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  1. up for sale is an

    unopened XB Volkswagen Samba Type 2 Bus on WR-2 chassis.

    The cardboard to protect the windows of the box is still fitted. The box is still sealed with the factory adhesive tape.

    It's the factory built red body version.

    The last picture shows another bus outside the box.

    Postage worldwide at cost.

    To see the pictures please take a look in the trades section at TC.


    Up for sale is a new Porsche 959 kit.
    I have bought the kit some time ago but have not the time to built it. So it only gets dusty on the shelf...
    Some things to mention:
    - as far as I can see no parts are missing
    - the H-parts + light inserts are not shown in the pictures but also there
    - the wheels and tires are new in the openend blisters
    - the motor blister is damaged
    - the box has some wear
    - all parts are new

    Postage worldwide at cost with DHL.

    Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or Need more pictures.

    For pictures please take a look at the trades section at TC.


  3. I'm looking for these parts in used condition:

    - Ranger front body post

    - rear cage

    - antenna + pin

    - lower arm left

    - upright left

    - 2 front springs (for the front suspension)

    - 2 cam locks

    - transparent motor + gear cover (A-Parts)

    Please send a PM if you can help.

    Many thanks in advance!

  4. I would be happy to be proved wrong on this one but from my experience I would say SCAM! Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. Having said that he does have some high value items on his past sold items if you look at his feedback. But as someone else has said, full payment up front and a wait of over 45 days (buyer protection window) makes it a no brainer for me. I'll be waiting for them to be "on the shelf"!

    The guy on ebay replied me this:

    I have a large Asian base Trading Co. in which I don't pay for any freight from Asia. I am requiring payment 3 days after end of sale due to a large deposit I had put down to get these kits in. I had to do a minimum order of 35 kits in order for my Asian based Tranding Co. to obtain these kits for the low price I was able to set bond with. I have a current Invesetment and Bond with this firm in which we mainly wholesale consumer electronic products and not really hobby related goods. However my being an avid Tamiya fan and collector when I had got word of the re-release of this kit I had asked my Asian Trading Co. partners what pricing would be like based on a reflecting quantity of the total kits I bring in. This is why my Pre-Orders are for a 35 kit freight pallet along with other consumer goods.

    I still think this could be scam. What do you think. He has already taken 3 pre-orders.

  5. For sale is a Bruiser in very good condition.

    Painted in metallic blue. The body has some light signs of use on the right side near the windshield and roof.

    The only missing part is the side mirror.

    The chassis is in nearly new condition with no signs of use. Just have a look at the tires !

    It is RTR with vintage Graupner receiver and servos.

    All in all a great start for a restoration or use it as a runner.

    Shipping worldwide at cost.

    Paypal preferred.

    I thought about 650$ or 450€ + postage, but we can talk about that.

    Don't hesitate to ask questions !

    Thank you for looking.






  6. This 56002 vintage tank from the year 1977 is for sale.

    The installed gearbox lets the tank turn at a fixed point.

    The original gearbox and clutch engaging device are included too.

    The tank runs on metal tracks. <_<

    And the original manual and serveral spares are included too. :P

    It is built from a pro and in a very good condition.

    Please take a look in my showroom.

    Please don't hesitate to make an offer or ask questions.

    Shipping worldwide at cost.

    Paypal preferred.

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