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  1. just to let everyone know the usual clumber crew are off to the beach on sunday 22nd june @ Anderby Creek in Lincolnshire anyone in or around that area is more than welcome to join us. looks like being a BIG meet! more info @ www.clumbermeets.co.uk
  2. hi all owing to recent requests from the dyna storm owners club S.I.G members, i have now decided to add 58123 DYNA BLASTER to this group, so if you own 1 of these you are now more than welcome to join the S.I.G and show us your pics and movies or if your already a member and own 1 of these please add your pics. i will sort a new banner for this group over the next few days/weeks thanks Devilsome
  3. nice one matey, glad your back so whens the next weekender?
  4. freak dude, theres a clumber meet on sunday 22nd july if your up for it, get that lunchbox soaked again! lol
  5. i'll be there providing i dont kill all my cars at the beach.
  6. hi, some of the usual clumber crew are off to skeggy on the 9th / 10th june, a campsite is booked with a few extra pitches for those interested in staying overnight. no doubt there will be the usual mayhem, barbys & beer [H] if you want more details or info, email me through the club or post here. cheers devilsome
  7. result!! i thought i was last, lol feel much better now! [] well done to the winners! [H]
  8. trev, me and russ only need the 1 pitch dude as we're in kingeddie's spare 2 bedroom tent [Y]
  9. @ kingeddie, thats a relief, i thought i had the wrong dates! [] @ russ, next to last please if steviedee is racing as his breakage rate is a lot bit higher than mine! [A]
  10. for what mate? hmm the 2 day meet joel i may be wrong dude but its the 12th & 13th of may i think pmsl! if it isn't i'll be on my own in the campsite with no tent!
  11. well i took them both to that bit we looked at in the woods last time (grassy hill bit) my lad was driving the slower 1 which he parked to the right of my camera (on its little tripod), and i filmed the faster 1 coming off the bank then for some unknown reason (driver error maybe) [:$] it cartwheeled at speed past the camera and into the slow 1 taking out 3 links and the 2 centre shafts. but hey!! at least i didnt break my camera! []
  12. you know me matey, looks through diary ................... scrap that, stuff that, that can wait! lol any day is good mate!!! give me a ring when your ready! [H] i've about fixed the fast 1 so i'm good to go, although the back end still doesn't look 100% straight []
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