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  1. Thank you junkmunki for confirming & please continue to build that excellent F1/F2 grid! I will try to contribute more. I appreciate scammers are a curse & better safe than sorry, but think this brings this thread to a close. Thank you.
  2. Just wish to bring this to a close & let you decide if I’m genuine or a scammer & move on. Yes, I have been a TC member since 2006 & would describe myself as casual – last car I built was THAT TL01-RA - mainly because it was on sale at Modelsport & had a finished body as I suck at painting. Since then have had few opportunities to build, race or even tinker, but have enjoyed this site as a dreamer. I have appreciated the broad mix of members that seems to accept most types – racers, collectors, bashers, scratch builders, archivists, etc & lived vicariously through their stories. Ultimately I probably just lack focus (or plain lazy), so whilst I’ve had ideas not got round to it (including building all F2 cars as my first car was a Ralt – hence my stash of parts). Over past couple of decades I have been lucky enough to acquire some stunning examples from other members that are way beyond my limited abilities (e.g. JennyMo’s STUMPscorcher, Rad’s Hilux & Singleseven’s FAV Willy). I don’t feel I have had any right to post these as not my own work, but do enjoy admiring such wonderful examples & recommend you seek out their work. I don’t race & as already mentioned have had little time to even tinker, so don’t think I have anything of interest to add to threads – sure, I could post “Wow” or “Great” to up my post count, but not sure that’s adding much & goes against my natural introverted nature. I’m sure there are many members like me & accept I’m not a big contributor in content, but have done deals with members to allow them to complete jobs or provide funds for another project. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion & once again only writing this as the thread has become a permanent matter of record for my ID, so should another opportunity arise, don’t want another member to just assume I’m a scammer based on this. As final point to hopefully help clear my name, sharing picture of F2 parts with Sunday Times paper to provide some evidence that I at least had these to trade, even if any deal now seems unlikely
  3. Hi. Just seen this & whilst I appreciate the concern about possible scams, would have been decent to check by email first? Unfortunately have been flooded in past week, so my focus has been elsewhere & we’d not even got to point of suggesting price or details. Also to clarify that I only asked to use my normal email to share further pictures more easily (can only share 3 or 4 through DM here) - I was quite happy to continue correspondence through the TC mail. I’m not a big poster, but been a member for many years and purchased a number of items from a few members. So, I understand the concern, but also needed to reply as called out. Still dealing with flooding by the way. Matt
  4. Stand (& tray) received & thank you. Both were superbly packed & received next day, so adding thumbs up for a great trade!
  5. Hi. I have a spare unused (but cut) shell & decals if interested for a fair price? (Also a well used NDF with a decent shell - not concours, but definitely fine for running). Let me know if interested & i’ll sort out pics? Thanks. Matt
  6. Hi. I’d be interested in these if you’ve not already sold them? Thanks Matt
  7. I think the Brabham BT-50 (vintage F1) had the white bumper set?
  8. Hi Rich Like the look of this & would be interested if still available please? Thanks Matt
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