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  1. I have used m3 threaded rod and put rod ends the same size as the bodyposts on each end (or a little smaller and reamed than out a bit) I then secured them with body clips above and below the rod end.
  2. I'd buy one of these in a heart beat! Looks like so much fun!
  3. Gonna need that front sway bar! Lovely looking fox though! Have fun racing!
  4. Got some more yesterday and today. Tt02d box was well worn but contents are fine! Mad bull not for me but my nephew ( I have two already) He loves my loner mad bull and his b day is coming up and he's been doing well at school so I'd thought I'd treat him!
  5. Lol I had a problem with DHL doing this a while back with my axial spawn kit! Unfortunately I have no side gate just a garage so the person threw it on the roof of the garage! Lucky my neighbour spotted it and told me because I didn't!
  6. Lol he came in a van! Yep I'm gonna build them and enjoy them! But first I have to put more shelves up as I have no more space. Got some more kits on the way too!
  7. The postie brought me this little lot! (As well as giving himself a hernia) lol!
  8. Excellent esc choice! There definitely one of the best brushed esc on the market! I use them in all my brushed cars! Love em lol!
  9. For me it's always the splines and only after a large crash! Does my nut In sometimes! Stoke on Trent!?!? It's like another country to me! Anything past Stroud is north to me! Lol although I feel I'm in a strange land when I'm on the Mendips! Mute be those gears then! These cheap servos can be false economy sometimes but there ok for shelfers!
  10. Here's my CR01 Bronco! it was the perfect day for light trailing! Need to go back to softer springs though!
  11. Are you sure it's not the splines on the servo slipping rather than the gears? Some of those cheapy eBay special servos have horribly weak splines!
  12. You can fit the LB/MP wheelie bar to the DT02 gearbox! all you need to to is drill out the Screw holes on the gearbox and wheelie bar slightly and remove the "lip" on the bar. or you can make a little notch in the gearbox so there is no need to remove the lip. I have tried it both ways on a spare box and bar!
  13. Hehehe! love those caravans! will check it out!
  14. This is the 14th time i have seen or read about these Xcelorin systems going up in smoke! Surly if they seem to be going bang with alarming regularity then there must be a design or manufacturing (or even instructional) fault somewhere?
  15. I can concur with WillyChang on this as i am now running a good 1 - 2 seconds faster (outdoor) at my local with my M05 than i was with my M03L! (not a lot but it makes a big difference) But others racers are noticeably slower with the M05. Its horses for courses really!
  16. Its a great looking shell! (note to self Buy a CC-01!)
  17. Hello! I cant seem to log in on the main page! I can log onto the forums ok but it just keeps refreshing the page when i press log in button on the main log in page! I requested a password reminder and received one but it still wont let me log in! (there are no error messages ether) anyone help?
  18. Its easy to rally a tt01 and it costs next to nothing to do! First you need to chop out some of the bumper to allow the arms to travel downward father. Then you need to make some steering arms because the originals wont travel down far enough. Fitted to the car Then you need to chop this bit off the front arms (its the bottom bit) Grab yourself some standard TL-01 dogbones and drive shafts (don't forget to change the gears in the diff to standard TL-01 ones) I then fitted a set of C.V.A shocks (I put the stem of a balloon over the springs to keep the debris out) These mods give you some good ground clearance! The finished article!
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