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  1. Hello guys, I'm looking for a nib 58026 Renault 5 turbo kit. It has to be complete. I would also swap against my nib 58025 Golf Racing kit. This kit is complete and nib, only the box colours have faded a little on two sides of the box. Just let me know, what you have. Thank you.
  2. I'm restorating an Egress at the moment. I'm nearly finished. I only need two of the X4 parts to fit the coil spring correct on the damper. Perhaps someone can help me?
  3. ...do they have the same window as spare part?
  4. For sale is a restorated Super Champ. The following new parts are added: - tyres and wheels - front bumper - driver - window net The chassis is in good condition. The body has the original decals + two layers of clear paint. The shell has no cracks or deep scratches. Only the decals have some light scratches. I still don't know whether to keep or sell the car, because it's really nice. But if someone makes the right offer... Shipping worldwide. Paypal preferred.
  5. - Audi Quattro / Opel Ascona chassis - original Tamiya RC cloth bag from the 80's - new Lamborghini Cheetah manual - Tamiya Vanquish Please take a look here: http://shop.ebay.de/challenger-rt_de/m.htm...p;_trksid=p4340 not at the bay: - Egress box + inserts - Cheetah box + inserts => just send me an email and I will send some pictures
  6. Thank you Paul, but no need. I want to keep it, because it's something unique.
  7. WillyChang:"Understatement of the century! " I got this two decal sheets with two nib Cheetah kits from a very kind and trusted TC member Due to this I was so happy and excited that this misreg was not so important to me – but interesting.
  8. I have these two Cheetah decals. They are definetly originals. The back papers are identical, also the colours. I have recognized an imperfection on one sheet at the Lamborghini brand symbol, red cross and the Tamiya Stars. The colours are shifted slightly. Did anybody ever seen something like that? I can confirm that these are both original decalsheets. So come on guys - let's check the Cheetah decal sheets
  9. same here (Germany) I've ordered parts from Canada (04.14.) Hongkong (04.18) and Las Palmas (04.17.) and I'm still waiting. I think due to the airspace shutdown this delay is normal. I don't worry - at the moment...
  10. I have run the car about 4-5 times onroad, so the chassis has some scratches but is nearly clean. The car is in nearly new condition. The body is painted metallic blue. This DF-03 MS has the following hop ups already fitted: • 53791 DF-02 Assembly Universal Shaft • 53924 DF-03 Heat Sink Bar Set • 53925 DF-03 Slipper Clutch Set • 53926 DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set • 53931 DF-03 Center One-Way Set • 53940 DF-03 Hard Turnbuckle Shaft Set • 53941 DF-03 Aluminum Turnbuckle Steering Rod • 53948 DF-03 Aluminum One-Piece Propeller Cup Joint • 53949 DF-03 Lightweight Battery Stopper Pin • 53984 Buggy Racing Wing • 51000 Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black) So you will save a lot of money on this one It will come without motor, esc, servos and receiver. I will send more pictures. Just drop me a PM or email. I thought about EUR 140 + shipping. Paypal payment as gift or add 4%
  11. RC Champ told me that they will have it tomorrow. For pre-order just send them an email: champ_international@rc-champ.jp
  12. Up for sale is the following set: - chassis in used condition with broken left front arm - NEW R5 original body shell in top condition - nib and original decal set still in bag - used but correct front bumper - new diplo tyre and wheel set In addition I also have a new repro Golf shell of Team Bluegroove. All you need (in my opinion) to complete the car is the left front arm and driver tree. If you want more pictures or have any question don't hesitate to ask. I'm open for offers! Please take a look in my trades section: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp...908&id=7869 Shipping worldwide with Paypal payment. I hope to give the set in the hands of a TC member! Thanks for looking.
  13. Please have a look at my trades section: box: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp...52&id=16134 shell: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp...53&id=16134 Thanks for looking !
  14. Paul, many thanks for these detailed pictures
  15. Hi Hedge, could you please post the pictures?
  16. my Tower oder is shipped now. I have to pay with discount $ 307.39 that's about EUR 230 to Germany. A very reasonable price ... but I have to wait for the customs-lottery
  17. Take a look in my showroom: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...03&id=16134 I have to let her go for other projects... The box and all parts are in perfect condition. I would like to sell her to a TC member before I will offer it on the bay ... I will ship worldwide. Paypal preferred. I'm open for offers.
  18. I just cancelled my back order and placed a new one. => status now: processing in office
  19. Up for sale are: - new body shell - new body parts (grille, driver etc) - like new manual without any dents or writiting - nearly new chassis => there was electronics fitted so you can see now the rest of the tape glue. The glue can easily be removed. The bottom has no scratches or signs of use - the tyres are sadly painted white (was not me... => BUT I have also a new set of diplo tyres - the decals are very good repros hires scan laser printed white vinyl => BUT I also have an original one Please do serious offers. I hope to sell it to a TC member to know it in good hands I will ship worldwide and accept Paypal. For pictures take a look in my trades section: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=88969
  20. When using Fashine you have to keep the body wet all the time. Don't get it drying. Put the shell into a bag after spraying and close the bag. Then wait half an hour or more and take a look if the paint comes off. After that you can remove the paint very easy. I think that's the right way to use Fashine. I hope it works
  21. Perhaps it's the short word for plasticmodelfactory?
  22. I have several empty boxes for sale. Just take a look in my trades section. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades.asp?id=16134 I'm open for offers....
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