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  1. Absolutely amazing dedication and expertise, outstanding job. Love it!
  2. Hi Dave, Thanks for your message. Yes, I'm very interested in a new support plate, the 2x 2mm thrust ball bearing used and the new link pin bag. Thanks by the way for the tip on the shock tubing, I did not think of that. PM sent. Thank you, Dan
  3. Dear Tamiya Club family members, I'm in search of the following parts to complete a Porsche 959 project: 2x 2mm thrust ball bearing (5700012) Piece of Tamiya vinyl tubing for shocks (8000052) 1x support plate (4305212) 1x Link pin bag (9405282) I've been looking for these pieces for some time now but couldn't find them unfortunately. Please if anybody knows, has, or could point me in the right direction it's very much appreciated. Thanks and have a great weekend, Dan
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