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  1. Ok, its been a while since I last posted here, nice to see things are still rolling along nicely. I just wanted some advice from you guys regarding a christmas present for my father in law. Back in the early 90's he used to help his son with his RC buggy racing at the village RC club on Saturday mornings. As far as I know one of the two buggys he built and helped maintain was grass hopper, I also think there was a 4WD buggy but I'm not sure which one. Since I got reaquainted with Tamiya in the last few years he has said that now he has a nice big reasonabley flat garden and more time on his hands he wants to get another Tamiya (probably more than one) to thrash about. Now, he has loads of money and like to get technical so I think he would like something wich he could hop-up, although I dont think he would go too mad. I'd ike to get him a buggy for christmas as I think he would go nuts for it, the only problem is i dont know what to get him! I think a 4WD is essential and something slick and stylish. What would you choose and why? I know he'd like something modern and not a nostalgia trip, and also someting durable as he isnt the greatest driver! Any suggestions?
  2. http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZshiftyjedi1977QQhtZ-1 Pleased to see the club is still going strong! []
  3. As title says: A mint condition TL01-LA, full metal bearings, sport tuned motor, new wheels and tyres, mint astra shell, good condition Integra shell. Has only been a shelf queen! Futaba Transmitter, receiver and crystals new in box. Ansmann ACX1 super fast delta peack charger - New and boxed. New 7.2v batteries - 2 x 3000 and 1 x 1700 Please see here: http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZshiftyjedi1977QQhtZ-1 thanks
  4. Are they? They cost me a lot more than this less than a year ago! Whats the going rate now? If you look in my showroom you can see the Beams Integra TL01-LA thats for sale. The shell in the showroom has the grey paint chipping off otherwise is perfect. Is now fitted with new grey multi spoke "alloys", new treaded tyres, new unused sport tuned motoe and very smart Astra coupe shell in dark blue with dark grey "hood" to replicate a convertible. Someone make me an offer on it?
  5. Guys, I have a TL01-LA for sale. It was originaly a Beams Integra, but I have fitted a Vauxhall Astra Touring Car shell to it, which is immaculate and is painted to match my old road car (dark metalic blue coupe convertible), its an excellent paint job and has only sat on the chassis on the shelf. Also has silver multi spoke alloy style wheels (new) with new "aqua tread" tyres. It has full metal bearings fitted, a Tamiya sport tuned motor (new), the original box and the original shell (paint peeling from areas where wrong paint was used) but otherwise also in good condition. The car saw action once when it was new built on my patio, before all the kit wheels and tyres etc were replaced with the current ones. It is fitted with steering and speed servos. It is in mint condition. Anyone interested? Make me an offer. I'm in UK so I guess postage would be a little under £10.
  6. Please take a look here thanks: http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZshiftyjedi1977QQhtZ-1
  7. I have 3 batteries for sale, but I have no idea what they are worth. Any ideas or offers? 1 x Sanyo 3000 Ni-MH used once on a new build test run. 1 x RC Stuff Plutonium 3000 Ni-MH New and never used. 1 x 1700 Ni-Cd (orange) New and never used.
  8. As the title explains! Mint Dagger looking for a new home. See here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...me=STRK:MESE:IT
  9. Any of you Formula One fans, or have friends who are? You might be interested in these auctions. They would make great Christmas presents. Thanks [] http://cgi6.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...&sort=3&rows=50
  10. Please check these item out. Maybe something for you,family or friend? Christmas isnt far off! http://cgi6.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...&sort=3&rows=50 Thanks []
  11. Have added some new items. Please check them out if your a F1 fan!
  12. Is it entirely dependent on the value of the item? Even if the item is not new?
  13. When an item is shipped from the USA to the UK, 9 out of 10 times I have to pay import tax. Is there any way of getting round this. Anything the seller can do to avoid this for me?
  14. Guys please check these out! http://cgi6.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...&sort=3&rows=50 Thanks
  15. Most of my auctions ending today so please take a look! Also...did anyone here go to the "London Grand Prix" around regents street this week?
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