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  1. Update, these are both now ex-studioRS works. Latest. Some things stay the same, one from Germany, one from the UK. 2012 Audi A4 Avant S line Sport Prestige, all options. 2007 Range Rover Sport Supercharged, 390hp 4.2L V8.
  2. Finally an update! I was able to source most all parts individually and build out the chassis. Scored some 5mm dia carbon fiber tubes to make the gearbox shafts, added lots of option parts. Forgot to order the small little metal brace for the motor bolts, Oops! So, made one out of a spare nitro brake part by drilling an extra hole, lol. This is going to be a tarmac version, no off-roading and I have a little surprise up my sleeve. I have two TBG 959 bodies. I designed a set of 961 stickers with the intention of making one a Porsche 959 racing spec (959RS? 961 tribute?). Would love to have a 3D printed 961 body to make it proper (see attachment photo), but too expensive at 1/12 scale for my budget. Maybe I'll do it later, sure would be cool, but could never run it. With this body I can go flat out! At least the 961 sticker set I designed is available through MCI and will make a nice rendition even if it's on the 959 body. My plan is to fully detail with interior using new 3D printed MCI parts, and more, a tarmac spec 9961 tribute. For this 961 tribute I wanted to get the correct size rims and tires so this looks as correct and scale as I could. The Cross 5-spoke black wheels and Tamiya 60D tires do it perfectly! I also have a full set of RallyRaider 3D printed 1/12 scale rims with original Tamiya Porsche 959 tires, but that's for the other 959 body. Set-up 1 54643 MF-01X Ball Bearings 1 50738 TL01 G Parts (Gears) 1 53342 TL01 Speed-Tuned Gear Set 1 50602 Diff. Bevel Gear 1 53267 TA03 Ball Differential 2 53322 Hollow Carbon Gear shafts 2x40mm 1x30mm 1x21mm 1 54654 S Wheelbase Propshaft 2 53218 Gear diff. Hard Joint Cups 2 9805503 M-Chassis Drive Shaft 1 54660 MF-01X Alum Motor Mount 1 51000 Hi-Torque Servo saver 1 54249 Aluminum Turnbuckle 3x32 steering 2 50823 TG10 Wheel Axle Silver 1 54659 MF-01X Carbon Damper stay rear 1 50746 CVA Super Mini Shocks with cut down springs (1.5 coils) removed front and rear. Rear gets spring shim for extra weight of motor. This gets the droop proper and sets the ride height so the TBG 959 body fits just right and low without any rubbing. 1 9000815 RC F Parts (red) 1 50882 King Pin Set 1 53301 TL01 Stainless Suspension Shafts 4 50823 Wheel Axle 1 54247 Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft 3x18 rear upper arm Cross M Chassis black 5-spoke rims 1 53340 M-Chassis 60D Type A tires 1 53255 M-Chassis 60D sponge inserts, hard Body posts are full length now, but of course will be trimmed for the 961 tribute. I'll require another set of body posts for my other 959 body. So, squint your eyes and think Porsche 959RS, 961 tribute even though this is rendered on a 959 body. This should make a nice quick hillclimb Porsche to battle with my 1/10 scale kits.
  3. @Juhunio @ThunderDragonCy - This ^^^!! is what keeps me up and a total nutter about digging into Tamiya parts bins. What fits what, can the part carry over to the next model, blah, blah. Wait, did I double check that other parts manual before clicking the buy now button!?! Since Juhunio opened his thread up to this topic =) ... I'll have to admit, as much as I'm a self-admitted Tamiya Options header card collector junkie and in total pursuit of a chassis fitted with as many trick factory options parts as necessary, it just gets overly bonkers with the MoF (Minister of Finance) when adding them all up! So, with that in mind (and trying to keep it on TB-02R topic), I've drafted a set of carbon fibre parts that will hopefully work well for my TB-02R tribute and my next build, a mild TB-03R tribute. These are being CNC cut out from 2mm CF, .PDF, .DXF file is available, send me a PM if interested. TB-03R damper braces are pulled from the TB-04 Options parts catalog page. This will allow fitment of IRS and/or upright dampers so I can try different settings and... possibly fit a 251mm WB Porsche 911 GT3 Cup body (with IFS and TA-04 SS rear lower suspension arms). TB-02R damper braces are patterned from EVO.III parts and designed to replace the stock plastic braces, they are only missing the top suspension arm holes. Rear brace is missing the antenna hole (not my preferred location), I like to make the antenna follow the scale actual location, if possible. Top chassis brace is an almost EVO.III replica. I left the middle holes for holding Rx and or zip-ties, additional antenna locations.
