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  1. I'm looking for a rare factory built Bruiser 23690. Perhaps someone can help me or know someone who ownes such a XB model? Many thanks in advance.
  2. This is bad news! Many thanks for your help in the past. Be strong - all the best!
  3. Challenger-RT

    Super Champ re-release - Fighting Buggy

    Modellbau Seidel has the Fighting Buggy in stock now for 239,00€.
  4. up for sale is an unopened XB Volkswagen Samba Type 2 Bus on WR-2 chassis. The cardboard to protect the windows of the box is still fitted. The box is still sealed with the factory adhesive tape. It's the factory built red body version. The last picture shows another bus outside the box. Postage worldwide at cost. To see the pictures please take a look in the trades section at TC.
  5. Challenger-RT

    for sale: Porsche 959 nib kit

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Up for sale is a new Porsche 959 kit. I have bought the kit some time ago but have not the time to built it. So it only gets dusty on the shelf... Some things to mention: - as far as I can see no parts are missing - the H-parts + light inserts are not shown in the pictures but also there - the wheels and tires are new in the openend blisters - the motor blister is damaged - the box has some wear - all parts are new Postage worldwide at cost with DHL. Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or Need more pictures. For pictures please take a look at the trades section at TC. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  6. Price: EUR 525 ono new in box postage worldwide at cost Europe about EUR 25 with DHL int. worldwide about EUR 59 with DHL int.
  7. I'm looking for a Blazing Blazer. Please feel free to offer any Blazing Blazer in any condition you want to give away. I will pay reasonable prices.
  8. Please have a look at my ebay auction to see the pictures of the car: just type in this number: 261464757583 I'd like to see the Hilux in the hands of a TC member. We can also make a deal besides ebay at a lower price saving the selling fees. I have many highres Pictures of the Hilux. I will ship worldwide at cost.
  9. please take a look here:
  10. Challenger-RT

    WANTED! Tamiya 58028 Toyota Hilux pick up 4x4

    Hi, I've sent a pm two weeks ago.... I have a very nice example for sale. It was shown in an hobby store for about 20 years and never driven. Please tell me your email adress and I wil send you a few pictures. Best regards, Challenger-RT
  11. I'm looking for these parts in used condition: - Ranger front body post - rear cage - antenna + pin - lower arm left - upright left - 2 front springs (for the front suspension) - 2 cam locks - transparent motor + gear cover (A-Parts) Please send a PM if you can help. Many thanks in advance!
  12. Challenger-RT

    Wanted: Hilux 58028 or Blazer 58029 chassis only

    Hi LeeMutz, thanks for the offer, but I'm looking for the vintage 58028 or 58029 chassis.
  13. Challenger-RT

    Wanted: Hilux 58028 or Blazer 58029 chassis only

    bump I'm still after a Hilux or Blazer chassis....
  14. I'm looking for an old 3-speed chassis. It don't have to be complete or in perfect condition. Just tell me what you have.
  15. Challenger-RT

    4x4 Pickup Hilux Damper Manual

    Hi Dan, do you have the manual? It's described on page 16. Or just have a look here: