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  1. Wires on the lead from the esc from left to right looking from the front of the reciever, other side from the crystal are - Brown, Red and Yellow Wires on the steering servo in the same order are White, Red and Black.
  2. The ESC is connected to the motor through the normal 2 wires and then to the reciever in channel 2 slot. I think my reciever has a BEC in it. I would prefer to rectify the problems with the ESC rather than the MSC.
  3. I wanted to get my Escort Cosworth running last night and first of all i had a msc connected and it ran but i could not adjust the trim enough to stop it from running forwards. So i took out the manual speed controller and dropped in a Electron speed controller and then tried to run it but nothng worked, not even my steering. The speed controller is a Mtronics Marine 15 and its Acoms radio equipment in it. Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this?
  4. XR311 with the machine gun in the roof. Some of the Hummer varients.
  5. I used to take my cars apart and put them back together all the time for no reason wat so ever. I was always into taking things apart and put them back together for the fun of it. I grew up playing with Lego and Mechano so building things where second nature to me.
  6. I remember nagging my parents for ages to buy me an RC car as my brother had a buggy (Hornet) and eventualy my parents took me down the model shop and i picked out a Mini and got the RC gear with it. I spent hours sharing my brothers charger and battery pack before getting an esc for xmas and my own charger and battery pack. After that i got a Ferrari (cant remember which one and run that around for ages, sometime my brother gave me his buggy. A while after that i sold the lot up to fund other things, mainly paying for my flying models. Last year i was trawling ebay looking for Millitary models when i came across the sad remains of an XR311, upon googling that i found this site and registerd and duely won the chassis and then the craze started again. Now i enjoy the challenge of hunting down all those bits i need to finish a model and make it a runner. Early this year i picked up a Cheeth and just recantly i recieved a Michelin Pilot. For me i enjoy the meechanical side of the hobby, i enjoy spending hours looking for those elusive parts that i need to finish a model.
  7. Can someone send me the link to the comapny who make a conversion kit for a Tamiya trailer to make it into a car transporter trailer. I know there is a link somewhere in the showrooms but i cant find it at the moment.
  8. It may be because of the forum. I know my college has this site blocked for that reason.
  9. Now thats a challenge. Ive downloaded somesoftware and im going to have a crack myself, i wonder how many other 3d artists reside on this forum?
  10. Keep it up guys. I wonder how long it will be before we see the first 20 complete.
  11. A very usefull bit of kit for a photographer makes no600
  12. Very impressive. 3d Graphics is always something ive whanted to try and now ive found some free software i will have a go.
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