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  1. I'm up for a meeting in Sunny CA. While I live in San Fran area, I'd make a trek down to Southern CA for the right group! ;-) Darin
  2. Hello, I have a box of SRB parts. They would include rear gear housing, like 3 of them. Front ends, 2 complete in parts and a lot of varying parts but not complete enough to build another front end, I am mostly short the tubes in the front. A couple of radio box lids or tub, but in horrible condition. Shocks of various condition, front and rear. A rear cage or two, has the screw holes broken off on one side or the other, another words good for a runner. Might have a rollbar or two. Lots of rims -- front and rear wheels. Lots of screws, bolts, washers, etc If I didn't list it, I don't have it. I am selling the LOT, don't bother to ask if I'll sell here and there. I am in India until March 24th, so no pics until then, however if you wanna just buy the lot and see what ya get, then so be it. I have restored 3 RR, 5 SS and 2 F150's and had A LOT of parts left over, you will find a little of everything in this box-o-parts. I no longer have the time for restores, so if you you are a person who restores the SRB's, then this is the lot-o-parts for you. You won't feel jipped, make an offer. Darin
  3. Looking for Porsche 934, 935, PIAA 911, Taisan or Countach to purchase or trade for my Sand Scorcher. I also have Alfa Romeo 155 RTR and a Sand Rover minus a driver up for trade or sale. Darin
  4. Hello, I just got a repro driver, complete except for the helmet. Nicely done. Do a search here for the Repro Blazer driver, if you don't find it let me know and I'll look up to see who I bought it from. Darin
  5. When is this baby going to be on the market? Darin
  6. Hello, Let me know if you can help...trades or cash: Sand Rover Driver Sand Rover Rear lights Tyrell P34 six wheeler Original front bumper Blazer driver;s LEFT arm 934, 935 or Countach R/C Shelf queens or mint RTR's. Cars I have for trade: RTR TA03 with NSX body, Alfa Romeo TA03 with extra unpainted body, Dura Trax Axis .21 buggy, Sand Scorcher with all the small parts that are usually missing or broke, Rough rider. None RTR: Rough Rider.
  7. Hello, I have a BB body that is in need of a chasis. I'm not really interested in selling the BB body because I have converted it to a Beach Police vehile complete with working lights on top and on the grill. Very cool. Oh, if you have a left arm for a BB driver, I'd like to talk with you. I have pleanty of cars to trade with. Mint RTR Rough Rider or SS. TA03 TRF with Acura NSX body. Alfa Romeo 155 with extra body on TA03 hopped up chasis. Dura Trax Axis .21 buggy, VERY FAST! never raced, just driven around the property. Of course, I have cash as well. e-mail me at: porsche928_gts@yahoo.com if you have anything. Darin
  8. I've not only thought about that, but take it another direction, your collection is either lost in a fire or walks away, also known as ripped off. I've taken pics, put down estimations as to the replacement value on that date. I also have an extensive Star Wars collection as well, so insurance would not be happy with me if this stuff was lost or stolen! I have a living trust for which these items are in the trust and will be handed down to my children.
  9. Hello, California native here...what do you all need to know about driving from SF to LA? If you are looking for fastest way down, I5 is the best route. Straight shot once you get on it and can do a good clip. Will take you about 6-7 hours depending on speed and traffic to get from SF to LA If you want views and take a little longer, take Highway 1. This will be a complete Day to drive, but the views are just increadible. If you do plan to take this trip, I'd take your time, stop at a few places along the way. Oh, book a tour at the Hearst Castle, worth your time. This trip will take about 8-9 hours or so. Darin
  10. I have an TB Evo III Surikarn with Novak Brushless system...flying is not a fast enough word to describe this car! Insane come close, but still not good enough. Not to mention I am getting 9+ Min run times and the car isn't even warm. Darin
  11. Anyone know where I can purchase this car? Done a search for TRF 415 and NOTHING shows up... Darin
  12. Was waiting to do a trade, but looks like the trade is never going to happen, so I am going to offer these up before they hit the bay. Dura Trax Axix .21 RTR buggy. Broken in only. Alfa Romeo 155 -- This is an RTR with Novak ESC and Airtronics pistol XL2P Radio. Comes with NIB Romeo body. Sits on a TA03F chasis and I have the original manual Acrua NSX -- This is an RTR with Futaba ESC and Futaba controller. TA03 chasis and an extra Mustang body Darin
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