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  1. cool!! I saw some photos of a similar event recently, looks like a great idea. Have fun!
  2. It's Thursday!! YAY! Which is officially Friday for me, because I'm off work tomorrow as I set off on my annual pilgrimage to the very north of England to enjoy one of the best racing circuits in the land, and then spend a few days enjoying some of the best scenery in the world. Thursday - work until 4:30, later than I wanted due to various things that have taken up my work time this week - I took time off on Tues to go to a wake for an old colleague who passed away recently, and yesterday I lost an hour's worktime dealing with a contractor who came to replace the faulty sensor on my workshop door. (Actually this worked out OK, as I used the time to loosen off the diff in the M03 ready for the weekend, and found another problem that needed fixing while I was in there). Only got a 30-min lunchbreak today which I'll probably spend driving to Halfords to pick up a beach shelter, which will become the waterproof cover for my generator, as rain is forecast on Sunday. Packing my suitcases in between work, also loads of admin to do (after school club booking time has come around, but due to the job change I no longer have an active childcare voucher account so I have to sign up for tax free childcare, plus a friend's motorcycle needs booking in for repairs). LiPos are charging as we speak, they need to finish before I can finish loading the van. Evening - probably more packing and admin, then hopefully have an hour or two to chill out with my wife and watch TV, as I won't see her for a week. Friday - up early for some last-minute work on my side-hustle, take my daughter to school then set off on the 3-4 hour journey to Nottingham for my annual walk around the Attenborough Nature Centre. Grab some lunch while I'm there. Then another 30 minutes in the van to my overnight stop in a Premier Inn, maybe have time to do some work on the laptop before dinner. Saturday - up for the early breakfast sitting, then straight on the long road north to Carlisle - another 3-4 hours. Hopefully get there for the start of practice, get my car on track and get my mojo back, after the last round's somewhat disappointing result. Takeaway and beers with my pit buddies in the evening, then camp in the van. Sunday - challenge to get back in the A-final and not come plumb last - Carlisle tends to have a lower turnout than other events due to its remote location, so fingers crossed the top talent stays home and the rain doesn't put me off too much Then pack away and set off on another drive - 40-50mins, to my hotel for a much-needed shower and a good meal. Monday - forecast for the week is for rain, so I might not be able to do the mountain walks I had planned due to fog / low cloud. Still, there are plenty of walks at lower altitude that should be fun, plus I fancy the idea of hiring a boat for a couple of hours to potter around the lake. Tuesday - I've hired a kayak for a couple of hours to get back in the water. I don't care about the rain because I'll get wet anyway - after that, weather depending, I'll either have another walk, go to some museums, or maybe take a ride on the steamer boat. Wednesday - the long journey back home. It's a 6-hour drive if I do it flat out, but I'm considering taking a detour through wales for one final mountain walk on Pen-y-Fan. Could take 5 hours to get there, plus another 2 hours drive back home for some nourishment before I get back to work on Thursday. Anyone else got any plans?
  3. It feels high to me. You can buy a new Sand Scorcher for little more than that. OK, a new one doesn't come with a second body or electrics, but the electrics in that pic don't appear to be particularly expensive (I could be wrong, the pic isn't clear), and there's no pic of either body, so they could be trashed. With a new kit, you get all the joy of building from scratch and you know everything will be OK. That said, this could be an original 80s model - I'm not sure how to tell, I'm not that much of an SRB expert. Perhaps they feel that makes it more valuable. However to retain the value you'd need to replace with original parts, not re-re ones. Personally I don't care for originality on runners, so I wouldn't mind putting re-re parts on a car, but not if I'm paying a premium for an original model. If you want true originality then the rear cage is missing, the front bumper is missing, and the radio box at least superficially looks new - it's too clean and clear to be original, IMO. Also I think all vintage SRBs had a yellow-green chassis, not black, which I think is only on the re-re (I could be wrong). Front shock towers and radius arms are not "early" vintage, as best they're mid-late vintage, if not re-re. The wired suspension was a fix on vintage cars because the balls would pop out of the plastic cups, but I never had that problem with my re-re - this one may have been abused.
