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  1. And what would the relevance of the first question be if you intend to use an aftermarket motor mount after all, where the original distance between spur and pinion isn't defined anyway? [:S] Needless to say, Tamiya made 53552 to be used with the kit's original motor mount or Tamiya's hop-up motor mount where the distance between spur shaft and motor shaft is definite, so the answer is given and remains the same, like I pointed out in my first reply.
  2. Well, the F201 motor mount is not adjustable, and Tamiya isn't really famous for selling hop-ups that don't at all fit the models they are intended for, and the 53552 F201 High Speed Gear Set doesn't fit any other chassis, so to say it with a certain Bill in a case where the answer is actually known; "If you had to make a guess, what would be your guess?" [][]
  3. With all due respect, but knowing that you are quite new in the hobby yourself and having seen the build quality of for instance your M04M, I would like to point out a few things. I built RC-cars for customers, showrooms, schools for disabled, fairs and shops for about 20 years myself before moving to Germany in 2000. The peak was during the late '90's, when I built in excess of hundred models each year, learning something new to the benefit of the customer with virtually every single build, and not being "perfect" by far at any time. Putting models together for customers that aren't able to do it themselves and don't have the interest, knowledge and experience to maintain the models, takes a lot more than just being able to follow the assembly manual step by step, which is adequate as long as you build the models for yourself. After all, the model should have the maximum possible reliability and the minimum of wear to give the customer the best possible troublefree fun. This requires a lot of small "tricks" and when necessary, using improved/reinforced parts. However, the customer is often on a limited budget, so the hop-ups must be chosen wisely. I suggest you spend a few years and build a lot more models before offering a "build service" to others, as you otherwise will only cause trouble for the customers and yourself. As so many things in life, this is a lot harder to do with adequate quality than one tend to think when being young and inexperienced. Btw, comparing factorybuilt models of different brands, it's quite evident that Tamiya are one of very few companies that deliver high build quality. A clear testimony of the commitment, knowledge and quality assurance needed to build (especially large quantities) of models well.
  4. It's the current GM Epsilon-platform based 9-3, and the body may not be the most detailed and authentic around, but it is a Saab: http://www.retech.no/pages/karosserier.htm
  5. 40537 Tamtech-Gear Sports Tuned Motor SPT
  6. No, I intend to keep it NIB. It's well up to the standard of Tamiya cars of the same time, and it's relatively hard to find, so I would feel guilty building it. That said, the price level for these NIB is quite moderate, as the Nichimo cars aren't as hyped as many of the older Tamiya models, and thus not sought by (new-)rich short term investors/"collectors". Anyway, I also have the static kit version of Nichimo's Stratos, and as the previous owner had already started building the chassis, the NIB status has already been destroyed, so I don't have to feel guilty about using the body. Practically all of the body parts are the same as for the RC-version. I have prepared an M04M chassis for it. Also, I may eventually use the separate body parts set for another version.
  7. Dee, I'd like to add that even though you discovered the F201's features a few days ago, it has actually been on the market for about five years. Accordingly, a lot of very skilled racers have collected a lot of experience and knowledge about it, not only by "table-top" testing and guessing, but by running countless laps on many different tracks. So why try to "re-invent the wheel"? I appreciate that you want to set it up as 2WD, so a few of the setup tips provided by the expert racers may not apply, but are surely better suited as a basic setup than pure guessing. At the time the F201 was hot (relatively), David Jun was one of the most successful F201 drivers. His setup proved to work very well and was copied by many other drivers. It was based on a lot of knowledge about handling and setup of RC cars in general and actual testing and racing of the F201, and can't really be easily dismissed: http://www.formula1-rc.com/Default.aspx?tabid=151
  8. It has taken a while, so interest might be gone by now, but yesterday I remembered/managed to make some pics, so here are some pics of the Nichimo 1/10 Stratos RC kit and the body parts set, with a couple of wellknown Tamiya kits for size reference:
  9. Well said! This model is more than anything the result of pure talent, skills and taste, and the reason why it's the "TC model of they year" in my personal opinion. To have an insane amount of money and leisure time and a totally unjustified excessive selfconfidence are certainly useful for creating admiration and fueling an already overinflated ego. Paris Hilton and some other people we all know and for whom I feel nothing but disgust, are all evidences of that. The ability to brag shamelessly about own achievements and expert skills and knowledge (where there aren't any) or even take credit for discoveries and ideas others made decades before them are also personal characteristics that usually pay off these days. However, such characteristics will never be even remotely adequate substitutes for real talent, skills, knowledge and maybe especially taste, as so perfectly demonstrated by TamiyaLand's fantastic model. []
  10. Joel is right. Official release date for 49400 was Dec. 2nd and 57101 was Dec. 23rd. If you check the showroom entry for 57101, you will see that quite a few members have it already.
  11. 58384 - Brat: no official release date yet as far as I know, but as 58383 VW Beetle has been announced for release in late February, I reckon the Brat will be released in March. 57101 - Porsche 934: Officially released December 23rd. 58382 - Mazda RX-7: official release date according to Tamiya Japan, is February 24th (http://www.tamiya.com/japan/news/news0702/news1.htm#57102)
  12. Hi, I agree with Theo and Shodog, but just in case you still want to give it a try, I made a scan of the shiftgate sheet tonight. You can pick it up here: http://www.erik.abc123.no/files//shiftgate.jpg As it will not surely print in exact 1/1 scale on your printer, you probably need a reference measurement; the shiftgate in the lower right corner (Multiplex) is exactly 50mm in diameter on the original sheet.
  13. I'm a Norwegian living in Germany, and because I sent some Christmas gifts to family and friends recently, I have looked into this issue myself. Norwegian Mail has officially admitted having major problems this Christmas. Norwegian newspapers are still writing articles about it. Norway has a terrible infrastructure for being such a rich country and Norwegian Mail is famous for being badly organised (and very expensive) so even outside "rush hours" like Christmas, delivery times are rather long. The parcels I sent on December 11th still haven't arrived! However, from experience I know that Norwegian Mail mostly manages to deliver in the end, so I wouldn't be too worried. I can see your point about handling for a longer time period will increase the risk of damage though.
  14. As I haven't had the opportunity since yesterday to make any pics of my Nichimo Stratos models, I thought a catalog scan would be an acceptable substitute.
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