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  1. I’ve got an original TTC gearbox in my King Cab. I burnt out the original slipper so have converted it to the new re-re Super Astute slipper. I looked at the Avante diff option but didn’t go down that route due to the teeth number being different. Interesting to know that it does work though 👍
  2. Not sure if anyone has done this yet, I got hold of the parts to covert my original TTC to the re-re Super Astute style slipper. I got the gearbox plate, shaft and inner pressure plate from the Astute and then the DF-03 slipper kit plus a few nuts/screws from my spares box and did the conversion. I’m yet to run it but this could be a solution to the King Cab gearbox issues whilst keeping it Tamiya? Csn anyone advise on what size pinion to use with the 82T spur? Thanks Edit: Can’t seem to upload pictures?
  3. Hi, I’ve managed to overheat my original TTC slipper and melt item H4. It’s shown as unused in the re-re so I was hoping someone might be able help me out and send me their leftover part if possible? ( I’m Olobviously happy to transfer some money). Please message me if you can help. Thanks  steve 
  4. No King Cab announcement then ☹️
  5. Hi, where can spare parts be ordered from?
  6. From the 2 manuals it looks like it should be pretty straight forward to convert an old TTC gearbox to the new type. The gearbox plate needs changing as the new one appears to have a recess maschined into it and then the slipper shaft, spur gear, plates, spring and nut. The manual shows the parts all being in bag B so hopefully this can be bought separately.
  7. There seems to be a lot more for sale on eBay recently too, could be a sign that people think there’s a re-re coming and are offloading the originals while they are still rare?
  8. Thanks, do the new slipper parts come all in one bag that could be bought on its own?
  9. With updated gearboxes that can handle brushless motors 🤞
  10. Any details on the changes to the gearbox and if the new parts could be fitted to an old TTC box for use in a King Cab?
  11. I’m based in the UK near Woking & would happily give your gearbox a test.
  12. Does anyone have a PDF/Scan copy of the Super Astute or TTC manual?
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