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  1. Bromvy, it does seem we're both correct (And Geniuses!) I simply opine that they should go the extra little distance when they introduce-Or re-introduce- anything, and remain the high-quality company they're always been rather than try to be the Wal-Mart of R/C, over analyzing the price point & such. Basically, put out product geared towards the chaps who are willing to spend 5 or 10% more for, as you mention, the bearings & pinion (Good point BTW,) a few less screws & a bit more actual design, RUBBER tyres, etc. badword, they could do all that plus add a decal sheet for the 2nd body, hex hardware, etc. if they just left out the ESC. I see why they include it, for the new guys, but I have a million ESC's would rather have a better kit. Anyway, enough beating on the Brat I guess, I'm actually thinking of CNCing up some wheels for it, since it'll be a shelf Queen after all. (And I actually don't have a million ESC's, so nobody PM me looking for a free one!) Chris
  2. I'm not missing any point, and nothing is 'Obvious' or there would be no reason for this discussion. I was making a point, that being, since this thread is about Tamiya 'Upping its Game', that from a value-for-dollar standpoint, they could do a few small things (Like hex hardware, tyres that aren't plasticky, etc.) that would make their re-re's more appealing to a buyer. I don't need to have Tamiya nostalgia explained to me, thanks though: That's just why I bought it. I'm not looking for nor expecting performance: Simply put, the fact is since one may purchase a much nicer kit for the same money from many manufacturers, that takes out half of their potential target market of such kits: Newbies and 'nostalgia' buyers- The nostalgia chaps, like myself, may get them, but newbies have much better choices. Ergo, if their re-re's & lower-end kits were nicer, they might sell more, or is this too deep? And their engineering on all but their highest-end cars is still mostly hardware with some plastic to give the (Phillips-head) screws somewhere to thread into: Look at the CR-01 compared to any other crawler. 10 lbs. of screws & some other parts. Not impressive! Seemed like a knee-jerk reaction to shove a truck out the door because they were popular- If you wanna try to defend that design, by all means, feel free. Chris
  3. I just splurged & got 2 kits from Tower, having not built in a long time. I got the re-re Brat, and the HPI 240Z Cup Racer. They both cost exactly the same, $169.99. What a world of difference!! The Brat is, plainly speaking, a piece of you-know-what- Except for the body, it's a poorly engineered pile of ****. Tamiya seems to throw bags of screws at everything instead of properly designing. The HPI is stunning! Dual diffs, shaft drive, alloy dogbones, BEAUTIFUL Lexan shell, AMAZING scale looks, inboard front suspension, all in all a much higher-value, better looking, better performing kit. Now, I know the Brat is based on an older chassis, but still, they did some strange things with the front suspension that made me almost laugh: Who's doing their designing? If the chassis is not identical to the original, with 20+ years under their belt, you'd think it would be MORE advanced, not less so. I've always liked Tamiya, but have never deified them, and lately they are just asking for my scorn it seems. That said, there are a couple more cars I'd like to get, but it's getting harder to justify. Chris
  4. Got a re-re Brat, and......Not blown away by the engineering! Front suspension is really weird, especially since it has nice 'real' shocks on the rear. Chassis was such an ugly colour I had to paint it black. Some real tongue-in-cheek stuff, at least I got 2 bodies (With 1 decal sheet....) Tyres need to be bead-blasted to look anything like rubber, have a patchy shiny look that's NOT acceptable. A nice cheap car, but I'm getting tired of Big T's attitude lately- I'll pay the extra nickel, just give me the quality they're been famous for in the past! Chris
  5. Well Thanks Gents! I stumbled across this thread whilst Googling, and it makes me feel very good, cheers all! As my little endeavour gets along, I realize my niche is vintage parts mostly- I'll be on the Scorcher for a while yet. Planned items include: SS name badge, rear wing, running boards, chassis, revised F&R suspensions, faux rear engine, etc. Presently doing a package with fuel door, sunroof surround, and rear alloy vent (Under the rear window,) if curious let me know & I'll link ya some info. Also, will have a FEW dash kits as I'm cutting them now, so let me know if'n youse gotta have one. I'd like to have a bit more presence here since most vintage is Tamiya, and am always open to suggestions! Wish I could spend more time on the boards, but I must do everything & am usually behind as it is.......Anyway, many thanks for the positive comments, and you can reach me direct anytime at chris@rogueelementcomponents.com if you wanna chat, have ideas, or? Best Regards, Chris Cazan REC
