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  1. and in any case it is at least less pollutant than racing on 1:1 cars... I think that the higher environmental impact comes from all the plastics (id est oil) "wasted" to produce totally useless model cars, that you can not use for anything else but fun.... note that, to have fun with these RC cars, you often use a real pollutant car to reach the bashing location! Anyway it is better to produce useless funny cars than nuclear weapons.
  2. I have to study a little bit how it works... try also the technigold
  3. Super!!!!!!!!! Thanks for this present. It could be a good idea to share some information such as Tamiya instruction and other. I try to load a test file: Avante 2001 Manual. If someone want to try the torrent... and tell me if it works. My provider does not allows to host torrent file directly, so I uploaded it as a zipped file. Download the zip file, open it ant inside there is the torrent. Everithying is legal because on Tamiya website you can download the same file. http://nuke.goemon.it/Portals/0/Torrents/5...%202001.pdf.zip Or http://nuke.goemon.it/Portals/0/Torrents/5...chigold.pdf.zip Tell me if it works. 58085_Avante_2001.pdf.zip 50290_Techigold.pdf.zip
  4. In my opinion it is a Super Hornet chassis.
  5. Thanks!!!!!!!! How I did it? I have supposed that at least 80 messages are sent each day, and then I made 81+81+81+81... 31 times... isn't it clever? Since I was not 100% sure I added 20... just in case. Easy?
  6. Ive found the solution!!!! It seems incredible but it is true. The problem was only the H4 part (the black plastic part of the underguard)!!! The 4 screws was too tight. Ive loosen a little bit the screws and now everything is working fine. I was very lucky because while I started to disassemble the car for the 3rd time my wife came and asked me what was wrong (strange because she does not care at all about Tamiya). I told her that the car that was not shifting properly but when I made it run it was perfectly running. Surprise!!! Then I assembled the underguard, and I've ran outside to play but again the car was not working. I tried without the underguard, working, with the underguard: not working. The I have loosen the 4 screws and magic: everything is working.
  7. This week end Ive tried the water motor break in. Ive added some snow to keep cool the motor while running. I ran the break in for 60 min @ 3.0 V and no load. I do not have a Dyno for electric motor, so the I tried the break in only to have fun an to see the motor running underwater in the snow. It is possible to find a lot of useful information here: http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_5628228/tm.htm
  8. I have a IntelliPeak ICE. http://www.duratrax.com/caraccys/dtxp4170.html I've bought it on Ebay in the USA (176 USD for the charger and shipment in Italy). It is a little expensive but I'm very happy. You have also a moto break in features, and several other charging options. If you will decide to buy it, also buy the temperature sensor! See also: http://www.rcuniverse.com/magazine/article...?article_id=488 http://www.rctech.net/reviews/review_durat..._futureal.shtml http://www.rczone.net/modules.php?name=New...cle&sid=571 http://www.bigsquidrc.com/reviews/duratrax_ice.php
  9. Be careful, if you have the full operational Kit you will have to paint the correct right tank (the one with the holes for the vaiours switch). I made a mistake painting the one that is for the kit without the full kit, and, as you can see on my model, it is not painted.. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...4&sid=15790 In any case... since you are an electronic engineer, if something does not work try a reboot. Note that, if you have the full operatinal kit, the seats will not fit under the cabin. I lost two days painting the seats to have a real looking leather seats, and now they are lying in the box. getuserimage.asp.jpg
  10. Yes, you are right... for example Blackfoot Extreme is made in Malaysia, but the biggest part of the plastic component, and some flag kits like the F350 have the print made in Japan. I think that also XB "kit" are made in China... since the price to assemble these items will be crazy in any other continents. Then I have to believe on the "Made in Japan" print I see everywhere on Tamiya's products.
  11. In the '80 the cost of the RC kit (in Italy) it was absolutely prohibitive. My first RC car was a Striker... I had to ask my parents every day for one year before they decide to buy it to stop this every day peana. I heard from my local shop, that, in the past years, Tamiya had big financial problems due to Chinese competition , and the company was even about to close. As you can see almost all Tamiya kit (not all, but a big part) are still "Made in Japan", and thats why the quality of the product is so high. Kyoshos are, nowdays, made in China. Chinese production allowed the producers to offer at cheap price the already built kits... which, in my opinion, are a real nonsense... why do I have to buy a already assembled and painted kit?! 40% of the fun consist in building the kit, 30% in personalising and tuning it, 10% in running it, and 20% in repairing it after running... Today people do not want to build the kit, they only want to use it... I see that there are a lot of people that bring back their kits to the shop when they are broken for reparation!!!! Shame on them!
  12. Argh!! I'm quite sure that I've mounted the C Clips... but I do not remember!!!!!!!!! Haaaa why I've added some grease before to take the pictures!!!!! I will re-re-re-open the gearbox in the week ent to be shure.... buah, it is the 3rd time that I assemble and disassemble completely this car!!! I will try to count the remaining C clips... If I have 2 more... we have solved the problem...
  13. Tamiya cars, in my opinion, are more innovative and Tamiya tend to introduce peculiar (strange) innovations on the models... such as the Hot Shot's monoshocks, the Super Champ shocks oil tank, or the lock system for the Avante's wheels... and a lot of other mainly useless, but very funny and interesting, invention. Do you remember the front collapsing suspension system on the Avante? Very nice but a real pain while racing! Moreover Tamiya is superior to all the other producers in the body's design. Kyoshos are racing machines, all the non necessary has been removed... only engineers can like this kind of idea. Since the '80 Kyoshos cars do not have the figure of the driver!!! This was absolutely incredible for me at that time! An RC car without the driver figure, a slogan on the wing, a driver's name and, sometimes, also the owners name, is not a RC Car. Glenn Morris Rules!
  14. The gear seems to be assembled in the correct way... It is also full of grease!!
  15. All the springs are at their place, the rod is greased, and the bearings are glued. I've also downloaded from internet some pictures of the gearshift to check that everything is in the right place. I will try to deatach the transmission from the motor+gearshift to see if there is any difference.
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