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  1. I have built and have been attempting to code and run a "TheDIYGuy999" sound and vibration board, but am having no luck getting it to work. I don't think this is an issue with the hardware or software, but more of a malfunction between keyboard and chair. I literally have no idea what I am doing with this arduino coding stuff, and was hoping I could flash the default code and at least get it up and running, but no, nothing. Is there anyone with experience with this bit of kit? For those not familiar, this is what I am going for: Worlds Best Sounding RC Semi DIYGuy999 EP32 PCB Github
  2. I have been using this lately: Finish Line Ceramic Grease "Coats and smooth frictional surfaces with ceramic particles and Teflon fluoropolymers" Am I ruining my aluminum gears?
  3. Built a device that I don't understand, and now need to learn to install code on it that I REALLY don't understand. I did power it up and the smoke stayed in, so phase one was a success.
  4. Finally found some time to start assembling my Grand Hauler!
  5. Hello all! I am getting into a Semi build, and am planning on painting the chassis rails, and numerous plastic parts that attached to it. The flat surfaces are not an issue, but some of these pieces have tight complex inside corners and such. What is my best way to key these parts, or if I am using Tamiya surface primer, do I really need to? I have found that it sticks pretty well to parts that have only been cleaned well, but I don't want to find out in a couple of weeks that none of it really stuck. Thanks
  6. I know this is an oddball question, and nobody here really knows me from Adam, but I thought I would throw this out there just in case. I have tracked down a rare vintage part (Kyosho Assault Gearbox) in a Taiwanese model shop, but I cant' register as a member, or choose a shipping location, because I am outside of Taiwan. I have tried contacting the shop through their site a couple of times to inquire if they will ship to US, but no response. So, are there any members here in Taiwan that could maybe help me out as a shipping relay?
  7. 1/2 USPS, 1/2 Local Pickup. Great RC Haul!
  8. The body will just be a typical TBG / MCI combo. Just a single color. I like to keep my pickups super simple in regards to paint.
  9. The green and black chassis are painted. Park Green (available in Tamiya TS and PS), and standard black. I actually liked the Park Green so much I picked up a couple of cans today for another project.
  10. Built a good chunk of a Traxxas Sledgehammer.
  11. Not a whole car, but I tend to lose parts WAY too often. Just this week I have been prepping to build a Traxxas Sledgehammer this weekend, and I have lost (almost certain thrown away) four of the shock bodies! I literally have 5-6 hours of hardcore searching for them in this house, and nothing. I have been *******ed about it all week because original plastic white shocks are hard to come across, and I thought my build would have to be shelved for awhile. But luckily, optional Traxxas black aluminum shocks were available back in the day, and the same model number shocks are readily available today, so easy fix.
  12. 1st off, that chassis is just spectacular! I am new to the early Tamiya world, especially to the early pan cars, and that thing is just gorgeous! I have 12Es, 12Is, & 12Ls, but something really speaks to me about the early Tamiya MKs. At this point, I only have a MK5, but I hope to inflate that collection in the future. I have an odd question, do the rear wheels look like the attached, and would these fronts and rears be original to the MK1 Tamiyas? I asked because these came on a Traxxas Fiero GTP I have, and I have yet to find another Fiero with the same wheels on it, so I was super curious where they came from. Looking at your rig may have just answered that question.
  13. Then the third one, which outside of the nostalgia of the white one, I actually like the best. I remember when I was young that I thought buggy / MT conversions just looked so stupid, but today, it just brings back the memories of those times. This is a Team CRP MT kit. Had to go retro with the decals, which are just cut vinyl.
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