  4. Here's a vid of the lowriders dancing for the crowd, shot by former TC member DJ Dirk - I think this was Saturday, before I arrived
  5. Also, he's into 70s and 80s bikes, and he brought along not one but TWO Raleigh Choppers - one of which has been carefully restored. I was born in 1980, and by the time I had my first bike, it was all about BMXs - so I'd never ridden a chopper. Well - until Sunday, when my friend said "let's go for a ride and see the show." So we did - me on the Chopper, him on his old touring bike with a 2-stroke motor fitted. We saw loads of cool stuff, I got to have a ride on the motorised bicycle, played with some trucks, and got slightly sunburnt. Over 100 pics are uploaded here, if you want to wade through them all: https://tcphotos.net/album/fQLl
  6. I wasn't planning on going out last weekend, but a text from friend and former TC member DJ Dirk informed me of a truck meet taking place at a local steam rally. Castle Combe is a motor racing circuit around 30 minutes from home, still used for trackdays and sports car racing, which also plays host to various action days and car shows. I've never been do the steam rally before, but I like anything big and mechanical, so I blagged myself a free ticket and set off on Sunday morning with my trusty Globe Liner in the back of the van. It turned out it was more than just a truck meet - a small truck layout had been set up inside one of the garages, but in a cordoned off area there was also a bashing zone, with a ramp and a micro crawler course. If I'd known I would have brought a few toys to bash with! My friend is also into most things vintage and anything cool, so he brought along his Redcat lowrider, which I played with for over an hour, doing lowridy stunts and waving the wheels at the crowd. If some vids make it online I'll link them here.
  7. Hacked into it with a needle file et voila et fin I haven't got the wiring in yet since I have some more work to do in that respect. This rig is getting a lot of use as my substitute hillwalking truck, because it's easy to change the battery and the receiver isn't tucked away in a waterproof box, so I can easily pull all the connectors out to plug in the Arduino prototype. It would be nice to set up a board that makes it very easy to plug the hillwalking controller in, or patch it into the standard receiver, depending on if I'm doing proper crawling or walking in the hills. Also I can mount some additional rear lights into that big metal bar, so it doesn't look like just an ugly metal bar.
  8. No going back now - front holes are drilled, into a very expensive body... Now we need to locate it here I started with a piece of U-section and drilled some holes So it should fit sort of like this
  9. Quick update - it's been a very long time since I worked on this rig, mostly because it doesn't really need anything. It's just a very capable rig, with the shorter shocks and Proline tyres, of course. However, I always felt it needed some kind of roof box, and at the Scale Nationals last year I managed to pick up a shop-damaged rack for the bargain sum of £5. Most racks are too big for this little roof, but this one was just about right, with some lateral thinking, of course. Here it is, packaged It's obviously had a wallop at some point, because it's bent It'll never be perfect, but I managed to mostly straighten it out It's too long for the roof, but with some modification it will fit across the roll hoop, like this
  10. It's funny, it's nearly 20 years since these have been around, and they're still for sale. I remember somebody was running one at my first ever Tamiya bash, and I figured it would be close on my purchase list. And yet, I still don't have one! I love the 90s-esque body shape of the Sand Viper, more so the Desert Gator - in fact the Gator has a real Astute look about it. And for me it's the perfect blend between a simple basher buggy and a competitive design - although it's more basic, it's got all the design elements of a late-90s RWD race buggy. The oil shocks, adjustable arms and bearings make it a steal compared to other entry-level 2wd offerings. Prices aren't quite so low here in the UK, but I'm still tempted as I really want to have the ownership experience one day, and I don't know how much longer these will be on the shelves.
  11. ISTR that not only was a driver figure mandatory BITD, but if the driver fell out during a race, it had to be put back in before the car could continue. I like realism, but I understand why that could be frustrating during a race! Last weekend I overheard a conversation about one of the early race cars having a detailed driver figure on the boxart but the driver in the kit was different and much more simple. It might have been an early RC10, and it might have been a Kyosho driver shown on the box, but a basic plastic blob included in the kit. This was brought about by a discussion of the re-release RC10 classic and an argument over what driver figure should be included.
