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  1. yes, that is what I said - RA1028 is the guy that makes them.
  2. RA1028 makes them, and he is a long-time member here on TC, so you could try contacting him here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/member.asp?id=1675 I have purchased several sets of the WW/BB tires and can confirm they are excellent.
  3. I have some info collected over the years that might help out: Exploded view of the tranny: http://www.simensays.com/tamiya/3spd_Exploded.pdf Full service manual: http://www.simensays.com/tamiya/TrannySvcManual.pdf A full rebuild (disassembly/assembly) of a Hilux/Blazing Blazer tranny. Note, this is not my work, but a great detailed ball-race rebuild made by Lees (?) - the owner/OP contact info is listed in the bottom of the PDFs - years back that I saved and turned into PDFs when I did a similiar rebuild on one of my Hilux/BB transmissions many moons ago: http://www.simensays.com/tamiya/tamiya_3spd_dissasembly.pdf http://www.simensays.com/tamiya/tamiya_3spd_assembly.pdf
  4. We could naturally reopen this topic, but at little interest to others. I've deleted some posts directed at you left in frustration to keep others out of it (as post can't be deleted). I do not have the time at the moment, but you have copied much more than the double colons (you introduced yourself by copy pasting my title, some of my concepts etc, I know it might seem a trivial detail, but so why do it?), and the fact that half of your initial "ideas" had been listed in my thread for years you play this down is what has rubbed me the wrong way since your first post on here - just like we have talked about in our PMs. Much of your work is not original - which is the root to the way I perceive your wordy origins stories. I am happy too see that you've now taken the steps to do some changes, and I look forward to seeing your new and original designs - which in fairness you have showcased examples of.
  5. Many years later, and the prices have only gone up Now we do have more options and smoother finishes, but unfortunately not really for durable materials...
  6. Wise words, and of course you are correct. I've altered the title/tags and deleted any mentions. Guess I get a bit frustrated (childish) when I observe others copying some of my original ideas (and thread titles).
  7. Inspired by the idea of "original" design work, this thread will display "new" and "creative" thinking. Stay tuned!
  8. Combine old & new link to original post (page 3):
  9. Get some steel wool and polish them up, will look like new and function just the same! Restore rather than replace whenever possible
  10. Looks fantastic! I never bothered with these beauties, in fact I turned down buying a dozen of them for about $50 a pop when I first started hunting down vintage Tamiyas locally about 20 years ago - they were simply too new for me... I got a NOS Celica body, rims and tyres in a trade - I gave them away to a friend. Now, I regret it all, I want both the Porsche and Toyota, but realise I probably won't have either one any time soon... I know the Celica body I gave away still is in new, unpainted condition - but out of my reach at this point. I hope you find the parts you are missing to complete these awesome restorations.
  11. After 20 years on TC I now mostly quietly observe, which I think goes for several of the members that have been on here for a while. I still work on my long list of vintage projects when time allows, competing with other hobbies and interests. The need for info is less, and thrill of the hunt for old "barn finds" was lost (for me) with the re-releases and modern day eBay - and possibly the fact that I obtained my "critical mass" of cars before this point - resulting in a less active profile in the forums. As with all generational waves of nostalgic interests, naturally there will come a time when vintage Tamiya RC cars also will age out - however, for many of the other reasons mentioned above I don't believe that time is now.
  12. Yup, no need to get two kits. You can find some info in this thread and if you do a forum search, I started a dedicated thread a few years back.
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