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  1. Yeah, that's an option. Oh well, the new SS isn't exactly the old SS, but it's still a nice offering.
  2. I put the Scorchers away in storage, otherwise I'd go look myself, but are you saying that both the bucket AND the lens are one molded piece? If so, and you want to use the CLEAR lens instead, you have to cut the opaque one out?
  3. Thanks, I thought the comparison might have some appeal. Agreed that extra "lip" around the fender edges was a nice detail to an already detailed model.
  4. Interesting... I understand StellaModels is selling corrected ones? I also see some floating around on ebay, none from Stella on ebay at the moment, but I can't tell if they have the correct mount holes or not. Is Stella explicitly stating that the ones being sold by Stella are the corrected ones?
  5. Yeah, I had to dig back through this thread to find out what that was about. So it's basically the mounting holes on the bottom of the cage drilled or molded in the wrong place?
  6. I just received my 2010 Scorcher and did a quick comparison of the old NIB with the new: http://www.rcgrabbag.com/archives/tamiya-sand-scorcher/
  7. Thanks, yeah they are the same as the original, so that's good. Any news on a T-Shirt option? I ordered a couple with the blue bag, but no T-Shirt.
  8. Do the tires have the original lettering (Sand Tires Unlimited, Smoothie, Padlatrak)? I know the Grasshopper re-re uses the same tires and did have the original lettering when it was re-re'd. Unfortunately, the Buggy Champ has the lettering "Tamiya" on the front tires instead of the original "Sand Blaster JR" lettering. I'm hoping the new Sand Scorcher kept the original lettering.
  9. Towerhobbies still carries them, but they are currently on backorder. They are the correct brass units, too. Check it out here.
  10. I love 'em all. My latest project is the new Panther. OK, not so new since they just released the Jagdpanther. I have some construction photos here.
  11. Now I know we don't like to think of collecting as an investment, but every once in a while I poke around ebay to see what stuff I have is going for these days just out of curiosity (no interest in selling anything I have). Vintage stuff is going for crazy money these days, so much more so than just a few years ago. There is a Blazing Blazer, assembled, on ebay for $2000 with 6 days left to go in the auction!!! That was about the price of a NIB blazer 4-5 years ago. Supply must be drying up, because it seems to me that vintage Tamiya, especially NIB, aren't available in the numbers that I recall when I first started collecting about 5 yrs. ago, and maybe that's what's driving prices up. I still see sellers like Tamiya-RC and JC/RC with vintage stuff, but not the routine appearances of NIB Rough Riders and Sand Scorchers like the "old" days. I remember the Can Am Lola, there was ALWAYS a NIB one on ebay being sold by someone at any given point in time, but I don't think I've seen one for over a year or more. And don't get me started on diplo tyres.
  12. Not much like the original, but it is being touted as a 30th anniversary offering. Polycarbonate body (booo), 4wd chassis. But it should instantly be a collector's item. Sorry if this is old news... http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=49400
  13. I got some old pics of my Rough Rider, AND, I also have a short clip shot in 8mm movie film (not video) back in 1981. Rough Rider - Taken Sept 1981: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp...312357_main.jpg Rough Rider movie - November 1981 (Note, this was encoded with DivX. You'll need the DivX player to view http://www.divx.com/divx/play/player/): http://www.jcwarfield.net/rccars/videos/vi...amiya/rr8mm.avi
  14. Hey, yeah!!! I'll have to place an order with me. I hope I'll give me a discount since I'm a Tamiyaclub member. Appreciate the tips folks. I'll let you know how the restos turn out.
  15. I've got a Scorcher I'd like to restore, but I'm puzzled as to how to separate glued parts without, or at least, minimizing the damage. For instance, how would I remove the chrome headlight bezels?
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