  12. I've been building a drag truck for years, a while back I saw full-size photos of a big rig with a jet motor on the back. I actually started looking online for cheap RC turbines, but... Back in my teens I made an airboat. For the hull I used the base part of an inflatable pool dinghy, which came out after too much jumping in it. I used a silvercan and MSC for power, an RC propeller wedged onto the motor shaft for thrust. For steering, I made a fan surround out of Lego Technic with a large flat base piece acting as a vertical air deflector, connected to a basic servo. The whole assembly was stuck to the hull with electrical tape. It was surprisingly effective, although nowhere near as fast as a proper solid-hull swamp boat with an oil-stained Mopar V8 on the back.
  13. Another idea came to me this week, while I was sitting in my studio in the dark, looking up at my G6-01 Truck of Many Wheels. So many of my crazy ideas seem to be based around this chassis! In the shadows, the sloping roll bar on the back of the Truck of Many Wheels looked like an angled front screen - a bit like a Tesla Cybertruck. That meant that the two rear axles were actually towards the front. And that gave me an idea about running the G6-01 in reverse. Technically possible, with a zero-timed or reverse-timed motor. It's even more possible because the chassis already has provisions for rear steering, so it would steer from the "front" anyway. Except, with the middle axle being to close to the "front" axle, steering would likely be very lazy, so it would need "rear" steering on the opposite axle. And the geometry would probably mean it needs more steering at the "rear" than it does at the front, in order to not drag the middle axle. All technically doable with pretty much zero effort, except that geometry is likely to make it very roll-happy. Then another idea came to me. How about we make both "front" axles steer? In other words - a G6-01 running in reverse, with a pair of front steering axles, like the Tyrrell P34! I'm not sure what provision the chassis has for mounting a servo on the middle axle, but with a bit of ingenuity it's bound to be possible. That should give it incredibly responsive steering without making it unstable. Combine that with either a modified buggy body (a la Avante-gator) or a custom-built truck body and you've got a unique and radical new approach to the G6-01. There, you can have that for free :)
  14. It's FRIDAY! What's everyone got planned? Anything exciting? For me, should be (hopefully) quiet and maybe I will do some walking. Friday - work until 4pm, then an hour to tidy up and get my walking gear ready, fetch my daughter from school and then go for my Friday evening walk. Next weekend my walking holiday in the Lakes begins, and I haven't done a lot of walking for the last few months, so tonight will be a training and confidence walk. Because I have to do the school run, it will be a late walk and I'll be out well after sunset - so I might take a sandwich with me and cancel my usual Friday evening pizza. Saturday - spend the day with my daughter. I was planning to go see some family, but they haven't contacted me, so maybe we'll stay home or go for a cycle ride somewhere. Sunday - unpack the diff in the M03 and give it a quick check-over ready for Iconic Cup at Carlisle next weekend, then consider going out for another training walk. I'll have most of the day free, so I could drive somewhere different for a change. Spend my usual Sunday evening in the studio working on the novel. Have a fab weekend everybody!
  15. I'll be very interested to hear how your racing goes. I've raced the 1:8 rallycross cars at Mendip and had a hoot, but when I saw the 1:10 announcement I was a bit torn. On the one hand, a proper place to run 1:10 rally cars seems fantastic, and with fixed motor rules it should make for some very close and fun racing. On the other hand, Mendip is a big track and the rallycross cut-throughs are made for the 1:8 cars - I wonder if 1:10 might feel a bit lost on that track, especially with Core 21? I guess they'll see how it goes once people start racing. I might even have a go myself if I race in the winter championship this year (I really, really should do, it's my local track too and it might not be there much longer, I only raced my 1:8 car twice!). As for mods advice - mine would be to see what everybody else does. Has the racing officially started yet? The TT02 is bound to be one of the go-to chassis so there will be plenty of people running them. Otherwise, I'd go for oil shocks and as much ride height as you can get (depending on how they run the cut-thrus and jumps for 1:10) and get a tuned spring set so you can adjust your springs according to your run. What's the rules on tyres? If it's a control tyre then I'd hope it's something like the Tamiya rally block, as it's very hard and should make the cars a real handful on the tarmac, which is exactly what you want in rallycross racing. If tyres are open then, since most of the track is tarmac, I'd run a tarmac race tyre and try to banzai the cut-throughs so I don't have to turn until I'm on the tarmac again.
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