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  1. $404 was the same price as the Black. Makes sense since it's just a color swap so exactly the same parts..
  2. I have the Super Sabre and 60th Mid on pre-order w/coupons so I hope they honor those!
  3. I buy most of my Tamiya stuff from Tower but I just checked their site this morning and I can't find the November coupon codes anywhere! They've been getting worse and worse since Horizon bought them but the discount codes were the only thing keeping me coming back. I really hope I'm missing something cause if they're gone for good that makes things significantly more expensive and I'll definitely be looking elsewhere.. ☹
  4. Might be old news by now but TA has confirmed they will actually sell this! They are making it from polycarbonate which they say is stronger than the SLA printed parts but they are still suggesting that it be used for display only. https://www.associatedelectrics.com/teamassociated/cars_and_trucks/RC10CC/Kit/ I'm really excited for this!
  5. These parts are SLA printed with a 3D resin printer that would never be strong enough to actually run. I would also love another batch of classics!
  6. I also think the cost of manufacturing carbon fiber has come down to the point where the margin between what they can sell a CF part for vs an FRP one is much more favorable.
  7. Not too practical with all that weight but geeeeeez do they ever look good!
  8. My issue is that I used a ton of loyalty points on my preorder so I dont want to lose those..
  9. I can confirm you only need 54605 if all you care about is the square battery fitment. Tamiya suggests tape to hold the battery in but you can use velcro straps or make some brackets pretty easily. I 3d printed this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4148207
  10. Or just buy the VerII chassis 54605 Did this on my golf as well for the same reason.
  11. I just built the Mk1 Golf M05 with 54753 shocks no problem. I used the larger of the 2 included spacers and the short eyelets and also kept the kit springs. I built it with the Ver II chassis but otherwise all stock.
  12. Seriously beautiful setup! Would love to have something like this one day..
  13. Ya I saw so much praise for the 01 and with the 02 released I was worried they'd discontinue it so I snatched one! Stuck in customs now
  14. I thought that looked familiar.. Hobbyking used to sell this as the RZ-4: https://www.liverc.com/news/hobbyking-basher-rz-4-110-scale-4wd-rally-racer-video/#gallery1-2 Also I blame this thread for making me get an XV01 :p
  15. Can't wait to see the manual for this.. I hope they didn't use the same plastic diff nut as the TD4!
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