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  1. I pretty much plan on replacing the rear body posts just about every run. It doesn't matter if my son is running the stock Ford or HPI Beetle body, they always snap. I've tried rinning the bodies high on the posts and low on the posts and they still break. I've tries hollowing out the posts a bit more and adding a rod then reglueing, but that doesn't last long. Need another solution too.
  2. Does the quality of Carson's shells vary a lot? About a year ago, I bought almost 30 of their Porsche 914 shells. These were solid, clear and fairly decent quality if not totally accurate renditions of the real car. A few months ago I bought about the same quantity. This time, the plastic was much thinner, the mold lines were hard to see and the corners weren't as tight. All in all this last batch was pretty poor. I'm working on painting several from the old batch and several from the new and there is a night and day difference. Any thoughts?
  3. The WWI you posted a link to looks to have more of a weathered paint job more than a camoflage paint scheme. Both are not too difficult to do but can be time comsuming. The wethered looks requires little to no masking, just a light touch while a camoflage paint job can be done with either no masking like the US military used in WWI and WWII or masked for a hard edge like the more modern and some other paint schemes. Lots of photo reference and a bit of time is all that's needed.
  4. I started building this one many years ago. I got the first layer of the hull built then gave up the whole R/C hobby. I'm just now getting back into looking at my old unfinished boats. http://www.dumasestore.com/catalog/product...products_id=181
  5. I've wanted to paint up a Lb in the traditional Vannin style for a long time. Geometrics, flames and scolops were semetrical but I've rarely seen a van with identical images on both sides. Many times the van had just one mural wraping it's way around the whole thing. I'm very interested in seeing this project. Maybe you can post progress shots as you go?
  6. While Black, White and Red are the most popular colors of full size Countachs, there's no reason you can't do it any color you like. I'm rather partial to this blue one...
  7. I'm torn on buying one too. I really want the new Toyota Highlux but that's not going to happen any time soon. I really like the Van body of the Lunchbox, but I also love the body and driver figure of the Wild Willy and I had an original as a kid. What's every one's take on the differences between these two Re Re's?
  8. I've noticed a few posts on SIGs and looked through some of them. Why would one join a SIG? How do you join?
  9. Nope, not Kyosho. This is a Radio Shack truck. Tandy was another name used by Radio Shack in the 80's, I'm not sure what's accross the pond for them. I had the same truck in blue (I assume a different frequency for different colors) some time in the mid 1980s. If I remember correctly, it had a pretty good 4WD system in it. It made for a nice living room crusher as it wasn't fast, but worked.
  10. most craft stores, big department stores and some home improvement stores sell a product called Goop or Shoe Goo. This is a thick almost caulk like flexible adhesive.
  11. Anyone know what happeded to Ol' Mike V? I haven't seen him around on any of the forums at all. PS, the Jack stands at the end of that tread were made for me. They are mini versions of the ones under my 1:1 914 right now.
  12. I wouldn't paint the whole body Chrome and expect it to last. For small areas it's fine, but I'd expect a car like the one posted above to start flaking after just a few hits or flexing.
  13. I agree. This may be the last contest I enter. So many don't bother follow the restrictions and it seems that people don't vote according to the restrictions either. So many of the paint schemes (and winners of the contests) are the same old scollops, shreds and such. There are only a few people doing truely unique paint jobs. I'm not saying that these paint jobs are bad, but after awhile they all start to look the same. anyway, good luck 94eg.
  14. I know HPI has the 996 GT3 and a CGT, but I've not seen any 997s.
  15. Tamiya Alfa Romeo Giulia body shell Painted like rust http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=011 I'm in need of cash, so this one must sell. I really liked this shell and had plans to keep it, but that's the way it goes.
  16. It's stupid! If a kid want the paint or glue for something other than what it's meant for, he/ she will just steal it. Having worked at The Home Depot, having to enter the buyers birthdate every time they buy a can paint is a PITA. Having to do this a couple times a day may not seem bad, but doing it upwards of 75-100 times a day... I had building contractors coming in every day for the stuff. Not once did I have a kid wanting some extra Krylon to tag a building.
  17. I just put some more detailed pics on my website if anyone's interested... http://www.airbostongraphics.com/Alfa4Sale.htm Now how should I paint the next one? Red & White racing?
  18. After looking over the photos I've taken, I kinda like the "new wheels" under the "old car". It kind of reminds me of what full size car nuts do. Take my 914 for example. It doesn't look much better than this Alfa but has oversized polished Fuchs under it. I've seen the same thing with many other cars from Porsches, to BMWs and lately with the Honda and Toyota crowd. Once you get a car running, what do you do... buy new rims!
  19. Here's the latest finished piece to come from my airbrush. The body is painted in the inside as normal except for the grill, mirrors and decals are painted on the outside. I wish I knew what happened to the original wheels as I would have detailed those too. I just wanted to do something a little different. Anyone interested in this body?
  20. Anyone know anything about the VW in the background of this picture? http://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp...005141130_1.jpg
  21. That's great, thank you. Looks like I'll still have to do some more searching as I really don't want to buy another chassis. The Tamiya M04L and HPI RS3 are the only vehicles I'm running right now.
  22. Does anyone know what the wheelbase and width of the lunchbox body (or lexan replacement shell) would be? What's the chances of it fitting on a M04M or L chassis? Any other van bodies that may fit this chassis. I'm having a '70s moment right now. Thanks,
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