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  1. This GF01 is slowly looking more and more like a Wild Willy...
  2. Some quick shots with the roll bar (temporarily) mounted, just to check proportions... I can easily adjust the tilt angle of the body.
  3. All the mods have been made to the body & driver figure. The chassis is untouched apart from the body mount spacers that I made shown in earlier posts.
  4. I couldn't find them on eBay at the moment, so probably temporarily sold out. From experience this has been the case earlier, so as long as peopel keep buying them (as they do), they will probably make more. I picked up a few sets, but as my last spare set went on the WW2, I need to pick up some more at some point. I have lots of spare original tires in various states, but the repro tires is a better way to go for all projects other than a 100% original restoration build.
  5. There are really several ongoing projects in this thread, all WW related and with various custom parts and mods I do. As usual I've been busy with others things, but I did 3D print a set of the wheels on Shapeways for my WW2 and mounted some of @RA1028 excellent repro Wild Willy tires. I want all my various WWs to resemble the proportions and look of the original gansta, and to me the tires play a huge role in this. [/img] As I have modded the stance of my WW2 (wider rear and front mods to accommodate heck wheels), I swapped out the wider rear with the stock parts. The wheels I've designed are the standard 12mm hex mounted set up, so I left the upgraded front assembly (uprights and front axles from a M-04) and everything fit perfectly. I've done multiple wheels set ups on my WW2 over the years, but I am so pleased that I finally have gotten around to making wheels to fit the vintage style WW tires. The GF01 Wild Willy has gotten some paint, waiting for some detailing now. At first I was planning on doing a subtle olive drab weathered look, but as this will be my 4x4 Wild Willy and probably see some run time, I want it as part of my stock WW look brigade. So I will most likely do it as per original box art.
  6. Someone has... TC member RA1028 has made some repro Wild Willy / Blazing Blazer tires (I believe he had some Rough Rider front tires and Hilux 4x4 tires made also (?). I have several sets of his WW tires - which are better than the originals. There are several threads on this in these forums, like this one:
  7. That looks awesome so far! Ah yes, I have ongoing projects that I started years ago waiting to get some attention I will pick them up one at the time though... Please post some pics here when you have the time to finish or even progress the Big Oly build - not enough of them out there!
  8. So I did not come across his until now - still a few years after I made mine, but it looks really nice and scale. Too bad it's a static model https://www.acmediecast.com/products/details.cfm?ProductNumber=RAR18001&category=RAR - 1% [/img]
  9. some renders that show the rims a bit more in detail...
  10. I love the old style Wild Willy tires, and wanted to use them on the WW2 and the GF01. So I had to design some... The tires are reissues, which are very good, and have been covered in other threads here on TC.The rims are split rims, and uses the same hardware and works as the vintage stock wheels - only with modern hex pattern and off-set to fit the WW2 and GF01 (and models with the same off-set wheels). This is my GF01 Wild Willy conversion I started a long time ago, with the new rims and tires mounted.
  11. I designed the SUPER-X decals a few years back for some of my WW projects, and had them printed at ScreenPrintDigital.com...
  12. For me it's a question of aesthetics. As a designer, it just looks way better - the SWB that is. The rear axle on the LWB is obviously too far back - a poorly masked, cheap option design and engineering wise, rather than redesigning and shifting weight forward in the chassis, to avoid it flippin' too easily. As for selling/buying, it is fairly easy to identify a genuine SWB - as with all things - when you know what to look for.
  13. Oh, I'm still here.. You document that Tamiya used both old and new parts in some of their kits, that coincides with the time the model was revised, as with your Sand Scorcher. What makes it less likely that they did this with other kits, like the 58035 also? I have a NIB Sand Scorcher myself that has both mk1 and mk2 parts, so I can confirm that Tamiya did this. The WW that I mentioned several years back, that had parts from both a SWB and a LWB was not originally built by me. However, I did make detailed inquieries with the guy I bought it from, he was not a collector, did not ask much for it, and had nothing to gain by lying about the mixed parts - and he insisted he built it out of the box himself. I still own that car.
  14. The answer is yes. Converting a LWB Wild Willy to look like a SWB is very easy - and the only thing needed is the short arms stays. Simply by swapping out these two parts, the overall stance of the WW will recemble the original version. I have done this on my WW runner (and other projects), which is built from various left over parts, custom made parts and so on. If the goal is to build a true SWB, as it was released originally, this is also possible, but the parts list is quite a bit longer, and way more of a challenge to find. Most parts are identical, but there are some crusial parts that differ the two - see the leaflet at the end of this post for a list of the parts. Personally I like the overall proportions of the first version, and see little or no point in arguing for the fact that the LWB version handles better - both versions handle like crap - or like a childhood dream, depending on how one views it. I love the handling, not because it is great, but because it is excatly how it was when I was a kid. I've even designed my own arms stays (SWB specs) for one of my WWs Naturally I have built both versions... My runner is not a true SWB... I made this some time ago, from the scans available (under vintage media) here on TC, showing the various parts that differ on the two Wild Willy versions:
  15. 1589143741_SimonsWW.jpg.c50b7bca5d43d88b0fdde0c42719749c.jpg 

    Hi SImon, I love your resto's they look really great!!! Got a couple of questions If I may ask? the first is what is the colour code on this green WW? I'm assuming its not Olive Drab 2? The WW in my old catalogue is this sort of colour and I'm desperate to find out what it is!!!  Secondly do you spray the plastic Chassis members, suspension arms etc? if so do you just use ordinary matt black/ acrylic type aerosol.  I tried it on an old F2 type chassis and it came up really well but was a bit worried if the paint would attack the plastic at all??!! Just wondered if you had any issues with this? many thanks and best wishes Barry

    1. simensays


      Hi Barry - I usually make a detailed description of the model in my showroom, including color used etc. The WW in the picture was prayed with TS5 Olive Drab. The TS28 Olive Drab 2 is a bit darker, and I have used it for several WW builds also, check out my showroom.
      Regarding spraying the chassis parts, I do not do that for the WWs, but I have done this for various other models, like Sand Scorcjer, Sand Sover etc... The WW chassis parts are all cast in black, so not really needed if you ask me, but I do spray the roll bar in matt black, also I spray the underside of bodies matt black.

      I use Tamiya spray for pretty much all my models. 


    2. bjmulford


      Hi Simon, that's great, thank you so much for taking the time to reply, much appreciated! I'm afraid I'm no good with navigating this website, I just find it really confusing and can never seem to get where I want to be on it unless I do a google search first!!! Cheers very much and keep up the resto's!, B

    3. simensays


      Yeah, it has gotten less intuitive to navigate lately, so I understand where you're coming from. I spend less time here lately, but drop by from time to time. It's always great to exchange info with other enthusiasts, so only happy to share. Here is a link to my showroom with some of my models with more detailed info as mentioned earlier. 




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