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  1. mr_pushrod: Still if you did not get as much rpm as me, i bet you loved the scream in that motor LOL. The V2 i tried , was a motor that had been skimmed so many times so it was ready for the recycling bin. A 12 or 10 turn is laying around 50000 rpm's in the motor tester as i can see.
  2. Does anyone of you have a motor tester? If so what is your RPM record? I got 63250 RPM from a Peak performance V2 10x2. I timed it so it came to a short cut, and pulled the endbell a tiny bit back. Man you all should hear that motor scream LOL Its fun all the things you can do on a race when you ar bored. Would be interesting to try that timing on that motor in a SS straight against a brick wall eh? [}][}]
  3. Fantom motors (especially those with quad magnets) tends to get very hot, so you should use a very small pinion. Go with the smallest pinion you gan get in your car , and gear up if you feel the motor is not running so hot. You should be able to hold your finger on it for about 3 sec's after a run.
  4. I'd say get rid of the oldies before they get rereleased and start racing real rc cars instead. []
  5. The chassis you show is a Kyosho mantis chassis. The graphite arm is a rear arm from a Losi buggy. Probably a XXX or a XXX-4. I also think i see a rear damper tower ,servo holder and front suspention arms from a from a Losi xxx in the pics. I might be interested in the Losi parts. LOL after looking close on the pics i think i know where you got the parts too. I think i have owned the Subaru Brat and the Fox long time ago []
  6. Collecting Tamiya got me back in the RC hobby after 15 years of stand still. At the most i got and sent packages each day from all over the world. I also had about 40 models on the shelf eachj time , totally about 100 the last 2 years. Now i have sold everything and i only got a TXT-1 left. What i discoverd was that having them old tamiyas on the shelf gave me nothing anymore. I sold them for lots of cash, and got me some real good pro racing equipment . (losi xxx-4 , xxx-bk2 , corally assassin , all the tools, matched batteries ,charger , power KO Radio equipment etc..) Racing at the club and around Norwegian tracks is far more fun for me than sitting in a room restoring a Tamiya by myself. It doesent cost more either. The only reason i should buy a vintage Tamiya nowdays is if i get it dead cheap just to sell it on Ebay to get more racing equipment. As i did when i bought the corally assassin : I got a Willies Wheeler for 20£ at the local club, it had only been run once and was in mint shape. I sold it for 350$ on Ebay and bought a Corally Assassin. I think many pepole start this way too. Starting by getting the cars they had when they were young and fetch interest in the RC cars that you can race against others later. Then ley loose interest in the old Tamiyas. In 10 years, i don't think pepole are collecting these cars as much as now or 3-4 years ago. maybee a mint *** TC3 or Losi XXX-4 is more popular because they are the same cars kids get now as we got the SS and those cars many years ago.
  7. If you are going to run indoors , i will recomed to use the smallest pinion you can get. I would also recomend that you get all the pinions from 17-24 for your truck. It s allways nice to have a good selection ,of pinions when you race. No motors and tracks are alike ,and you will allways have to test out this. I raced indoors on carpet with my BK2 this winter, and had to use a 17T with a 12 turn. When the track gets very tight you need power at once. Here you can see a video from one of our indoor races. It is a little boring the first minutes due to only qualifying. http://www.trcbk.no/upload/20050320_nc_2wd...nc_2wdbuggy.wmv this shows an example of why the smallest pinion you can get in is nice to have. Here is also a video of our outdoor track just after we was finished building the track last summer. http://www.trcbk.no/upload/20040829_proven...provenm_4wd.wmv
  8. Glad to see that someone asks about racing cars in the racing talk section. You don't say anything about how your track is. Does it have lots of streaights or is it quite tight? Is it high grip or low grip? I would recomeng that you start by getting a 17-19-21 pinion. Start with the 19 for the stock motor, run a pack and feel how the temp is on your esc,battery and motor. Is it not so hot(it usally gets hot anyway but not red hot) You can go up to the 21. Do the same thing with the 14T motor. (I would rather have a 14x3 as it has more tourqe) Start with the 17 and feel the temp. I race a XXX-BK2 and a XXX-4G+ and i use the recomended pinion stated in the manual,as a staring point when i get to a unknown track or try a new motor. Then i feel how the temp on the electrics is. If it is not so warm i can gear up and get more speed.
  9. I recomend that you get some shocks from a Losi xxx-4 G+ or BK2. Best shocks you can get.
  10. How do you fit the large ESC from the brushless system in the F201? I used a SS5800 in my Losi XXX-4 G+ and XXX-BK2, but found out it does not match a good 12 turn. It is more likely a match to a 19 turn.
  11. At our club, we race on carpet, and use rubber tires. I now race Sorex 28, and with grip fluid this works great. I hate foam tires
  12. Haven't seen any of these on the clubs showroom. I've got me a Master edition, and it is a very good car. Far quicker handling than my Associated TC3 Factory team. Almost everyone at my club now race corally. The New RDX is popular too.. It is also nice and quiet compared to the noisy shaft driven TC3 [] Still i wonder why Tamiya wont make a decent racing buggy? 2WD or 4WD. In the past years ,they had real good racing buggies. Avante etc... I think the money to develop a real buggy is there.
  13. Use RPM ballends. They are far better, and you get them in blue aswell []
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