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  1. Hey All, Rob, 36 from Nth rocks Sydney (near parra) Also get down Knox way in Melbourne regularly to catch up with my brother who also appears to be branching out to vintage with an Avante shortly (re-re) haven't got into the the racing, but have a few I bash around with!
  2. I bought a new phone.... So now i'm surfing tamiyaclub mobile! LOL
  3. Well I'm a bit tight I don't race, so I use traxxas radio gear (u know the kit split ups on ebay from people upgrading) for both analogue and digital. Have got lots of old Acoms gear from the 80s though. Along with some Tamiya stuff. It does the job i want of it, like the idea of the waterproof stuff too, bought the servos, now hav to setup the Rx and should have it installed in the crawler soon. Rob
  4. Well first day of annual leave for me today, miserable and rainy. After a few hours trying to dodge the rain gardening I have given up and am now finishing a strip down of my cheapie car boot sale vintage hotshot chassis. MUCH more fun Will only do a little on that one as I still have maintenance to do on my runners - got a couple of days set aside to run the buggies with my brother while on holidays in Melbourne. Rob. So what have you done today?
  5. I spent the day yesterday stripping an Old Hotshot..... Over the past month I have picked an original Frog and Hotshot at the local market for 30 and 10 Aussie bucks respectively. Frog is complete albeit poor condition due to rust etc on buggy and radio gear (totally stock) (even got a hump pack with it i plan on re-packing.) Hotshot is missing body and a couple of other small parts but is in reasonable condition, in fact now I have started stripping it, mechanically it has had very few packs through it! apart from some poor prep on the gears (Lots of moulding dags), and a melted nylon bush due to lack of grease, it's going to come up a very nice buggy! plenty of spares available in the junk box, so I reckon this may end up my 2nd vintage hotshot runner! Enjoying some more time for the hobby due to some life changes recently, so these old buggies have had perfect timing to turn up! Berman - Envious on the job offer, part time or not it would be VERY hard to pass up!! Rob. So, what have you done today?
  6. OH I gotta get me some of that! If it works, I shall have to find someone to take 3/4 of a tin of nitro fuel! Rob
  7. I'm with the ESC programming as well, certainly makes the most sense! if it's an old brished motor, it certainly could be possible brush failure though, I've had a similar thing happen on a silver can that was well beond its "use by". Just cheuck another in ther to prove the motor out. Rob
  8. Oh that's a fantastic site they have there WW-nut, in the tamiya R/C parts section i love the lack of pictures, sorting or even page numbers LOL. I can see the issues you are having with the stocking levels Papero, but I ONLY WISH we had guys like Tamiya USA.... I wish they'd ship down here! I'm regularly looking at their site in envy. FYI... these are our distributors http://www.toytraders.com.au/tamiya_holding.asp - Coming soon "apparently!?" Luckily i live close to a great LHS that stocks plenty of Tamiya, and also have access to Fleabay for the unusual stuff. Cheer up, the hobby is supposed to make u smile Rob.
  9. Another day off work sick (3rd week now ) Received my high clearance arms and alloy drivechafts for the CR01 yesterday, so happily went about installing them today. Very easy, and well worth it considering the 1st run tailshaft twist i got So..... What have you done today??
  10. 95% Tamiya here for my vintage, happy to muddy the water for modern ones though. Same as others, it was what I grew up with, and honestly, there wasn't much else at the track other than Tamiya when I was a kid. I htink that for someone that likes to use them, parts are generally easier to come by too. I do have an onroad vintageish Kyosho that I was given to repair.... but is still sitting in its box so far :/ A gold tub RC10 would be nice though. Rob.
  11. At home on sick leave for the next few days... not a good start to winter! :/ But it's going to give me a little time for hobbies....including this one So I have at last got around to installing the electrics in the CR01, I dug around and found the original Rx and ESC from my Emaxx. Radio gear and batter installed and off we go for a run! Great little chassis, already nicely scratched underneath after taking it or a bash in the backyard! Unfortunately after only 20 mins play, I can already see the twisting in the driveshafts. Not too impressed by that, Looks like it's time to start spendin on hop ups.... but in principal, it won't be Tamiya driveshafts now! Rob. So what have you done today?
  12. G'day Mark, yep, same issue here. I assembled/disassembled/shimmed until i decided it wasn't me, it was the casting. Have it up and running now and can't see any problems with the diffs. Bit of a shame as i like htings running ultra smooth, but not a big deal in a crawler I suppose!? Rob.
  13. Today I received the final parts for my Emaxx repair/rebuild/refresh...... Why would that be exciting you ask? Well.... it's currently taking up the desk space which will be required for my new CR01 and Frog build!!! Those 2 kits arrived yesterday, these will be my first BRAND NEW Tamiya Kits since I was a kid! I have rebuilt plenty now, but it's been a very long time since I've have the pleasure of building one from new. Can't wait..... now I just have to get out of the sick bed, and i'll be able to start on them all. Looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully I'll be well enough to spend a couple of hours in the workshop... SO...What have you done today? Rob.
  14. I suppose my most problematic was my first Fox from when i was a kid. It got rebuilt so many times it wasn't funny, mainly gears and snapped chassis! drove my father mad as he couldn't keep up with the spares cost, so it led to my first after school job It was also my usual birthday/xmas/good marks at school pressie for a number of years. Then the rc gear failed and that was it, into a box for many years, carried from house to house. Until divorce 5years ago when i was throwing things out to make room in the new place....... and always regretted it! (My current partner of 6 years has only encouraged the R/C My current fox, with a few upgrades is old faithful, it always gets taken out as the "backup buggy" when going to the track with mates, it always just seems to keep going, and its tailhappy attitude is great fun! Rob
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