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  1. Have they underestimated the demand, was it going to be a limited release from the start, or could it have something to do with the current global shortage on just about everything? Sure hope I don't miss out on this one, pre-ordered it kinda late (Early September) as I didn't think they would be gone before the release, but when I found it at €220 shipped when looking for some other parts, I just couldn't resist.
  2. Who told you that it's (supposedly) a better power supply? It's probably more efficient and it should be able to handle more current, but what I don't like is this: . That could possibly mean that the ripple gets a lot worse at a certain load, which may make your charger to cut out, (I have some knowledge about electronics, but not enough to tell you for sure, best would be someone on the spot to do some measurements, preferably with a scope to measure ripple, but you could measure a possible voltage drop yourself with a multimeter <- always handy). Personally I would never buy a piece of equipment based on looks only, and for sure no power supply that looks like a gimmick made out of plastic for a whopping £129.99 ex. VAT!!! Whats that all about then?!!?? Your "mid range" Maplin power supply looks a lot more decent than that piece of plastic which reminds me of a pencil sharpener or so You would probably be better of by using an old PC power supply, as you can find them for next to nothing (I have about 10-20 or more), there are some disadvantages though: Voltage usually is fixed at 12V (Sometimes you can adjust that, but that may require some knowledge about electronics... Sometimes-> Everything can be adjusted, but it may require even more knowledge, lets say that the reference voltage is supplied by a LM7812 (Fixed Positive Voltage Regulator), you could possibly replace it by a LM317 (Variable Positive Voltage Regulator)-> But please keep in mind that it isn't that simple). Another problem that you may run into is that (mostly older) PC PSU's may not supply enough voltage/current when there's no load on the 5V line (I think it's very rare to find a PC PSU that has that issue, I think those are at least 10-15 years old). But depending on your needs it may be a good option, the (slightly) lower voltage of a stock PC PSU limits you to charge 2S batteries and possibly 7 cell NiCad/NiMH batteries at best. OTOH, if your "old"(?) PSU works fine, why replace it? When a charger works fine it won't work better with a more expensive or a so called better PSU, if you want to squeeze out every bit of your batteries you should invest in a high-end charger, and those don't come cheap, not to mention that you may find out that there's little gain, especially when you're an average driver... and you need matching Batteries, ESC...
  3. Remember to drill a hole at the end of the crack, that way it's less likely the crack will spread any further.
  4. Why the regret? Yes, the word regret is as complicated as it's simple, but basically you shouldn't have any regrets, because your actions are based on the knowledge/feelings you have at that time (Personally I think they should only be based on knowledge), wrong or right doesn't matter, as there may be no right/wrong due to the lack of knowledge. Would you want to take a look into the future? I'd rather not, I'd possibly kill myself whether the future is good or bad, as I just ruined the surprise... Of course there are always exceptions, willingly making a wrong decision could possibly lead to regret, but that's part of life, and "unfortunately" those mistakes/wrong decisions, which we all make, help you grow in life and (hopefully) make better decisions next time. Just keep in mind that you need a goal to progress Personally I don't think I daydream a lot, and the stuff on my "next list" isn't really exciting, but my wish/next list is huge and I try to be realistic, so some of the items on my wish list won't come soon for sure, if ever. Please ban me from these kind of threads, I talk too much (and you never shut up -> Run DMC)
  5. I was looking into this a while ago, I bought rubber gloves, a gun and some nozzles, I already have a compressor which probably doesn't have enough airflow, but I haven't build a cabinet yet, so I have very little knowledge about this subject as well. IIRC for models baking soda is probably the safest and least abrasive media, which is pretty cheap and easy to obtain. Second best is probably a fine grit aluminum oxide (1200-1600 or so, not sure if a higher grit is available) which is more abrasive, but probably a bit harder to find locally, ordering online shouldn't be a problem. I don't think there's much more that is suitable for models, but I could be wrong... I think most other media is either too hard or not small enough or not hard enough at a smaller size, for example: how well would walnut shell do when it's small enough to get into the cracks/crannies and seams of a 1/24 scale model. When you look into this you'll notice that quite a few websites have good info for most stuff and that some things are self-explanatory, but personally I don't think it's a steep learning curve, you'll get a long way with common sense. Also, I wouldn't bother using wet media, I tried it with a bottom feed gun (or whatever it's called in English, it's a gun to spray fluids under pressure, I forgot to clean and dry it, so it was partially rusty), while it works fine, it takes a lot of media, but then again I don't know if I would've gotten more done with the same amount when used dry (Not sure what I used, but I possibly used salt, salt is quite abrasive but obviously you shouldn't wait too long as it dissolves in water). EDIT: I could say a lot more, but you just have to try some stuff, while salt may work fine when used dry, it may be a bit too coarse for small things, the good thing is that it's environment friendly just like baking soda. EDIT2: Keep us updated!
