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  1. Fair point, perhaps I need to say all "non-mutually exclusive" Hop-Ups... I built these all over a decade ago now, it's difficult to remember what I did/didn't include and what was actually available at the time. I wasn't aware of the counterweight or step screws, I wonder if they were even released back then? But now you've caused me to add said items to a shopping cart! 🙄😁
  2. Ah, I get you, yes I misinterpreted. Your collection also looks great! Much more detail than I am used to.
  3. Hi and thanks. No lacquer, just primer and TS-05 (Olive Drab) over TS-04 (German Grey). It's going to get very light use so didn't think a lacquer would be necessary, if I were to lacquer it I'd probably consider TS-79 (Semi-gloss Clear) or TS-80 (Flat Clear), I quite like the matte look.
  4. Oh dear, I'm a runner, a shelfer, and a vintage NIB queen! Comment.
  5. I think it depends what you mean... Velcro straps? No, they may melt and will certainly affect cooling. Velcro adhesive tape? Why bother with the actual Velcro, just use tape (~0.5mm double sided).
  6. That looks exceptional, I'm very envious of your skills! Nice work, well done. 👍
  7. It took me 4 years from receiving this kit to getting it into this state! I'm happy with the end result though.
  8. Today I finally finished my High-Lift Hilux which I built in 2017! 🙄😂 I hate painting and decals so once it was close enough to finished (the mechanical side anyway) I installed the electronics, drove it around the lounge and yard a bit then put it away. I moved house recently and was reminded that not only did I have the truck I'd also already bought the paint and extra decals... no excuses really! Although the cans are too small and the tape too expensive I must say I'm impressed with Tamiya spray paint and their masking tape, I certainly did a better job than I expected to. I had to sand back the bonnet (hood) and give that another two coats because it was a bit rough but no runs, blends, drips or overspray! Result. This was my first hardbody and it really did come out well. The RC4WD decals (stickers) I got are fantastic but the uncut Tamiya ones are a disaster, it's a travesty that they don't come pre-cut and Tamiya should be ashamed. It reminded me that perhaps I don't hate painting, just adding decals, who knows, it's been 10 years since I painted a shell. I picked the paint scheme years ago and as it went on I thought it was too dark and not enough contrast between the fenders/bed and the rest of the body but it's grown on me. I was going for the bushwacker/pig hunter look more so than the military look. I think the RC4WD decals demilitarise it enough for me. I don't think I'll bother with the finer details (e.g. window surrounds, door handles etc), my hand isn't really steady enough to do fine brushwork. Built to kit instructions with the addition of full roller bearings and an aftermarket metal front guard, for some reason I really don't like the included front bar. It's using a basic Yeah Racing ESC/55T Crawler combo running off a 4200mAh LiPo stick pack with a couple of 20kg MG servos. I originally put a 35T in it but that was way too fast, the 55 is great. The always reliable Futaba 4YWD 2.4GHz radio gear is controlling the show. Man, what a babble that ^ was, on to the good stuff...
  9. Many of you are mentioning safety wrt lithium batteries and I really think that's a 2010 thing. If you have reasonably modern batteries and charger then they're no higher risk than the battery in your laptop. It's not really a factor these days.
  10. Brushed/Brushless = horses for courses, use what you will, run what you want. Batteries though are a different story altogether, there's no reason not to be either using LiPo's or migrating to them, NiMH batteries are (literally) a waste of time and energy.
  11. A single will be better than nothing if you can find one. Otherwise consider using ball diffs as they allow some slip themselves.
  12. Like these? https://www.racing-cars.com/1-10th-2wd-buggy/cougar-sv/ball-socket-offset-cougar-sv-u3730 https://www.racing-cars.com/1-10th-2wd-buggy/cougar-svr/ball-socket-offset-pk4-svr-kr-kf-2-u4090
  13. With gear diffs front and rear you definitely need a slipper, and a double slipper at that, there's a DB01 double clutch from Tamiya (54061). If you run a gear diff up front and a ball diff in the rear you can get away with a single slipper. Without any clutch you'll stretch belts or (eventually) damage your diffs or spur.
  14. I don't really enjoy masking, or painting at all for that matter, but it's an essential part of the hobby if you have a reasonable sized collection. I moved house recently and was reminded of all of my half-finished RC projects (there's a lot of them!), including my High-Lift Hilux. I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of paint halfway through but I have a LHS within walking distance of home (not a reason for moving!) and another just down the road from the office, quite a unique situation here in New Zealand. I might have it finished by the end of the weekend although it's my first hardbody so the possibility of a total fail is ever present! Two main colours (spray) and some of the finer detail will need to be done with a brush (😬). Wish me luck, I'll likely need it. 😂
  15. What do you have? Mine's a 3.2 e36 coupe in Estoril Blue.
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