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  1. @Juhunio - Stunning build thread! Bravo. Please post more photos when tuning it in on tarmac.
  2. @Juhunio - I read your initial posting inquiry on that. Yes, l looked into Fibre Lyte UK, but a mate of mine has full CNC carbon fibre machining available and we design and develop RC racing boat parts here on the west coast. One question you had in the beginning of your beautiful build thread was, what issue(s) the TB-02 was blessed with. The non floating propeller shaft is the biggest problem, any shunt on the front strips the front diff gears. Several solutions, 1. Reinforce the tub chassis rigidity with all CF TB-02R parts and the TB EVO.III upper brace and lower tub CF brace (and shim the spur as you did - very clever!) 2. Fit EVO.III diffs, and some other ring gear, think it’s in my notes on the other thread. 3. This is much less factory Tamiya, is to make a floating prop shaft. I’m sure I could figure out how to keep it mostly Tamiya parts, but why when you can dip into the TB EVO.III bin and make a TB-02R EVO Tamiya always refines models through evolution of design. The TB-03 has all new gear boxes, floating propshaft, and many other design changes that some get carried over to newer models. My next build, I picked up a TB-03 for a proper R tribute. Cheers, Thompson
  3. @Juhunio - Forgot to ask you, what size are the SSG carbon centre plate chassis hex flat head screws? My guess is either M3 x 8mm or M3 x 10mm? Certainly there is depth for longer in the tub. Decided to forge ahead and run my TB-02R with an open rear gear set, **** the pebbles! Full CF and I’m drafting the TB EVO.III upper deck, rear brace and having a set cut in carbon fibre. Interested in an EVO.III replica upper deck?
  4. Looking for anyone that has a TB EVO.III and willing to scan the upper deck part Nr.50997 so I can replicate in carbon fiber for a TB-02R replica chassis build. Cheers, Thompson
  5. @Juhunio - On all the other JIS kit screws, did you fit 8, 10, 12mm etc. button (or flat head) tapping screws? Or will regular machine screws work fine to replace the kit supplied JIS self tapping? I've never done a screw bolt conversion before. While I love my Tamiya black handled screw drivers, my set of Hudy socket drivers is far superior and would prefer to use these. Here's the list I compiled from both TB-02 / TB-02R. The only screw that is not listed in the combined machine screw list is the servo horn 2.6x10mm. TB-02 / TB-02R Button head conversion screws, bolts A Parts MA1 3x12mm tapping screw x6 MA2 3x10mm tapping screw, flat head x12 MA3 3x8mm tapping screw x8 B Parts MB1 3x10mm tapping screw x12 MB2 3x12mm tapping screw flat head x2 - TB-02 MB2 3x8mm machine screw x2 - TB-02R MB3 3x8mm machine screw x4 - TB-02 MB3 3x6mm machine screw x6 - TB-02R MB4 3x12mm tapping screw, flat head, x2 MA2 3x10mm tapping screw, flat head, x8 MB5 3x10 machine screw, flat head, x2 MB6 3x8mm machine screw, flat head, x12 C Parts MC1 3x18mm tapping screw x2 MB1 3x10mm tapping screw x12 MB2 3x12mm tapping screw flat head x3 - TB-02 MA3 3x8mm tapping screw x12 - TB-02R MC2 3x10mm machine screw x1 - TB-02 MC3 3x10mm machine screw x10 - TB-02R MC2 2.6x10mm tapping screw x1 MB2 3x8mm machine screw x1 - TB-02 MB3 3x8mm machine screw x1 - TB-02R MB4 3x12mm tapping screw flat head, x3 - TB-02R Combined and converted to all machine screw list Button Head Socket machine screws Size (mm), QTY 3x6mm, x6 3x8mm, x27 3x10mm, x25 3x12mm, x6 3x18mm, x2 Flat Head Socket machine screws 3x8mm, x12 3x10mm, x22 3x12mm, x10
  6. @Juhunio - I've got to get button head screws and bolts to replace ALL the TB-02 kit Phillips versions. Time to make a list, unless of course there is an already made kit?
  7. Yes, quite the sullen feeling at the race course with a munched pinion gear causing me to stop and no factory Tamiya parts on hand. I could have run a 28T, but in GT Spec, the 29T was the only pinion to run for top speed.
