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  1. Please add me also to your list. I'd take 2.
  2. I've placed my back order on June 30th TH declares it as "on order" - whats the meaning of that? Regards, Michael
  3. Hi twisty, thanks for telling us. We all will visit you....
  4. Hi Rick, Lee, many thanks for your help. The link is working
  5. I have received the tracking number from RC Champ today. I have a silly question now - could somebody tell me the website where I can track and trace my Buggy Champ ?
  6. I just paid my Buggy Champ to RC Champ. Shipping to Germany is 7800 Yen. Well I think I will get the tracking number tomorrow because in Japan it's end of the workday now, though they have a lot to do now...
  7. I just saw that Jason started to sell the body spare parts ...
  8. Thank you for your kind comments guys! I got the body set (without decals) from Belgium for GBP 31,--. Still a good price... I haven't seen the new HPI fuchs wheels till now. Hey they will fit perfect! When will they be available?
  9. A couple of weeks ago I got a 49400 30th anniversary Porsche body shell for a cheap price with all parts needed like rear spoiler, mirrors and decal sheet. Then one day I had the idea of building a black Porsche of the 1/10 shell. YES!... But how do I get the decals in the right size? Umm.... I contacted Lee from TC who prints the vintage decals. I told him my idea and he said, yes he can print the Black Porsche decal sheet in a bigger size. He said, that the windscreen logo is 99mm. I measured up the windscreen of the 49400 – it is 117mm long from corner to corner. So the 1/12 decal sheet of the Black Porsche has to grow bigger to 117%. About two weeks ago I got the decal sheet from Lee and I started to paint the 1/10 body black. I put on some decals of the 49400 sheet, like the bumper-endings, lights, wipers, logo and then started with the special decal sheet. Yesterday I finished the body and put it on my chassis. I changed the wheels in HPI vintage 5-spoke wheels and tires. They are no Tamiya but I think they fit better. I can't wait to show the pictures to you to hear your opinions about the idea. The next days I will try to take better photos and put it in my showroom. Many thanks to Lee for his professional and kind help!!! What do you think about this version of the Black Porsche? Does anyone already had this idea? Comments are welcome!
  10. Jason offers another sixpack - be quick Look here under this auction number: 380136045276 Price now is $ 20,-- higher...
  11. Today I got my second Black Porsche from Switzerland with number 564. Many thanks for the excellent deal to Jason who sold me the other one with number 1006. Life is good
  12. There are already 5 nib kits in the TC showroom! I will put my Black Porsche in the showroom this weekend. When do we see the first built kit?? I think I will build a non bagged US Version kit. Is it better waiting to buy the US kit, perhaps prices perhaps go down after the first run. Or will they be sold out soon? Does anybody know something about the production number of the Black Porsche?
  13. Today my bagged Black Porsche arrived from Jason. Very fast shipping. The kit has the number 1006. I still can't believe to own a Black Porsche! YES!!! The other kit from Switzerland will be shipped on June 25 and will also have the bag. I hope so....
  14. Here ist the first Black Porsche Japan Version with bag !!! on ebay - just look here: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...alenotsupported I just bought mine
  15. I just finished my 935 with the body and decals of the new. static kit. The decals are also water slides and not precut. It was quite horrible to put them on..... but they will also fit the original shell. I will post some pics the next days in my showroom. Cheers, Michael
  16. Hi Mark, nice idea! I haven't thought about it yet to do something like that. Could you post me a pic from inside the car? Cheers, Michael
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