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  1. I love the look of white lettering on tires on selected model, including the Hilux 4x4 - but I hate the process of doing it. The Hiilx tires are fiddly (well, for me it was) I used a very fine tip permanent marker in white on mine.
  2. That looks amazing! Great work on the iconic piece of Tamiya history. Very cool to see you run it. As others have mentioned, after restoring mine it has seen no run time - which is kind of sad. Now go out and hook it up to a skateboard and let it tow you around, as in the vintage Tamiya catalog
  3. Processed Versatile Plastic from Shapeways is laser sintered nylon, and it is VERY strong. Shapeways indeed can print various metal parts, they are great for the right applications - but expensive. I've printed some Wild Willy arms stays I designed long time ago as seen here: I would think a yoke-design driveshaft would work great in versatile plastic from Shapeways, if designed well - however I'm not sure about a dog bone style shaft. I'm not familiar with Kyosho models, but getting some vintage spares is probably the easiest/cheapest way to go.
  4. It's strange how Tamiya left that gearbox open in the first place?! Nice work, but are you scratch building these, not 3D printing them? I'd be interested in one for my Sand Rover.
  5. Yeah - they're all non-functional tacky novel parts for 1/10 drift cars... Planning (thinking) ahead is a good thing... But hey, you put it best yourself, this was a bad idea for a WW. Fascinating to observe how your "creative" strive for vintage accuracy in the first post has evolved/dissolved...
  6. Oh, there's friction all right! You're obviously limited in several aspects, but for sure you've introduced friction to this forum with your "original" ideas. You should stick to collecting Rolexes...
  7. What?!!! This is truly sad news. My deepest thoughts go out to his family . Jim is one of the OGs here on TC, and for more than 20 years an inspiration to me, and many others. RIP my friend, you will be greatly missed!
  8. Updating the fronts to hex is simple: More details on this in my thread here: "].
  9. Haha, good one - adding "original" really makes it original (in China perhaps). The fact that you do not realise the irony of this only reflects your (lack of) character. Yes, copying other peoples ideas and work sure saves time, but no creative person appreciate idiots like yourself doing it.
  10. Haha, yeah right - even the title of this very thread is a blatant direct copy. After seeing you actually purchase some of my designs on Shapeways, and later posting poor variants - like the Jerry Can insert you just added - it's just too silly. It simply sits wrong in my book, but (un)fortunately, your verbose descriptions and uncreative creations are not well engineered. Looking forward to your next "creative" project as you plan "work harder" - perhaps it will be a vintage filled WW bumper or a WW hard top?
  11. Probably yes - but it would be your very first original idea...
  12. This will be the most expensive GF01 ever built - looking forward to see another of your great builds
  13. Nice idea of adding something new to this, like the various idle movements/reverse/wheelie functions - finally some original thinking. So not cutting the body is no longer a selling argument? Why that massive servo? A micro servo does the job just as well without all the cutting - many people have done this already.
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