  6. You beat me to it Mokei Kagaku, but you also did a better job writing. Walter Wolf's second special Countach is supposedly Bugatti blue, but there all kinds of shades of Bugatti blue. Here you can see Walter Wolfs Countach
  7. This turned up a lot sooner than I expected as it was shipped from abroad, but it only took 2 days. I have been searching for one of these quite frequently for a "reasonable price" the past 4 months or so. When the package arrived I wasn't sure what to expect as the pictures in the listing didn't match the title and the description, and there were some other things that made me wonder what was being sold, so I had a quick look in the sellers store to see if the item that was in the pictures was also being sold, and that seemed to be the case, so I clicked the "Buy It Now" button right away, assuming the pictures had to be wrong. The fact that it was listed since August 9 (bought it August 17) and the low price also made me wonder what was being sold, but I didn't bother to ask the seller as he/she was probably away (In the store it said something like "No shipping from August 10 to August 19"), not to mention that the last time I found one for a "somewhat reasonable price" (I believe about 68 GBP + shipping, which would've been about €100 in total at the time) it was sold within a couple of hours... Back then I was too stupid to read the description properly, I misread or overlooked it or maybe it was edited, anyhow it wasn't clear to me what was or wasn't included so I did a search to see if the other parts were still available separately and how much they were, meanwhile the body was sold and I noticed that the description said that it came with all parts... right know I'm glad I didn't read the description properly: €46,90 isn't that bad huh? Well I actually paid €40,44 including shipping Not sure if all of these come undrilled, but this one is undrilled. Sometimes you just have to be lucky... or stupid
  8. That is on my shortlist (And a Creality 3D Printer, not sure about the model yet, most likely the Ender 3 Pro, not to mention some more important stuff... like a new re****erator). As I mentioned in this thread, I regained interest in this hobby earlier this year, last thing I remember I wanted to buy was the 49400 Porsche, I missed out on that and these days they are too expensive for me, so I had to buy some other stuff to satisfy my needs... 2x 58407 (Porsche 911 GT3 H+J Parts). 1x 9004371 (Porsche 911 GT2 H Parts). 1x 84431 (Bought at an auction site, possibly payed less than retail, cheapest I could find was €34 more, today it's at least €74 more). 1x 47362 (Just had to have one). 1x 84431 (Bought at an auction site, bought it for parts, unfortunately it's missing the mirrors and aluminum motor mount, but it's newly build, about half the price of the one I bought NIB and the seller has been very generous, helpful and polite, so no complaints there). 1x 1825588 (Skyline GTR R33 Undrilled). 2x 1825148 (Porsche 911 GT2 993). 1x Lamborghini XB body with wheels and light unit (Probably payed a bit too much, but I just had to have one, as a kid I always wanted a 58008 and...). 1x iMAX B6AC v2. 1x 51365 (Nissan GT-R R32 Undrilled) 1x 51514 (BMW M3 Sport Evo Jagermeister Undrilled) 3 servos and another 9004371 Porsche 911 GT2 H Parts
  9. Hello all, To me it seemed appropriate to introduce myself in my first post, yes I know... I've been a member for a couple of years My name is Axel, I'm an "old" fart and I live in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, which is near the German border. Years ago all of a sudden I completely lost interest in the RC hobby, but earlier this year I regained interest when I was looking for a better charger for my 18650 batteries, the site I usually look at first for my regular battery needs was also selling an iMAX B6 charger, which brought back memories... one thing leads to another... and here I am (Again?). I've seen quite a few very knowledgeable and skilled people at TC, and I can only hope I can best some of them, but I may have a couple of things up my sleeve that might be interesting... time will tell (I may loose interest again -> I have several hobbies, and I tend to let things be once I know it's doable for me, meaning I have tons of unfinished projects) My profile needs to be updated, but I'm not that good at writing without things getting too long, so stay tuned -> I will mention it in this thread when I've updated my profile. In this thread I will also post random crap about my collection (Rebuild, cleaning and that kinda stuff). Currently I own about 20-30 (or so) RC cars, two of them being Marui, one Serpent 3.5cc Nitro (Missing some parts and in need of an engine), a Kyosho nitro (No body, and probably needs a new piston and sleeve) a Yankee MB 190 quarter scale (I'm afraid this can't be salvaged), all others are Tamiya and I think the oldest Tamiya I own is a Grasshopper, which to me is also the one and only true vintage Tamiya I own. Other than that I also own 2 boats. That's it for now.
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