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  1. I also have had mine pre-ordered since May.. Bit bummed that it won't come with the bonus Turbo Optima body parts even though I ordered prior to release. Tower is saying October so hopefully that holds true.. I'm in no rush.
  2. There seems to be a trend lately where people (not businesses) will buy up everything and then try to sell it for more. It is affecting everything right now unfortunately.
  3. I actually like this but the price will likely be too high for me to bite. I know it's a gimmick so I can't really justify 300+
  4. I actually like this but the price will likely be too high for me to bite. I know it's a gimmick so I can't really justify 300+
  5. The best product I've used is meguiars hot rims chrome wheel cleaner: https://www.meguiars.com/automotive/products/hot-rims-chrome-wheel-cleaner Spray some on, let it sit and the chrome comes right off.
  6. That sucks! They clearly have the originals available so why not include them?
  7. Really want the red one as well! Had one on order before it got "discontinued" and have been regretting missing it since!
  8. Buying multiple to collect > OK Buying multiple with the explicit intent to sell for profit > Slimy IMO I would definitely have multiple if I could afford it and had the space; runner, shelfer and NIB at least!
  9. Bush Devil was the only blue chassis ORV AFAIK.
  10. Hmm sounds like I'm not thinning enough then.. I'll try really watering it down and see if that helps and if it lets me turn the pressure down. I am able to spray water no problem. I was told to use window spray as a cleaning agent that is a little stronger than water so I've always done that, not sure if it's necessary.
  11. I am having a heck of a time trying to spray some lexan bodies and am hoping some of you guys will be able to me out. My setup: Parma faskolor lexan paint 2 gal air compressor with moisture trap (set to 35-40 psi) Chinese dual action airbrush (currently using 0.5mm needle/nozzles I know it's not the best but this is what I have to work with. Not looking for super pro results, basically just want to spray liquid mask and then solid colors as I remove mask portions. My main problem is that I am not getting an even consistent spray. It doesn't seem like enough paint is coming out of the nozzle even when I pull the lever completely back. Eventually the airbrush clogs up and no paint comes out at all. I've tried watering down the paint more to the point that it runs when sprayed and also turning up the pressure of the compressor to ~40 or more, but I can't seem to figure it out. I always just end up with a big mess and poor coverage. Any tips? I also take the airbrush apart and clean it and then spray windex through it every time I use it.
  12. I read somewhere that the American market is less trusting in that they expect products to be sealed to ensure that no one has tampered with them. I personally do prefer shrink wrap as well as it makes them feel more "new" IMO and since I live in Canada most of mine are when I buy them unless I order from overseas. Kits coming out of the factory are not shrink wrapped or sealed in any way.
  13. This is my one complaint about this model. I love unique and interesting builds but I refuse to buy anything that can't accept standard electronics.
  14. The build wasn't my favorite. You have to pop a lot of ball links and I don't like to use pliers because it marrs the plastic so I ended up killing my fingers. Not super exciting either because you basically just build up the gearbox twice and there's not much else to it. Does look really nice on the shelf though and they seem fun to drive, though I haven't taken mine out yet. Overall worth it for me!
  15. I've always cleaned mould release off new tires with dish soap and warm water and it seems to do an OK job but some still come out looking pretty gray and dull. I know Glen from Tamiya Legends uses silicone spray to shine them up and get that deep black look, but since I have my cars on display in the living room I don't want to use any chemical that has an odor or leaves residue. Does anyone have any tips on getting tires to look good while using indoor-friendly products?
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