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  1. This crash was my first. I had just finished putting togther a tt01r kit with a old 19t Chamelon 2 motor only a month beforehand. I had the car with me at work and was out in the parking lot during my lunchbreak. I was running in ovals around two sunken storm drains, drifting around the corners and impressing myself and the guys out watching. I pulled a corner a little two tight and hit a storm drain. The car caught some decent air. One of the guys watching had the bright idea that I should try to see how high the car could jump over the drain. Like an idiot, I tried it. I hit the drain at full speed and the car flipped over violently and tumbled about 10 feet before landing on it's top. The impact from the drain had broken the front suspension upright/gearbox cover. I guess my pride was hurt worse than the car.
  2. OMG!! I've only been a member for a short time and just stumbled across this tonight. My jaw literally dropped when I started looking through the thread. All I can say is - I'm not sure what to say!! I'm speechless!! Great work!!!! Can't wait for the next update.
  3. I ran a quick search through the forum for any related posts, but didn't see any. I apoligize if this has already been talked about. I just had a friend at work give me a rolling chassis with a few mods on it and I have managed to completely outfit it for running aside from the broken battery hold-down. Since original parts are a little scarce, I was wondering if anyone knew of any kind of parts that would fit the bill. Right know I have to make due with strapping the battery to the chassis with duct tape!! Any suggestions would be wonderful, thanks!
  4. Being a mehanic, I do get a certian amount of enjoyment out of building them, but it is much more fun to run them in my opinion. There's just something really cool about seeing this little thing you spent hours building zipping around the parking lot. I guess that puts me in the Runner's camp!
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