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  1. Hi Im after 1 mirror to complete my scorcher , ive got the bracket (I think) can any one help ? ive got paypal . Cheers Steven
  2. I had 3 Nice Scorcher boxes around 2 years ago and sold up now im building another one and want a nice Sand Scorcher box ? can any one help ? Ive got a Ranger box for trade or will buy . Ive got paypal Will only deal with well know guys on here Cheers Steven (UK)
  3. Im after a Ranger body in the UK as I melted mine while stripping it , dont care how bad its been painted as long has the shell has not been broken. Ive got paypal or ive got a stripped as New Pajero metaltop body if some wants wants to swap . Cheers Steven
  4. Thanks Guys . Shodog think it may have been you who I bought them off last time fair play yours look very good quality and nice tig welds, have you any spare ? Blacque thanks but I want them tigged together but may come back to you if I have no luck and but a rear cage with no holes drilled and tig weld it up my self. Misterclyde , Im in the UK so will check out J man on here. I could make them my self in work but I think a one off set will take a little messing and time , wanted some off some one who has a jig made up and knocks hundreds out Thanks Steven
  5. For some reason in life I tend to go in circles , sold my stunning box art Sand Scorcher afew years ago and now want another, it was fitted with ally tube front and rear bumpers which I think were made by one of the members on here in the USA. Can any one help as I want to buy some if still available for my next project , its makes the scorcher look exactly like on the box Cheers Steven
  6. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
  7. Chrome Wild willy 2 brand new built to a high standard , includes new acoms radio gear , tamiya esc plus original box etc. Prefer to deal in the UK or will swap Heli stuff , ive currently got a Raptor 90 & 30. Cheers Steven
  8. They have made that set up as it is cheaper to produce 1 axle for front and rear
  9. Looks to me the rear steering rod is there just to brace the rear wheel toe in / out , with just the little bars the adjustable toe would probably brake so they have added the bar . Yer thats a strange bend in the front steering arm
  10. I hope it does or some one having a laugh
  11. Sorry I missed that bit !! Has the little heli got a flybar ?? if so you can add weights (collects )on the flt bar to make the heli much more stable , but it sounds to basic for that. Take alook on ebay , I bet you will get what you want very cheap , ive got a spare radio here but im using it for my Sim. By the way I fly a Raptor 90 & also have a 30 as a back up
  12. Try moving the rods to the inner holes on the servo horns first , that will limit the movement and make it easier to fly
  13. Move to the inner holes on your servo arms to reduse the throw , and dont you want atleast a 6 channel radio ??
  14. Tamiya Blazing Blazer in stunning condition has can be seen in the photos , I rebuilt this truck quite a few years ago and its been in my attic has I will not use it incase it gets dirty or damaged. I tried the truck tonight inside the house and she runs very well , all the gears work perfect and its even quite fast. Its includes all the original 4 channel acoms and the rx batteries are original old acoms sealed rechargable unithas can be seen in the photos. The original box and manual are also included. The body has been painted in metalic black and has had quite a few coats of laquer , the decals have been applied as box art , then laquered over to seal them. Im selling this truck has I need to fund my Rc Helicopters, I dont want to sell it but I must has im on the sick from work with a bad back and my funds are going down fast. I will ship worldwide has long has you pay the shipping . Totally complete and in working order I feel this has to be worth £600 But if I dont get this then im open to offers . Cheers Steven
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