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  1. Follow up on Nathaniel's printing quality, they are as good as you can get with today's technology.
  2. Wait a minute.. in support of Nathaneal and his stock. I have some high-definition full vector designs that were recently added in and can assure you are top level design, I’m sure there are many others as well Unfortunately, I’m currently not taking any custom design, so sorry can't help with the F1 request. I have to relocate back home to the west coast in a month and WILL be tapped out busy for a while... Audi R8 24hr LMS E-Post Brief (raced at 2018 TCS Finals in SoCal ! ) Porsche 961 Mercedes-Benz GT3 Polarweiss Mercedes-Benz GT3 Weathertech Mercedes-Benz GT3 DHL
  3. @Baddon I'm planning to eventually finish this, even though I'm *still* slowly collecting parts. Currently in the process of preparing for a gigantic 2,800+ mile (4,500km) move of my house and family across the US. All of my hobby shop parts are getting packed at the moment.
  4. Updating thread with latest factory photos from Tamiya USA. Having owned two US spec Audi urquattro's (1983 and über rare 1984), I think it looks good. Of course there is room for improvement with a redesigned scale 1983 Rallye de Portugal door sticker(s), Bosch rallye light covers, different rims, tires, etc. I do love the period correct Talbot mirrors, nice touch. Also very nice to be able to purchase this soon here in the US. Now all we need is a Sense innovations ESS One sound module clip of an Audi 5 cylinder 2.2 litre with Pierburg fuel injection, flat out!
  5. This is another rim/tire direction I was thinking that could work. HPI Vintage 8 spoke, 6mm offset, 31mm wide. With either 31mm Tamiya wide race slicks or HPI slicks or lower profile treaded radials
  6. @ThunderDragonCy - I've spotted those also, intrigued me, but only if I was to build out a rallye spec chassis. After racing on the super clean Tamiya USA race track in the finals, I'm pretty much sticking with building out tarmac spec chassis, just so much fun. Dust and traction compound are really the only contaminates, other than the occasionally rare micro pebble —of course, that got jammed into my spur gear on a sealed TT02R gearbox — taking out my only 29T aluminum pinion gear! Keeps the bodies a little less scratched up too, unless you drive like me, Lol!
  7. Here's another photo of IN NV 62 in the 1983 Rallye de Portugal. On a tarmac stage, with yet another set of rims and tires! Maybe some HPI MX60s? Is there another manufacturer that makes a similar 8 spoke MX60 style in 26mm width? Can't seem to find it, having a rim brain moment...
  8. This thread needs more Audi quattro tarmac sideway'ness... =)
  9. Here's a better look at the new Audi urquattro A2 rallye body, very nice!
  10. @Mokei Kagaku - Thank you for the clarification on the body, makes this even more desirable to purchase! Cheers, Thompson
  11. @Wandy - possibly the same with mild livery difference. Will have to see the final kit version. I don’t have a Carson body to compare too, only a Carisma version.
  12. Here is the thread on the Tamiya Finals in SoCal. My HP 911 GT3 took best of show in the GT class, I have over 40+ hours into it. Also designed the Deutsche E Post Brief decal sticker set for the Audi R8 LMS and Porsche 911 GT3. Unfortunately, the Audi R8 doesn't look like the photos I shot before I sent all cars and parts to SoCal. It has earned a proper race patina now =)
  13. Thanks guys! Having owned two Audi urquattro's helps. I had a 1983 and uber rare US spec 1984 (one of 64 imported to US). My plan is to just buy the factory TT-02 kit in whatever shape or form it arrives. Honestly, I need some replacement TT-02 front hubs to move over to my TT-02R Audi R8 I raced at the Tamiya finals last year and I'll get a whole chassis of spares. I might run a TB-03 underneath this for Tarmac duty only — low and quick. If the Tamiya decal sticker set isn't up to my specs, I'll design a "complement" set to work with the factory one, available through MCI. My recent Mercedes-Benz GT3 sets I designed at MCI came out nice. And of course, my 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 took best of show at the Tamiya finals — so I'll only do this Audi quattro to those specs. Also, working on Porsche 911 GT3 rallye spec sticker sets. Audi Fuchs rims Looks like I'll have to dip into the 3D talents here to produce a proper Fuchs forged wheel for gravel stage setup? ( @VagabondStarJXF I'm hoping he will dive in on this, although, I still need to buy a set of rims he most graciously designed for the NSU TT). For a tarmac stage setup, I have a set of the HPI fifteen52 turbomac wheels and have already drafted a BBS sticker to cover the disc =)
  14. Couple more of IN NM 62 Nr. 3 in action in the 1983 Rallye de Portugal Tarmac stage with much wider rims, tires Gravel stage, flat out drift with Fuchs alloys
  15. 1:03 in "IN MN 62" Nr. 3 with Mikkola at the wheel and in tarmac spec with wider BBS rims/tires. 5:52 in with Fuchs on - full hoot 5 cyl turbo.
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