  6. Submitted for your perusal is our next Ltd. Edition product, REAL Scale Hubs for the Blazing Blazer/Original Hilux! These are one thing that has been needed for a LONG time by chaps with the original Tamiya 'Locking-Hub' trucks. The kit versions are very fragile, hard to find to replace, expensive as badword when you do find 'em, and fugly as the north end of a southbound mule. These are for the guys who want to 'Serious-Up' their rig and make their peers throw a sadness! CNC 6061-T6 and Stainless Steel. 6 actual screws. Satin-finish, glass-beaded bodies. Brand-specific engraved caps. Tough, pretty, mean, and Manly! Let's face it, these trucks are not cheap: Nor are these hubsets. That's because what I do is not for everybody: I spare no detail to ensure that these are the very best they can be, and back it up with a guarantee- If you open the package and see these in person, and your lower jaw does not fall to the floor, send them back in as-received condition for a full refund of purchase price, minus shipping (if applicable.) The few chaps who've seen these so far tell me these are gonna be huge to collectors of these trucks, so if you know one, it would be appreciated by them and myself if you forward this Email along! (Prototypes shown, please note production units will be flawless.) Pics in traderoom, this is giving me a hard time uploading pics. You have 2 choices here: Either 'Chevrolet' or 'Toyota' script, and either Natural or Black-Anodized caps- Please make SURE I'm clear on what you want by using Paypal's 'Notes' line! If you say nothing, 'Natural' will be sent! Black caps will have a silver center bar w/black letters so they pop: Naturals, you simply ink the script in & lightly sand, as in the photos- Script will be clean, pics are of protos, remember. Cost: $74.95/set, includes 4 Satin finish hub bodies, 4 Caps of your choice, 24 0/80 SS screws (.050 wrench required, not supplied) and shipping domestically: (Out of US, please add $2.) except Italy, Spain, and Turkey- Please Email for details. These are specifically to fit and function on ONLY the Blazing Blazer and locking-hub Hilux- If you want these to fit other trucks, give me a week or 2, and I have a surprise brewing (That I just gave away...) Remember, these, like all of our offerings, are ONLY available for a SHORT TIME to deposit paying customers! We are a specialty manufacturer for discerning individuals, not a hobby shop, so do not maintain an inventory. Please submit your deposit of $5 PER ITEM by the 20th of November (10 days): The next day I start cutting, so if you're not on the list, well... You will be notified of your balance due before the Estimated Shipping Date. Simple, No? Feel free to contact me with any questions, E-mail is probably best. Many Thanks! Chris Cazan Rogue Element Components Email & Paypal address: chris@rogueelementcomponents.com Deposit Due/Order Cutoff date: Nov. 20, 2010 Estimated Shipping Date: Dec. 1, 2010
  7. I think I'll probably give the choice of natural or black-anodized caps, ultimately, not sure yet. The screws are 0-80 thread, very small so as to be scale, and the hex driver is a .050 (Fifty thousandths of an inch.) Chris
  8. Thank you, Greg: Yep, these will be fully-functional replacements for the-let's face it, hideous- factory 'two-Phillips-screw' hubs that make those trucks look like toys. These'll serious-up that rig quicker'n snot! Chris
  9. Hello All! This is a Head's-Up for owners of the locking-hub trucks- Blazing Blazer & original Hilux. Was approached by a member about doing these parts, and have them prototyped. They have ALL SIX screws instead of 2 ugly Phillip's heads, and your choice of the 'Chevrolet' or 'Toyota' logo engraved on the cap. All 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum, and Stainless Steel screws. Full set of 4 satin-finish hubs and engraved capswill be $74.95, plus $5 shipped Int'l. (non-US) addresses./ These will be, as most of my parts, available for ABOUT 10 DAYS, and that's it! I'll be making these to order in a couple of weeks. There is only ONE way to get these- Go to www.rogueelementcomponents.com , read how I do things, and sign up for my PRIVATE mailing list- Then you'll be automatically informed when these are on the cut list. NOTE: Pics are of the protos fresh off the mill, and have not been de-burred or even cleaned, so yours will be perfect. Caps may be black anodized, let me know if that's what you'd all like to see or any other comments at chris@rogueelementcomponents.com . Only pan to make 1 limited batch of these once, so anyone who misses out will be sad! (Thanks to D-Spec for the pics, in my traderoom: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp...2&id=15511) Chris Cazan, Owner/Designer, Rogue Element Components
