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  1. funny, I'm hunting for bearings for my tracks too... they take a lot!
  2. I got this email yesterday too, that seems like a great deal.... What else will go on sale? Will we see a $499 bruiser again, I missed this the first time.
  3. Got my tracks yesterday, came in a bigger box then I was expecting. Next rainy day I will be building these.
  4. I bought two sets, couldn't pass it up for $70 per set. I bought the GF-01 land cruiser when they were on sale back in 2021 for $149 and still haven't built it. I liked the tracks version but thought it was too much at the time now I'll have one for $300.
  5. Nice job, those turned out good. I've done the same a few times buying parts lot on ebay. Whats the plan for the body on the LB chassis with brat tires?
  6. Sorry I missed this! I live about 25 minutes away and would have brought something to race. Any plans to do this again sometime?
  7. I have a few including a 1987 t type I've had for 26 years a 2010 camaro SS I ordered new, I race a 96 miata in spec miata and I have a 94 miata that I did a 5.0 5 speed swap - I drive this everyday spring summer and fall. I'm currently working on a 72 datsun 510 that I bought in pieces and a 1980 toyota 4x4 pickup. It is amazing how many details tamiya got right on the bruiser/mountaineer.
  8. I hibernate my 1:1 cars in the winter too and spend some of my time with my RCs. I've seen your pics of your RCs, what kind of 1:1 cars are you into?
  9. My son and I ran a few cars yesterday. The hornet is his first tamiya and he built it by himself. We ran the crawlers too and our stampedes (no pic). We drove RCs for a few hours and it was awesome.
  10. Flipping through that book motivated me to finally but the electronics back in my scorcher. I took it for a quick run.... it's a better sand scorcher then it is a snow scorcher.
  11. Here is one of my sand scorches with the interior I just finished for it.
  12. A close up of the book picture. That's my original unrestored rough rider
  13. I was flipping through my baja bugs and buggies book and came across some great pictures on the sandblasted tires from back in the day. The details tamiya got right back then is amazing, check it out.
  14. Awesome find, I don't really have a room it's more of a spot where I keep my cars and parts. I would like to have a room one day. I bought some rerelease kits and I have some project restorations and a few more I would like to collect. Would he nice to have a little hobby room to work on stuff.... one day.
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