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  1. I was watching this video on youtube the other day.. Seems like the TT02 can be lifted quite a bit and makes a pretty decent rally car.
  2. I have a cheap small printer and I'm pretty impressed with the strength of the parts I'm able to print with it even using only PLA. I wouldn't use it on a hardcore basher but for normal fun running I see it being perfectly fine. My biggest concern would be threads pulling out, but if you can put a nut on the other side I think it would be pretty decent.
  3. My personal list is as follows: - Bush Devil - Wild One - 959 - Novafox - F201 Would be super happy to see any of these in 2021!
  4. I suspect Tamiya will continue to cycle their re-res for the foreseeable future. They might produce it for a year or two, discontinue it and then bring it out again a few years later. At least I hope this is the case because there are a few that I missed that I still want to add to my collection! Quite a few of their models have had multiple runs already so this brings me hope!
  5. I think @GTodd is just trying to stir the pot and keep this thread going. The majority agrees that they are overpriced, but It's clear that his viewpoint is fixed and he is trying to "educate" us with unsubstantiated theories and wild assumptions. Do you really think the Chinese can sell a replica bruiser for $200 and STILL make a profit, but Tamiya is taking a loss at 500? I've shared my thoughts, I'm out.
  6. To everybody talking about a company having to make a profit to survive Tamiya can still do that by lowering prices and increasing volume. They're choosing to instead restrict supply and jack up prices, which is helping scalpers more than anyone. Imagine how many they would sell if anyone who actually wanted one of these models could buy them at a fair price...
  7. I have to disagree. I think people give too much slack to companies that milk their customers for all they're worth. I would bet that producing these re-re's with modern technology and in much higher volume it's costing Tamiya a lot less to manufacture than in did back in the 80s and that their percentage of profit margin per kit is likely a lot higher. They are taking advantage of the fact that the re-res are much less expensive than the current market price for the originals, but it doesn't mean that they are a good value for what they are. Don't get me wrong, I love the re-re's and I'm still buying them, but the value is not good and I accept that. The whole RC hobby in general has gotten very greedy lately.
  8. I want to frame the box art above each car on the shelf so this requires a significantly smaller picture. It would have been easier if the images were already out there but the method I am using now works fine since I have all my boxes.
  9. Quick question but why does the aluminum piece at the back of the Super Champ/Fighting Buggy say "FS"?
  10. Did a test with my Hornet.. This looks about the best I can get with my phone. Good enough I would say for the 11x14 size I am planning to print. I could use the boxes themselves but that would mean they would be all different sizes and take up a lot more space.
  11. I hear ya! If I want to bash or race an rc there are better options out there, but for the joy of the build and the crazy engineering nothing beats a Tamiya! I got into collecting re-res for this very reason! Problem is the reseller market is crazy on these; people buy them as an investment and not a hobby. If there's something you want like that Black Special I would bite the bullet and get one before it's too late!
  12. Does anyone know where I can find hi res box art images? I wanted to print out a few and thought it would be easy but can't seem to find suitable examples..
  13. Had a Wild One on backorder at Towerhobbies since June and it looks like Tamiya just pulled the plug on them so it will never get filled. What are the chances of another run of these within the next few years? Or is it gone for good? ☹️
  14. Wow is that FWD buggy? Never knew such a thing existed, I need body off pics! Looks super clean!
  15. Just something I was curious about and figured I would ask on here in case anyone had any idea.. When Tamiya puts out a kit how many do they make and how does it compare to the vintage production numbers? I know this obviously varies by how popular it is or how long they continue to produce it, but I really have no idea. Is it 10,000? 100,000? It blows my mind that 30-40 years out it's still possible to buy a NIB kit (albeit for a price). How many are actually out there?
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