  4. @svenb - The plot thickens! It's amazing how many parts bin grabs the factory does, seems like a rabbit hole. Grey version wheel (10445976 Wheel x2) also looks to also have been supplied on... (there might be additional kits). Tamiya obviously used the grey (10445976) photo for the TB04 Parts catalog as 53453. TA05 ver.II TA05 IFS TB05 Pro > 10445976 Wheel (x2) TB02 Raybrig NSX 2004 > 58297
  5. You're welcome! Also listed in the TB04 Parts catalog (not sure why they are showing grey, the set I have are black). Translated > "Medium narrow 6-spoke wheel (offset +2) 400 yen (excluding tax)" 2013 RC Matching Parts listings (on p6). (Available tires) 51023, 51049, 53433, 53705, 54256. (Available inner) 53434, 53435, 53582. Used with (TT-01D Type-E) 54020
  6. @futureworks - You are correct, the rims you asked about are Tamiya 53453 +2 offset. I raced with these on my TT-02R Audi R8 LMS in the 2018 Tamiya Championship finals in SoCal with Tamiya Type-B3 24mm tires and Tamiya 53250 Touring car shaped inserts soft. I can measure the width of the rims if you like (note medium-narrow on the package). Nice rims, the +2mm offset helped, definitely race worthy, more so than the driver... Lol.
  7. @Juhunio - Ahh, a TB EVO.III collection of spare parts, clever you! I was also tempted to go full EVO.III swap on my TB-02R tribute — Decided to keep it like a TB-02R because I've invested for the front, rear and top tub chassis braces and parts.
  8. @Room335 - I'm also thinking of the same. I have an original TA03R-S kit with the 1996 Porsche 911 GT1 kit body done in box art, shelf display for sure. I use a spare 911 GT2 body for outside on the tarmac, but this would be a nice change to design a different actual raced 911 GT1 livery. The newest white street (Straßenversion) body is a white canvas begging to have a proper graphic livery designed, might have to poke over to Racingsportscars and dig one up...
  9. @Problemchild - I use Kyosho Micron Line Tape, 0.4mm, really is quite exceptional.
  10. I like to challenge myself and design a livery that hasn't been offered before with some details added in =)
  11. @Shodog Paint is really nice. Aubergine, Amethyst? Reminds me of two different colors, Audi Zyclam mica red on my 1990 90 20v quattro, and an early 1985 Porsche 944 Sport that fixed up and autocrossed.
  12. @Juhunio @Room335 - The TB-02R, TB-03 is the era of wonderful kits from Tamiya. Many parts are interchangeable with the TB-EVO.III and some parts with the TB-EVO.IV (I have TB EVO IV diff gears and output shafts for my TB-02R tribute). I started on my TB-02R tribute kit the other day and it really is quite nice how it goes together. @Juhunio Ok, have to confess, this was my first time at this and... there is something magical about pre-threading an M3 hole in the plastic parts with a tap. It is utterly so satisfying having the socket hex head bolt go in with your fingers, then snug down with a hex wrench without any plastic deformation at all. No more fighting getting the self tappers in correctly! Thanks, I needed your thread and application of socket hex head bolts to get me kicked off on this. I will NEVER build another Tamiya kit without this process. Side benefit, it takes longer! Too satisfying =) So, with that in note, I'm going to have to buy another TT-02 chassis tub and rebuild my TT-02R Audi R8 LMS I raced in the TCS series finals. I had the pinion gear / stone pebble / spur gear problem while racing – side consequences were the rear gear cover had to come off and on so many times the holes from the kit self tappers are all tapped out.
  13. @Juhunio - Welp, the bacon sandwich sounds delish, but the EVO.III carbon fibre steering arm fitment is just brilliant! I was wondering if you were going to go down that rabbit hole. You have inspired me (and I’m sure others following) to absolutely no end on your TB-02R build. Your photography is perfect and really each picture tells 1000+ words. Your build looks like it’s right from the Porsche works factory.
  14. OMG, I thought about all the cool Hop Up header cards I’ve kept today! We should start a new SIG Header Card Options club, Lol. I wonder if they are more valuable if the staples are surgically removed with an xacto blade #11,
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