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  1. bruder and excavator now sold on to happy buyer king tiger tank coming on...just waiting for more screws and nuts to come
  2. drive it like you stole it.....oh s*** ive broken it...back to ebay for parts and put it back to standard....back to safety
  3. tank chassis painted,gloss black inside and matt black outside,previous owner scuff marks just painted over
  4. hi all its a long shot........im after a 2 or 3 tamiya 1.16th king tiger road wheels outer.ive got 2 that are gone and not holding cos of cracked screw holes has anyone got any? uk seller preferred thanks nic tt
  5. tank striped down to bare chassis,ready for painting,ordered new screws-old screws in bin,few holes made in chassis for infill tray to sit on risers for clearence of torsion spring suspension......ive had great fun in getting to run and all working and then strippping it for painting
  6. msc was fitted but no resistor,,,,so swap it out for esc....just printing infill tray to house electrics,two esc,receiver and battery
  7. broke my tank na not really.....turret motor ran out of life,brushes worn too far...have change it to a similar motor (flat sided type) little mod to fit in cage/harness and works very well
  8. picture of inside....early type clutch single motor,,,,working perfect both clutch work as it should do
  9. just bought and just got today....all working just needs 3ch system fitting...will look good on low loader once ive got round to finishing it got it for good price(including delivery)
  10. so glad i had buyer protection,just the waiting time for the refund to ages 6weeks.......forums are still info base to me.....SIGN OF THE TIMES....watch out everyone
  11. dont buy nothing from forums now....you never know whos whos anymore....been scammed in the past but got money back £700 quid is a lot to lose....once bitten`twice shy...........forums are info only now
  12. print as 2.5mm and use m3 tap slowly to tap threads,works good for me
  13. well this is what i bought of ebay....all fully working and very-very pleased....eb4 goes like a rocket...got to do a video sometime
  14. i use freecad for designing and cura for printing....no problems here with those 2 softwares
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