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  1. Looking for a brush guard for a Pickup / Blazing Blazer, and tires for the BB. Could also use a rear bumper in great condition. Thanks
  2. Finished up my Stadium Blitzer mechanically.
  3. Did a simple refresh of an old Falcon. This car is 90%+ pure, so not much work.
  4. I know it is a heck of a long shot, but I am looking for a 4X-400 4wd MIP conversion kit, or as many pieces as you may have. I also have some other parts on my MIP SRB that are good enough for use, but I could use better if you have some spares. Thanks
  5. I think we use a completely different name for such an establishment in the US.
  6. I picked up a bunch of these the last time I needed to clean out the hobby room. They were from Big Lots, and I bought up all they had one weekend, and they were beige, and then went to get more the next weekend, and they were blue. Seems to be great size for 1/10 buggies and onroads, plus extra parts.
  7. Introduced the comical to the rest of the FX-10 family. This is a tense moment.............
  8. Finishing up my Comical FX-10. I am having difficulty with the body at this point, but am working through it slowly. I am recycling an old body in an effort to keep this a $0 build. Hope to get it all worked out in the next few days, or it will be thrown on the shelf and never really done.
  9. Finished up my hump pack for my Hilux. Running 3000mah NIMH.
  10. Not sure what type of stealth mounts you are looking to do, but I use RJ Speed body posts on most of my older cars. They make 4" versions. 4" RJ Speed Posts
  11. Lots more work on the Hilux today. Chassis should be finished up pretty quick. Body is a whole 'nother project in itself! Yes, I know the steering linkage / horn is opposite of the manual, but it was the way that worked best for me.
  12. Got shocks and the bottom half of the electronics case installed on my Hilux. I know the painted case may ******* off the purists, but the top half of mine is covered in cracks (and has a melted spot), and a new one isn't in the budget. So, as the old saying goes, paint it black and put it back.
  13. Updated list of needs in first post.
  14. Got a bit done on my Hilux this weekend. Got the tranny mounted, purdy'd up the wheels, refreshed and rewired the SC, built a mount for the SC b/c I don't have an original, and printed my first version of a motor cover b/c again, I don't have an original.
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