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  1. lol i been a member here for about 6 years and didnt know there was one
  2. X2 on the waiting list, great post dready and thanks, i been trying to create this look for ages with the stuff that i have. now it can be bought all in 1 package!!
  3. yep still not updated, i wonder how many people are still trying to enter
  4. i wouldnt say excact same truck, it has a different front end and possibly a dropped bed, not 100% on the drop bed though although i am with you the hilux with the squarer front arches would be great!
  5. this thread will get moved soon i did the same thing when i saw it and posted in this forum, the already exsisting thread is in the other makes forum
  6. Tamiya need to step up the game with new stuff like this on the market
  7. Wez-li thanks for the memories man, i used to get a bus from rainham just to browse in beatties on romford then go back home, never did buy a tamiya in there as was very young back then, its a shame only now i have the money i have to order online, would love to go to beatties now with a wad of cash i remember radio active too, that was near the college right? used to sell balsa planes in there too, i move from that area 20 years ago so my memory has faded a bit my friend who i still talk to to this day was the one i used to go to beatties with, he no longer is into RC but has a Gold tub RC10 that he still wont part with!!
  8. FYI Axial do the gearbox cover as an option part for other models so should follow the trend for these models too?
  9. most RC4WD tires are designed to fit the beadlock wheels they also provide. what hilux version new or old?
  10. google is your friend Radshape i got the black one
  11. just taken delivery of the radshape black bumper and chassis plate, very well made and good delivery times, gets a thumbs up from me
  12. well ive gone and done it, 2 years out of the hobby because i lost interest, this time i actually got rid of everything! except my tools and box of tamiya screws, im now back in with a toyota hilux SCX10 project now finished and on to my next, a scorcher restoration project (i still cant believe i can buy a full scorcher bodyset for £33 delivered) moneys good right now so i have said to myself if i get bored again these go in the loft this time round until i get interest again, because i always do, its like RC is a virus that gets me every few years and has done for the last 20!
  13. does anyone know if the 84113 Tamiya Ball Differential for Buggy Champ will fit the original scorcher? if not what parts would it need?
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