs and pinions.
  3. If you still have this item please let me know! Maybe we can work something out. GMOHLER@GRNCO.NET
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