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  1. Hi there, I'm searching for an old 3-Speed mostly complete for a restoration. Just let me know what you have. Best regards, Michael
  2. The car is in very good condition. The only reason for selling her is to raise funds for another project. She's a gem in my collection. She comes rtr with servos and CPR unit P100-F !!! The following parts are new from a rere kit: - body, undertray - tires and wheels All in all a perfect car for the shelf or running. For more pictures please have a look in the trades section. Shipping worldwide. Don't hesitate to make an offer or ask questions.
  3. Ok I have tried to find prices we can work on: - nib Blazing Blazer kit: EUR 2.600 - nib Opel Ascona kit: EUR 850 - sold - nib Golf Racing kit: EUR 650 - nib Cheetah kit: EUR 800 - sold - built Egress: EUR 450 - built Supershot: EUR 200 -sold - newbuilt Cheetah: EUR 150 - sold + postage Just have a look in my showroom. Shipping worldwide with DHL international and Paypal payment as gift.
  4. Jason again offers a bunch of 10 bodies eh 9 because I just bought one of them
  5. in excellent condition and complete - chassis is in nearly NEW condition with no cracks or scratches - original Technigold fitted - with msc, servos and receiver - with NEW tyres and wheels - body has only one small crack in the rear left corner - I also have a new original decalsheet Please make me a serious offer when you are interested. Shipping worldwide, Paypal preferred. Please take a look in the trades section for pictures.
  6. Please let me know, if you have a new bodyset for sale. Thank you for reading
  7. for Top Force Evo: Evolution for Highlift: Highlift Thank you for looking!
  8. Is the Avante 2011 nevertheless produced in a limited/ small number? The sales-number for Germany is limited to 333 as you can read here . I know - the model number is a 58... not a 49... but I think 333 items is quite a low sales number for a RC kit in Germany. What do you think? Which limited numbers are specified in other countries?
  9. up for sale is this beautifully restorated Hilux. The Hilux was completely disassembled and stripped, cleaned, polished and ball raced. The tranny has also ball bearings now. The body: paint removed and sprayed in box art Italian Red. Please take a look at the pictures and make me an offer when you are interested or need more pictures or informations. It's breaking my heart to give this beauty away, but other projects are waiting for funds to be started. I will offer it on the bay on Sunday, but I prefer to see it in the hands of a TC member. So please let me know, when you are interested. Take a look at my trades section for pictures (but I have made much more) http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=99994 Shipping worldwide. Paypal preferred.
  10. I often drop old tires in a bath of glycerine to get them soft and shiny again. It works great. But it only works when they are not too hard and brittle. You also find glycerine as ingredient of handcreams to provide humidity.
  11. SOLD SOLD SOLD For sale is a Kyosho 4Runner with motor, receiver, servos and speed controller. There are also a manual and spare parts. The chassis is in - like new - condition without any sign of use and very clean. I think she was never driven outside. The body has seen a better paintjob and is missing the left side mirror. I'm no Kyosho expert. So please look carefully at the pictures and make me an offer, because I have no special price in mind. Please don't hesitate to ask if you want more pictures or have questions. Shipping worldwide. Paypal preferred For pictures please take a look at my trades section:http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=99813 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  12. Many thanks for the information. Got three pairs now - two for my original Avante and one pair for my Supershot
  13. In January I got a pair of new Blazing Blazer tires with inserts from him - I recognized the bag (with WW wheels) on the pictures at photobucket. It was a smooth deal. He did not want to be paid with paypal. Therefore I sent him the money in a letter AFTER receiving the tires, because he was so fast in sending them to me (Germany) - that was weird. I didn't have any problems with him, so I'm very surprised to read this thread. I hope you all get your money back!
  14. Will Tamiya offer also a pre-painted spare body?
  15. Please take a look in my trades section... http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades.asp?id=16134
  16. Please take a look here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=98759 The tires are in an excellent condition. I have never seen better ones. The wheels are still in their bag. Please make me a serious offer when you are interested. Shipping worldwide. Paypal preferred. Thank you
  17. Hi, are you still looking for a body? I live also in Germany but I would pack it secure... Please send me your email addy and I will send pictures. Best regards, Michael
  18. Please take a look here: http://shop.ebay.de/challenger-rt_de/m.htm..._from=&_ipg= All parts were take from a new bodykit. Combined shipping is of course possible. I ship worldwide. Thanks for looking.
  19. I think the rerelease will be also painted with PS16 metallic blue. So it doesn't matter, because it's the same colour.
  20. Is it only me seeing the prices coming down for nib Porsche 959 58059 and Celica 58064 kits? There are also many new parts offered on the bay right now. I bought a nib Celica kit this week for (only) EUR 600 from Switzerland. Only the tyre blister was not included but two sets of white and yellow wheels + new rally and slick tyres.... Are there perhaps new rumours of a re-release?
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