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  1. Flipping through that book motivated me to finally but the electronics back in my scorcher. I took it for a quick run.... it's a better sand scorcher then it is a snow scorcher.
  2. Here is one of my sand scorches with the interior I just finished for it.
  3. A close up of the book picture. That's my original unrestored rough rider
  4. I was flipping through my baja bugs and buggies book and came across some great pictures on the sandblasted tires from back in the day. The details tamiya got right back then is amazing, check it out.
  5. Awesome find, I don't really have a room it's more of a spot where I keep my cars and parts. I would like to have a room one day. I bought some rerelease kits and I have some project restorations and a few more I would like to collect. Would he nice to have a little hobby room to work on stuff.... one day.
  6. How big is your parts stash?! I think I know everything that I have but I only have a few bins.
  7. That's great to hear on the WW2! I might need 1 maybe 2 WW1 grills tudorp
  8. They are expensive but totally worth it. I'm not sure the WW2 will have the same "character" of driving and looks the a WW1 has but it would be a fun build with my son. I think I will need to find a WW1 for my wife and get her a wendy.
  9. Someone is a fan of tamiya over at cartoons magazine. Check out the lunchbox on the cover.
  10. Wow that looks great Shodog. My son wants me to buy him a wild willy 2 and my wife asked me why I'm not getting her a wild wendy for the wild willy she wants me to buy for her
  11. Tried to remove him but he is glued in pretty good. I decided just to paint a few little things and leave it how it is.
  12. Just picked up my very first wild willy. I remember these when I was younger but never had a chance to drive one or even see one in person. I stumbled onto one local that was clean for a great deal and was ready to drive with vintage futaba radio gear. I brought it home pulled the gear boxes apart just to make sure nothing was being destroyed and ran it. So much fun, so many cool details and with the stick futaba radio its perfect. My plan is to just clean it up a bit, repaint willy and use it as my sunday driver. I'm also going to cut open my vintage tamiya hump pack (this is the actual one from when I was 8 years old) and put new cells in it so I can use it with the wild willy.
  13. Frog for me, bought an original one a few years ago. I restored it, added bearings drove it a few times and then it sat and I sold it. Lunchbox is fun and I loved it as a kid, I still love it now but I don't know why. It just sit on the shelf
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