  8. @Juhunio - On my TT-02R Audi R8 LMS I raced at the 2018 TCS Finals in SoCal, I had a very small pebble/rock lodge itself in between the spur and pinion gear. This was WITH the spur/gear cover installed on the TT-02R. This little pebble took out the 29T pinion gear and made all sorts of a racket running. I imagined it nestled itself in there with my learning curve to try and stay on the racing line — I was off line too many times, ugh. I immediately stopped and had to replace it, this was right in the middle of qualifying sessions to boot! Tamiya USA didn't have a spare 54229 set there at the track and to continue racing I had to drive 45 min one-way out to the desert in Chino, CA to TQ Racing, they had a spare 54229 set (28, 29T) which enabled me to continue to race. If it's a shelfer, no problem, but if you run it, I'd suggest on the cleanest surface possible (indoors carpet?) and carry lots of pinion and spur replacements or keep the rear cover on. This is my only hesitation going forward with the rear CF brace. But, on the other hand, all the TRF chassis racing there that day are totally open spur/pinion gear sets and maybe because there isn't any cover(s) lessens the chance to have this happen? I seemed to be the only TT-02R racer this happened to this weekend, as far as I could hear — it definitely made a racket! Maybe it was just a fluke, don't know.
  9. I noticed the weird extra photo also in the RCJaz listing, hmm. Researched all the TB-02, TB-02R, TB EVO.III manuals to see if I could find that extra small part, nope. Ok, well good you confirmed it is correct. I'll try to order later next week. If not available, I have the extra small rear MB22 bearing holder #3454312 to hold the propeller shaft and can have one cut and machined out of carbon fibre, the template is in the TB-02R manual! Thank you on the other bits. As you, just researching and collecting trick Tamiya parts is half the fun! Cheers, Thompson
  10. @Juhunio - Matt, Thank you for letting me hang in your thread. Your photographs set me over the aspirational edge... Couldn't resist, I've added some more TB-02 hop-up parts for my build. These two below will go with the above M3 5mmx10mm aluminum spacers 9805684 RC 3 x 12mm Screw: 58261 9804194 RC 3 x 10mm C.Sunk Screw: 44042 53677 TB-02 Stabilizer Set (F & R) 53678 TB-02 Aluminum Racing Steering Set (on sale for $13.13 USD at Tamiya USA!) Now I just need to find a rear carbon fibre support! 4304070 - TB-02R Carbon Fibre Part for Rear Brace 49365 Back to your build photos, thanks for the help =) Cheers, Thompson
  11. Thank you for the research! Yes, it did allow me to delve into something that should work well with a shim. Searched for "5mm x 10mm Aluminum Standoff Spacer". And it's Rrred "R" bling =) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MLWXSJN/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1THAZDOWP300U&psc=1 Cheers, Thompson
  12. @Juhunio - If you happen to have any spares (or suggestions), these posts have eluded me since I was on a similar TB-02R parts collecting spree. I wonder, if any, other 10,5mm Tamiya (or similar other) M3 threaded parts might work to replace Nr.9805974? Cheers, Thompson
  13. @Room335 - Correct, holding one outdrive (small rod, screw driver, etc) and the main gear. You need to 'feel' the diff. Tamiya rear ball diffs are an art, you will get handy on adjusting them after a while. Thanks, but I can't take credit for the diff build notes, only credit for searching and posting the compiled notes.
  14. @Juhunio - Nice build, following this. Love the parts listing and omg, you're going down the full-blown 'R'Rabbit hole, quite the list of vintage TB-02R parts you've collected! I have a TB-02 chassis kit and will add a few TB-02R parts for a mild R tribute. @Room335- There are some good notes I've compiled in this thread on building the TB-02 diff out. Cheers, Thompson
  15. @netsmithUK Chris, Looking to creating a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup SIG. Need to upload my 2018 Tamiya Championship Series Finals - GT class winning Best of Show concours Porsche 911 GT3 Cup HP livery to my showroom. Would be nice to have a SIG to attach it to, TIA. Cheers, Thompson Below is my submission for the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup SIG banner. From the 2018 Tamiya USA race event at my pits.
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