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  1. recent picture of trucks and trailers....collection is growing
  2. only just changed the title....................its ok to drive indoors and less likely to smash it and not yet tested it with trailer,its lot better then the standard silver can....to busy mending volvo`s and scooby impreza at the moment...but soon be on the trucks
  3. to be fair,ive had few of those mg995...two went bad on me,,so opened them up and tested them...found out bad soldering was to blame causing arc`ing across to solder joint.so solder sucker to clean them and re-soldered them to my standard,,,,still have them 4-5years on in my trucks for steering and still working to this day(give or take couple weeks) even got 2 mg995 in my thunder tiger eb4 nitro
  4. nice conversion its about the right size for tamiya TLT (Tamiya Little Truck)
  5. hi........colour is ford purple velvet metalic...it came with driver gezzer,ball bearings thru out,both truck and mfu-01 manuals,extra parts and stickers.no handset or receiever with it but bought a 14ch carson handset and reciever brand new,yes i do like the mfu-01 is suit it very well and is set up correctly...very surprized when it came cos seller had not put extras on listing bought 80t carson poison truck motor which suits it very well,pulls slowly and torquey...middle off building low loader trailer for it.not factory but home brew
  6. thanks for the help.just bought a motor for it...never had a mfu unit til now,that why i asked about the motor specs heres few pictures of my truck,bought last week (ebay special) got it delivered at weekend
  7. hi all just bought grand hauler with mfu-01 sound unit....look to upgrade the motor from standard silver can...what is good motor? any info on what to buy? thanks for now nic
  8. please remove advert
  9. night sleep does ya good....so still for rc forklift
  10. ive given up ordering from EU......you better off banging your head againest a brick wall
  11. after 4 different people on facebook would not send rc forklift...whats up with sourthern people in not posting items
  12. dont need help now....but im sorted now...thanks for looking
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