  10. Full info in my traderoom, only making these to order for a few days! http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp...71&id=15511 Cheers, Chris
  11. Aha! Thank You, Ra: Not what he will want to hear, but at least it's not gonna be a sad surprise. I appreciate the help Mate! Chris
  12. Hello chaps: I need to know something about the original Hilux vs. the current version. I'm making some styrene topper/cap kits (Snugtop-style) for the new Hilux, and made it to fit the new one like a glove. I have a customer who would like one for his original Hilux, and he asked me if they were the same dimensions. I do not have access to an original, so would appreciate it if someone could tell me if the length & width of the bed are exactly the same, as well as the cab profile & height. I figure someone has both here if anywhere! Thanks so much, Chris
  13. Here is the plan at this point: I realize you chaps want strong, pretty, low-cost arms, fast, so after several ideas back & forth we decided to make 'em out of.......Brass! Not really. Black Delrin (Acetal) is perfect- Very strong, somewhat flexible, no need for separate bushings, lightweight, looks factory, and should be very reasonable pricewise. It seems wise to use the stock hinge pins also, as they weren't the problem, it was that they stressed an inferior material and there wasn't much there either- This will not be a prob with Delrin. I'm gonna do my level best to make you chaps very happy, and I should have the proto rear arm cut by Sunday if all goes well! Just wanted to let you know we're staying on it even thougfh we haven't posted recently, stay tuned: I'll leave it to AP to keep you informed from here. By the way Mate, that Fox is...Foxy! (Do people still use that term? No? Figures.) I could see why they have such a following. Chris
  14. You bet, Mark! I got into this to do R/C parts, and plan to make some stuff for vintage vehicles as I'm into 'em & I want cool parts too. (Not to be spammin' or anything, but I have some very nice Scorcher wheels for sale in my traderoom right now, my 2nd product.) Reading this thread just seemed natural, and as my overhead is so low, I can be quick and reasonable pricewise. 20 arms for $2500 means you were looking at $125 per arm?? Is that right? Yeesh! For me, the runs that most shops really don't wanna mess with is just the right size. When I started off REC, I had other shops doing my parts. Well, they pizzed me off bad enough-Acting like they were doing me a favour even talking to me, making me wait forever, and charging huge prices-That I got so mad I learned to do it myself. Maybe that's just how a big business works, I can see their point, sorta, but that don't feed the bulldog. I'm glad you have an idea who I am: I'm brand-new here, but have been doing stuff on Scale4x4.org for years and have a good rep. I fully plan to known here also, in short order. Worry not, you'll get your arms back! Once those are in hand, I estimate a prototype within 3 days-Remember, this isn't a 'favour' or side job, it's my Full-Time job, and I love it! Definitely Email me & we'll work out the details. I think I can supply very nice product for a more-than-fair price, pretty quickly. In the near-ish future, I'd like to do some parts for the Lunchbox/Pumpkin, and machined styrene drop-bed kits, dash kits, etc. for some vintage cars. All I need is chaps like you to tip me off as to what's wanted/needed, and then we both can be happy: Makes sense to me to make things people want. Chat soon, Chris
  15. Couldn't help but read this thread with interest: Here's the deal. I just dropped huge $$ on a new Haas VF-3 CNC mill, and I do R/C parts. I don't **** around, as I have to make payments, and I don't rely on anyone else- I do all my own stuff, CAD to shipping. Therefore, if someone wishes Alloy rear arms for these, I think a small batch would be plenty feasible! They look like they could be replicated fairly easily, either plain-Jane or some cutouts to shave weight/make 'em prettier. Let me know what is desired, and if one of you chaps would send me an arm to get proper measurements from (Just 1 I think: Unless they're asymmetrical, then a left & a right,) I'd send your arm(s) back & give you the 1st Alloy set free. These could potentially be done & ship within a month or so. So, talk to me Gents, maybe we can do this right. (The things below are just for cred- A flamed oil cap prototype for my Metro. Many more example here - http://www.scale4x4rc.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2521) Chris Cazan, Rogue Element Components
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