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  1. I think Kawada only made an Lotus Elan body, not an Lotus Europa. And the Lotus Elan body cannot reach the quality of an Tamiya body.
  2. Would love to see an old Lotus Europa or Lotus Esprit turbo, based on the M04 chassis.
  3. Hi, Welcome to the M-Chassis family. At first you should add full ball bearings to the car. You can find complete sets for the M02/02 based cars cheap on ebay. Try WalawalaStore on ebay. His ebay name is joaquimassis . He sells High Quality Bearing Sets for all Tamiya cars at excellent prices. Search for M01/02. Next step are oil dampers. You need one set of Super Mini Mini C.V.A. dampers No. 50746. They do a perfect job. About the motor. I wouldnt go over a 23Turn motor. More than enough for a M02 based car. For the wheels and tires. You can choose from the big range of tires and wheels for the normal touring cars, because the M-Chassis Mercedes uses the same sizes. For a complete list of Tamiya Hop Up options for the M01/02 Chassis click here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...4505&id=573 Some of these Hop Ups like the Front and rear Stabilizer set arent easy to find nowadays. But most of them pop up on ebay from time to time. Cheers
  4. The best and fastest Tamiya buggy is for sure the new TRF 501X. Its a pure competition machine. Designed to win the World Champion title for Tamiya. If you want a fast and stable machine, go for the Tamiya DF-03 based buggies like the Dark Impact , Keen Hawk or the new Avante Mk.2. Full ball bearings and ball diffs out of the box. Lots of Hop Up options available. And with the optional slipper clutch, it can handle even the fastest motors. Cheers Joachim
  5. The body of your driver is the original Marui Hunter one. The Head comes definately from a Tamiya Scorcher/Monster Beetle/BlitzerBeetle This is how the original one looks: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/pictureframe.asp...006191827_7.jpg
  6. The Thunder Shot drive shafts will fit. [Y] You can also use the Thunder Shot and Top Force universal shafts. They are the same.
  7. Constructor: Then why dont they devote the time to designing new cars rather than re-reing? That's how they built up the company in the first place - not by selling old stock. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isn´t the TRF 501X new ? and the DF-02 - DF-03 - TA-05 - TG10Mk2 - TRF touring chassis - TNX 5.2 They also do a lot of new Touring car bodies like Mazda RX-7 - BMW 320i. Only to name a few. I can´t understand such a position. When i look to other manufacturers i can´t see so many new products every year. Tamiya releases a alot of new cars and parts every year + the re releases ! [*]
  8. Yes !!!!! Congratulations Bakaguyjean [Y] You said the right words. Can only agree. Tamiya produces great actual cars. No other manufacturer does more for the electric market. And the re-releases are a nice addition for the "real" Tamiya enthusiast. []
  9. Miramar is totally right ! [Y] This Frog Ferrari is a wonderful creation. And very professional made too.
  10. Wow ! Great work. A perfect example. [] Cheers Join the
  11. Only two questions Dee. Why do you collect Tamiya models ? Why do you like Tamiya models ? When i hear your to your words, it´s only to own a "highly collectable", highly priced "original" thing. [+o(] I love the cars in my collection, original or re-release. I´m a real fan of this company and happy about every new and re-release. And I like the Tamiya philosophy and look of their products. Just my 2 cents Cheers
  12. Here are some of my favourites i would like to see from our favourite company: Lamborghini Miura Lotus Europa (M-chassis !) Honda S800 Coupe` (M-chassis !) Alpine A310 (M-chassis !) GOLF GTI MkI (M-chassis !) New Ford Mustang Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato My list is much longer. Only to name a few ! Please Mr. Tamiya read this post ! Cheers
  13. Congrats Wyoming ! This picture really rocks. [H] I´m happy too. My Wild Willy picture made it under the Top 10. [<)] Cheers Joachim
  14. Glad you reminded me that the Eagle bumper doesn't work with the stabiliser. Anyone know how it works with the Tamiya bumper? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No problem here.[Y] Stabilizer fits perfect under the original bumper. As you can see on my pictures. Cheers
  15. The new "Cobalt Green" is the correct color. The old one wasn´t correct.
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