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  1. I got this letter today from Mr. Herrera: Michael, Thank you for contacting HPI Racing and Hot Bodies customer service. I am glad to see this much interest in this body. There are many factors into producing something like this but I am sure it could be possible. I will keep you all informed. Thank you again for the interest in HPI Racing. Thanks, Luis Herrera | Customer Service Has anyone sent him also an email in the meantime?
  2. Please take a look at my trades: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=87774&id=16134 If there is no interest I will offer it on the bay today evening. So grab your chance... and do some offers.... I also have a Dyna Blaster shell: The shell was painted yet but the paint was nearly completely removed. The shell is in used condition with the usual scratches and some dents on the roof, but no cracks. After painting it can be used for a runner. Send a PM or shoot me an email for further pictures or questions. Shipping worldwide + Paypal possible
  3. I just wrote the following email to Luis Herrera (HPI) Dear Mr. Herrera, in addition to the email of George Burgess I want to tell you that I (and many other people here in Germany) have also great interest in a Interceptor V8 body of high detail and quality as the HPI shells are. In 2012 the 4th movie of "Mad Max Fury Road" will be finished. I think in 2011/2012 will be a perfect date to release such a body shell, because there will be again a Mad Max-Mania. So you have time to create and produce the shell and clarify copyrights and such things.... I hope you'll realize our dream..... Kind regards I hope you guys all do the same, so that on monday Mr. Herrera is busy at work reading our emails till lunch time
  4. In 2012 the 4th movie "Mad Max - Fury Road" will be ready. I think this is a perfect date to release such a 1/10 body shell of the V8 Interceptor. But this means waiting two more years ! If a detailed shell will be produced and released I'd be one of the first to get one !
  5. Restored Opel in nice and clean condition. For more pictures please take a look at my showroom.... http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...2&sid=16134 The only missing parts are the msc. The body is painted on the out side and there is a small part missing on the front left fender. I will sadly let her go to get more space for my other projects. Please do some serious offers. Shipping worldwide - please ask for charges. Paypal preferred.
  6. I'm restorating a Vanquish at the moment and looking for this part. Also in used but still usable condition. I don't need the other B-parts only the B2 part. Paypal is waiting.... :-)
  7. Hi, do you perhaps have also a universal shaft for the Dyna Blaster. I need one badly.... Kind regards, Michael
  8. Hey folks, a RC shop on the bay sells the bags separately: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT one of them is already mine I hope they are original Tamiya ?
  9. Just to keep this thread up to date... TH changed stock status to "Late Sep"
  10. Yes, stock status has changed to "Mid Sep" ...
  11. TC has changed the stock status into "on order" hmmm, does that mean we can expect to get the Black Porsche till christmas?
  12. Hi, I've got a Dyna-Run Super Touring Motor no. 53263. Now I'm looking after some spare parts like a new rotor and brushes. But I didn't find anything on ebay or anywhere else. I've made a picture of the manual that rotor and brushes can be replaced. But there are no spare part numbers shown. You can watch it here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=91953 So does anybody know the spare part numbers or can help? Many thanks!!!
  13. Please take a look here: http://www.modellbau-seidel.de/index.php?f...range,-glänzend I can highly recommend this shop. They also ship to european countries. If you buy 2 cans you will pay about EUR 16,-- that is about GBP 13.80 I think that could be an acceptable price for you.
  14. After a politely answer to TH Julie send me this: Dear Tower Hobbies Customer, Thank you for contacting Tower Hobbies. Our item description states this item is available in two body styles. All that we can do is put a note on the account to attempt to ship the black body, however please keep in mind that we do not know exactly what we will be receiving from Tamiya. We appreciate your time and your business with us.Julie -Tower Hobbies This is a bit different to the first mail - I think they simply don't know that the Black Porsche comes with the two shells? I'm a little bit dissapointed from that big hobbyshop...or is it just Julie...
  15. Hahahaa ! That's funny!!! Many thanks for your help answering the TH mail. No, I haven't paid yet - I made a back order only. Hmm should I delete the back order or just let it be to see what happens?
  16. I got this answer from TH today after asking about new informations about the Black Porsche: Thank you for contacting Tower Hobbies. We should be receiving that item from Tamiya in early to mid September. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly what color scheme that we will receive from the manufacturer. We appreciate your time and your business with us.Julie -Tower Hobbies They don't know the colour scheme?? How should I understand this? Could it be they sent the usual Porsche 934 TT kit instead? [/font]
  17. yesterday I picked up this one: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT if I don't have to pay taxes... then it's a little bargain I think...
  18. YES - it's exactly my opinion. I've built it and now I have fun like I'm 11 again, without thinking about some small differences to the original RR. And now I know the Germans (like me) are not the only ones being so accurate...
  19. Towerhobbies have changed the stock status into early Sep. !!! What do you think? Is there any chance of getting one ?
  20. Today I received my bodyset from stellamodels and it really comes with a nice brown box. I will put it in my TC showroom the next days...
  21. I have now offered the most parts on ebay. They will end in 3 days on Sunday about 8.00 p.m. Please take a look here: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/challenger...QQ_fromZQQ_ipgZ
  22. Please take a look in my trades section. I have several parts listed and would be happy to sell it to a TC member. Combined postage is of course possible. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades.asp?id=16134 Cheers, Michael
  23. Yes, I'm also back ordered the Black Porsche on July 10th at TC and I'm waiting, waiting and waiting...stock status is Mid August now
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