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  1. Hi, not exactly what you want for the Unit MFC-02. Unit MFC-02 not required for this kit, holders supplied. Supplied in white/blue/red/green, even mixed if you likes. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=270384989876
  2. Check out this link: http://toys.shop.ebay.co.uk/items/Toys-Gam...286Q2ec0Q2em282
  3. WOW thanks for the praise fella. Replying to an old message, because I've just subscribed back to this site. Still selling the led's, now working from 3.6v to 12v - including those lipo's & 24v separately. My mrs - Shaz sells them on the bay, with a recently opened shop called ( as a coincidence ) EZLEDZ She's forever getting me down to assembling kits for clients, which i don't mind but, gets a bit on top when you get 10 orders to get ready for the next day. Anyways thanks again for the up, very much appreciated. Mike.
  4. I had a wanted post scrapped today , i'm sure i did not re-list the same item again. I had read the rules with regards to re-listing an item within 30 days & know that this is a no no. The wanted posts i put up was for the: 53006 1150 ball bearings (4 piece), the others i have aquired from elsewhere. Perhaps my heading was the same as the post i deleted earlier today. No mind, a genuine mistake if that happened.
  5. I thought that was strange when i first saw it The shell has a hinge, so the body can be lifted up (without removing shell), the antenna wire goes to the connecter part.
  6. THIS MODEL IS UP FOR AUCTION ON EBAY: SEARCH FOR - GRASSHOPPER 2 58074 LINK: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:IT&ih=017 Happy bidding
  7. THANKS MONSTER BEETLE, SOMETHING TO GO ON. CHEERS Just checked for grasshopper II (2) pics and indeed it is what you say it is. Many thanks. Any value to this model, a rough idea anyone? Chow.
  8. Hi all, i'd like to pick someones brain with knowledge of tamiya buggies. The pictures below are of a buggy i was recently given from a family members attic clear-out. Not sure if its old or new. It works fine, rear tyres a little balding, needs an aerial for the buggy and the transmitter needs one too. The body is NOT lexan, i think its the stronger abs type shell - decals are intact (not sure if there original though). It's got futuba servos and is complete with a quick (tamiya ended) charger. If anyone has any info on this model, or can direct me to a website for info on it, i'd be very grateful. It has a cyclone II motor, 7.2v battery has seen better days. I will be wanting sell this model through ebay, if anyone could see their way to giving me some idea with regards to value, that would great too. Thanking you, EZLEDZ. Regards, Mike.
  9. Hi, don't know if anyone makes plastics parts, but if you don't know polymorph is ok for the job. Readilly available on ebay, cheap and easy to work with. All you need is a mould of the part your wanting and some hot-water. Hope this helps. Mike
  10. [] Nice one SGNAS, thanks for your your reply. A little studying to do now [] Thanks again.
  11. Hi all, just got this off a mate, he doesn't know what is? Needs a lot of TLC, & i mean a lot. The wheels are tamiya: Chassis is quite deep TAMIYA racing BALLOON Tire - pins on the front - 56-106-56-06 - RIBBED TAMIYA racing BALLOON Tire - hex on the rear - 56-106-56-04 - SPIKED Looks like a standard 540 motor An old speed controller Pretty large shocks all-round I have put a battery in and it is only moving reverse (at top whack too - gets very hot) Does anybody know what this model is? Grateful for any reply.
  12. Hi beaman, you will require 4 tyres as stated & 4wd. I have a tt-01 (like who has'nt), with some ABS tubing 52mm inner/3mm tread/26mm width. These fit perfect on the standard tamiya or, nikko wheel, which are available almost anywhere and do just the job for me. I've only tried it twice (drifting that is) and made a short movie, take a look. (also tried them on a 2wd nikko not so good). I've not made any adjustments at all, just fitted to the wheels and away. Ive looked at the real deal drifting tyres, a little pricey me thinks but, each to their own. Drifting big in Japan, now here. Check out: http://www.rcdrifter.com/showthread.php?t=1765 for tips etc. Hope this helps.
  13. I would like to inform you that my login problem is now fixed. I'm on XP pro, entered my user name/password & clicked on the remember me box. Had a scoot about the site, came out of the site, rebooted and clicked on my favourites tamiyaclub.com. Started up ok, straight into posting, no need to sign in anymore. Cheers Chris.
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