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  1. Hello! What is the best way to clean a motor's comm?Can you please give me general info on cleaning the comm as well as how many times I should do it? Also is it dangerous to run the motor if the comm is very dirty?(I have a modified proton motor!) THANX!
  2. Hello! I'm thinking of buying some Tamiya RC1400SP batteries!What's their performance like?Are they reliable?What are your thoughts on these batteries as well as Tamiya batteries in general!
  3. Hello! I'm thinking of getting a duratrax buggy or truck!What can you tell me about these r/c cars?
  4. I was just surfing the web-came upon this! http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=58321
  5. I thought some of you might be interested! http://www.kyosho.com/cars/kyod75.html
  6. Supershot


    Please no links to live auctions unless they are yours Thank you
  7. Supershot


    Just a link you might be interested in!They have a hotshot NIB as well as other vintage cars for sale!
  8. Great collection mate!Are you going to put these kits onto your website!I'v been on your website but keep on waiting for it to be fully finished after the system crash!Do we have other kits to look forward to? Will it be fully finshed soon? Can't wait!!!!!
  9. I stumbled on this while surfing the web!I thought some of you might be intrested!What do you think? http://www.teamlosi.com/kits/mini-T.htm
  10. The Tamiya Hotshot.I bought it from Hobbyplace Melbourne.Wow,what an adventure!It sure beat my Metro Jethopper!
  11. Hello! I'm curious to know how many of you collect really rare nib's from the eighties?I'm not talking about brands like Tamiya,Kyosho,Marui,Nichimo,Schumacher ect-just really rare stuff that was produced in limited quantities-cars that most people have not heard of! Can you post a link from your showroom of your rare item! THXS!
  12. Another great ebay store if any of you are intrested! http://www.stores.ebay.com/tamiyarc
  13. A direct link to Jason's store below!Enjoy! http://www.stores.ebay.com/jasonsstore
  14. Hello! I am curious to know what some abbreviations mean that all of you use!For example LHS means-local hobby store,LOL means-laugh out loud ect,ect!What does BTW mean?SRB?I hope we can all learn something by this post!!!!!!!
  15. quote:Originally posted by RETRO R/CI did a review of the "Mini Mustang" in R/C CAR for the November 2003 issue. If you are in the states - it may not be in the shop as "december" is the current one now! I did a "mini history" on "P.B" in that article. id="quote">id="quote">Wow Darryn! I recently went to the newsagent and read your section in both magazines!I love the PB review as well as the AYK one too!Top quality writing mate!I'm planning on buying the mag next time!Looking forward to the next vintage car you plan to review-can't wait!You should be proud!Good too see the face of an Aussie in a international mag of this quality too!
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