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  1. "RE-RELEASE THE BIGWIG" +1, and include the technigold... Mike.
  2. Ditto on pretty much everything Backtomyroots said. I'd add a few things: 1. Get a good servo-saver, the Kimbrough for gas cars/trucks is a good choice 2. The Hitec 5645MG digital servo is also a good choise, it has a more torque than the non-digital 645 3. Run a seperate 6V reciever pack, you'll get more torque out of the steering servo. Mike
  3. Since Tamiya makes RC gliders and sailing boats, would it be possible to have additional classes added to the Tamiya model data base? Thanks Mike.
  4. IIRC the RZ is tuned for speed and the TZ is tuned for torque (I run two of these in my TXT-1) Mike
  5. Decided to part out the TXT-1.... Tamiya aluminum shocks in great condition Tamiya aluminum bumpers Tamiya aluminum cantilevers Tamiya aluminum battery holder Cultech extended links Tamiya D parts (hubs) New unpainted body with complete decals (includeds all window decals) Tamiya B parts - axle molding Please also note that I'm willing to ship world-wide Relisted New Era skid plates and NIB Tamiya aluminum shocks for the TXT-1 Mike
  6. Thanks, I have to admit that I did copy your rules [:$], hope you don't mind.... I liked the completenes of them and I usually forget something... Mike
  7. Used New Era skid plates for the TXT-1 Questions, please ask. Mike.
  8. New Tamiya aluminum shocks for the TXT-1 Questions please ask Mike
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/Tamiya-Dyna-Strm-RTR_W...1QQcmdZViewItemhttp://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=001&item=110043144008&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1'> In good condition with Futaba radio and LRP F1 super reverse ESC Mike
  10. Couple of other things to consider when building/running the TXT-1 1. Build the truck with bearings, doing it later can be a PITA 2. Replace the stock servo saver with a better heavy duty one 3. Buy the best ESC you can afford, if you decide to upgrade the motors later (you may say no now, but...) you won't also need to purchase a new control 4. You may want to replace the end links when you're building the truck, the Kyosho 6.8mm are good 5. I run a separate battery pack for the servos, you'll get more torque out of them that way... Good luck, it's a fun model to build and run... Mike
  11. Looks like the Throp unit... See the bottom of the link for an image of the Thorp unit... http://rc4wd.com/shop/product_info.php?cPa...roducts_id=1134 Mike
  12. Here are my suggesting regarding the TXT-1, some will have been mentioned above: 1) Build the truck with bearings, tearing it apart at a later date is a PITA 2) By a high torque servo and servo saver, I use the Hitec MG 645 and a Kimbrough large servo saver 3) Run a separate 6V receiver pack, you get more torque from the steering servo 4) Buy the best ESC you can afford, buying a cheap one might seem reasonable but just about everyone wants to upgrade the motors at some point so you may end up getting a higher spec unit later on... 5) Make decisions regarding motors, pinions early on when your building the truck, as with the bearings, trearing stuff down can be a PITA at times 6) Look to replacing the Tamiya ball ends for the spuspenion links, I went with the 6.8mm Kyosho ones. Mike
  13. With the plastic shocks, stock 540 and lots of plastic I would guess that this is the entry-mid version, perhaps we'll see a later release with high specs, ie. alloy shocks, carbon composite chassis and no motor??? Mike.
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