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  1. Can I ask a favour? What’s the Upper and lower hole spacing on the rear wing mount (G3)? my sister has a TS and wants a modified mount but doesn’t have something to measure the part.
  2. cool - at first glance it looked like something was going inside the box. PM'ed you to sort payment, BTW
  3. The new components go outside the large metal gearbox plates, not inside it.
  4. I tried sending a PM, but it won't go through for some reason. I'd like to put my name down for one of the remaining monster beetle gearbox braces, but money's tight this month and I won't be able to pay until after the 28th. is that OK? if not, no worries, I'll wait for a (hopeful) second batch.
  5. Thanks for all the information. lots to consider, really but I think I've got a better handle on it. It's a pain that Transmitters and Receivers aren't cross-compatible. I quite like the aesthetics of the HK-310, for what it's worth. all the others seem a bit too bling...
  6. The locked diff isn't the reason SRBs like to roll over on tarmac - it's the swing axle suspension. Just like a chevy corvair, the side loads can cause the outside rear to "tuck under" and make the car trip over itself.
  7. OK, so with the falling price of 2.4 gig gear and the thought that going to nottingham will be a load less hassle if I'm not on 27Mhz, I've been thinking about upgrading the RC garage to newer radio gear. I've had a look in some other threads and have got a little confused by the things on offer so, I'll state what I;ve got. I'll need 2 transmitters (one for me, one for my son). I Prefer a stick controller, but it's not a showstopper. My son prefers a wheel. Speed Controllers - (I'm told this matters because of BEC issues?) 1x Mtronics RV12 1x Mtronics Eco20 and 5 Tamiya TEU-101/104 (not sure exactly how many of each). Is everything as interchangable as it was on the 27Mhz system? or does buying a particular transmitter lock you in to a specific receiver?
  8. I bought the Porsche 911 in June and really like it. Some notes 1: One of the online builds I read before buidling it said there was no sensible "bag ordering" and that you had to open everything to start. This isn't true, and the manual does tell you which big parts bag to open at what point, it;s just not that clear. that advice probably made my build take about twice as long as it should have. 2: the build itself is mostly straightforward apart from there being a lot of small c-clips. they do give you plenty of spares for the inevitable "clip pings into the carpet" moments. 3: the "super-flexible" battery mounting system doesn;t really take account of the battery Lead. a classic stick-pack requries either a very tight bend in the leads (and cutting a part) or running the leads very close to the rear axle/wheel. 4: It's very nice to drive - the stock (non-drift) tyres are realy sticky and even on a stock 27t if feels faster than my M01 (nearest comparison I have). However, I've found that the suggested mounts for the steering arms make it almost too sensitive (on a stick controller). I;ve since moved to the inboard hole on the servo arm. to make it less nervous. I really like mine, partially because it's the highest-spec car I've ever bought.
  9. My Problem with the Egress is just that it looks a bit dull. the Avante and Vanquish both had distinctive, futuristic designs, but the egress is just... there. It's certainly historically signifcant, as it marks the culmination of the Avante Platform, and sets the tone for modern buggies that are fully race-optimised. if I were a serious collector, wanting a shelf showing the evolution of the buggy from the SRB, through the Frog, Hotshot, Thudershot, Avante, then the Egress could be on there as it's basically "now" - the scale wrinkles that made the old buggies interesting and charming (and the driver figs are/were a big feature of this - seeing a human inside made even the fantasy designs like the Terra Scorcher seem more "real") have now gone and we've got a modern buggy that may as well have been an release from any point of the last 20 years from tamiya, HPI, or anyone. So, I think it falls a bit flat as a re-re because it wouldn't seem particularly out of place as a new release. But the point is- what's left now? The thread shows there's only 3 or 4 serious hits from the back catalogue left, all of which have issues with bringing back (licensing, too similar to current models, tech was bad even by the standards of the time). P.S. Personally, If I'd been in charge, I'd have made 58500 a proper re-re of the original 934, on the original chassis, maybe with a lexan runner shell as well as the original Styrene one. (though if folks want a runner 934 the tamtech-gear one is available). would have cost a fortune and sold in miniscule numbers, but it would at least have been interesting.
  10. I;ve had an M01 Mini (same chassis, just backwards and shorter, basically) as my main tarmac car for the last couple of years and the main issue I had was that the little cantilever parts that connect the monoshock spring units to the wishbones can split. in FWD mode it;s a pain for filling it;s internal tub with debris, but in RWD layout that shouldn't be as much of a problem.
  11. HPI's Cup Racer wheel range may have something like what you're looking for.
  12. I've never had a problem with the Tamiya ESCs, though I've never got one wet (have run one on damp sand, in an SRB radio box, though). When I'm buying my own, I always buy an Mtroniks RV12 from howes models as they sell 'em pretty cheap and that's way overspec for any motor I'm ever going to run.
  13. 2 for starters: Grasshopper (with small mods) and Fire dragon (was originally sold as an alternatrive hornet shell).
  14. DF-02 is the 4WD chassis under the Gravel Hound, PLasma edge, and Rising Storm. Mad Bull and Hornet are similar to each other, use the same gearbox, but I don't think either has a modern-style chassis codenumber.
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