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  1. well,done some more to merc 1838...tidy up light kit,3d printed circuit board to roof,some electric tidying,re-soldering,here few pics
  2. thats the one...for what i paid i got a great great deal....didnt see the trailer but had no more money to buy with!! i have cleaned the plastic parts,paint in great condition.cleaned and paint few metel parts....all it needs now to complete it is fully set of ball bearings still running tamiya standard bearings
  3. new truck to fleet...bought of ebay.arrived today,,,merc 1838 stobart colours,fully working with retro 27mhz handset and reciever,AT-5 esc...grubby in places but wash most off,,some metel have got rust ideal for clean up and paint makeover.working tamiya light kit.....this truck stuff gets bigger and bigger,,,must stop buying and start finishing
  4. new truck to fleet.....fully working.....ebay special
  5. mint and thank you so much for that,,,nice one
  6. yeah signed up,,,,website only got 1 page,,,,that you get of google and dont have to sign up
  7. hi all bought recently truck light kit 56501 which did not come with manual,,,so has any got one or copy/pdf? thanks nic
  8. enjoying driving truck with trailer..must take more pictures....recently bought a light kit for other truck im building but light kit came with with no manual and cant find one on net,,,it the early tamiya light kit thinks it 56501....can any one help? thanks nic tt
  9. hi all just finishing of my tow dolly but i need some axle stays x4....BP2 if you know the parts manual,,,but heres a picture from the manual thanks nic tt....uk buyer
  10. you try this.......switch handset on...then...hold the setup button on mfu and then switch on....go thru setting up stick again...once it setup up properly it start up automatic....neutral the stick first on trim`s
  11. hi britaff,,,send me a picture of what you got ,il see if its any good...........thanks nic tt
  12. no worries topforcein,thank you for looking the search continues........
  13. topforcein..would you also have a front bumper to fit grand hauler?
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