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  1. I have a set of unused alloy beadlocks.Only been mounted and not used.Had a change of plan.75 posted in UK. Here`s a link to the RC4WD page http://rc4wdstore.com/product_info.php?cPa...products_id=255
  2. You dont get charged if the funds are in your paypal account.If you send money using debit/credit card then there`s a charge. Thats my understanding of it anyway.Paypal make the rules up as they go half the time.
  3. Each car 50 posted before they go off to ebay tomorrow!
  4. Theres no esc with it.The clash motors are great for the money.Ive heard of some being duff but these are ok. I used an M-troniks super truck esc with them no problem.
  5. TA03 converted to twin motor.This has two dirt tuned motors in it with Imprezz shell,steering servo.This flies and looks the part on a dusty track.75 posted Twin Detonator. Two 15 t motors,steering servo,universal shafts all round,fully ballraced,oil dampers,Alloy C hubs,quick release battery holder.75 posted. FF01 with alloy king pins,fully ballraced,alloy motor heatsink,new wheels tyres and body,12x2 Orion motor,vega V2 waterproof no limit esc.65 posted. Tamiya twin motor electronic speed control.Run for two battery packs.28 posted. Postage to outside UK will be extra.
  6. 007al

    Clear Out!

    Made it in the end then.The post is unbelievable atm.Didnt get back to you last night as it coming up with an error
  7. 007al

    Clear Out!

    Got some bits that might be useful to someone.Open to offers on all. Tamiya Vise crawler tyres.Used a little and loads of tread left Used clod wheels.Have yellowed. New tyres.Copies of original scumacher CAT. New red Troll tyres for sand scorcher/frog etc. TLT axle brace. Set of used Acoms radio gear. Alloy steering for Tamiya DF03. Used prop shafts for Tamiya DF03. Tamiya 1700 nicad pack(new)This is smaller than a normal size pack so good for a crawler. CRP Hop up parts for Tamiya frog and hop up parts list for that time. New prop shafts for Losi mini crawler.
  8. Really dont get the shock top poking through the front....nowhere near the real ones!
  9. No handset but receiver and esc
  10. This is built with full bearings and a sport tuned motor(motor is used) Comes with steering servo looking for 150 plus postage pics in the link to my showroom http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...0&sid=20387
  11. Ive got a few bits on ebay that might be of interest Blazer tyres,SRB parts,FF-01 plus loads more http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZal5302
  12. Better off getting the Trail Finder and putting the Tundra body on i think.The Tundra shell is way too high for the high lift chassis,same as the Hilux is. Or get this when its out http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/showthread.php?t=133770
  13. You will need a brushless esc to run a brushless motor.
  14. Made a roofrack and some sliders. Still need to paint the interior and fit the driver i have planned for it. backtomyroots Heres my leaf sprung version. The 3 link version is a bit more robust as there are no leafs to bend...which can happen pretty easy,as you need to only use the main leaf to get the suspension soft enough
  15. Ryan...theyre metal axles I use the pinion that comes with the trans with a 35 turn motor and its good for me. Just use that one that comes with it with not too slow a motor
  16. Im thinking of moving my high lift on. Its fully ballraced,has hop ups including servo saver,chassis braces,rear bed mounts,front knuckles and wheels hexes. Has sport tuned motor,Acoms 4channel radio gear with alloy stick gate,Nosram waterproof speedo. It now has clear lenses and black bumpers from the pics in my showrrom. This hasnt had much use and is near new. 260 + 20 special delivery in the UK Look here http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...1&sid=20387
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