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  1. better late than never.... some better pics..... Still looking for more info if anyone has it available. I have searched for the catalogue mentioend above without luck.... Mick
  2. no, I did not get the Hilux. is the magazine/catalog you speak of on this site? I looked through everything, and didn't see it...
  3. Hi Theo. I think I may have communicated with you in the past about this. I took that picture. I purchased the Brat on eBay Germany some years ago. I would have liked to see it, when it was fully outfitted. it has working lights, tail lights, etc... all wired in, but nothing is hooked up any more. I would like to restore it to running order but I want to maintain it as original as I can... The topper/cap over the bed is really neat, and has a painting of the lake, and town information I believe. I will try to get some better/detailed photos of it... thanks, Mick
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