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  1. Hey Dan. After seeing this I realise that you have a serious problem..... Or maybe your just selling a few so that you can pay the extra fare to come to this years revival after all haha? :-) Hope your keeping well Bud :-)
  2. Alex me and Steve Denning try to attend these meets on a regular basis so we always car share to save fuel etc. We try and stop overnight as well and split the cost between us so we can have a beer and usually a curry. Your more than welcome to jump in with us if it helps ☺
  3. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to give this one a miss. Gutted but got to save money for the 2 day snetterton meet and the dt02 challenge. Hope the weather holds out for you and you all have a great meet 😉
  4. I'll have you know I managed to bounce the bullhead round for 4 laps not 3 lol. Don't know how tho ☺ some fantastic pics here. Keep them coming. As John said even if you detest Facebook join with your tamiyaclub name and follow the iconic group. Well worth it ☺
  5. There's an easy answer to this. Just find your own ground (maybe even in another part of clumber park) and start your own meet and then you can please yourself. I have been to a clumber meet and it's a good 4 hour drive for me and I had a fantastic day with loads of like minded people and the last thing on there mind was complaining... maybe start your own thread in the forums instead of criticising others that do a great job for others. As for the being bullied at school comment I think you need to grow up. If you can dish out criticism the you should be able to accept it also. Just my 2 pence worth but there seems to be a pattern forming here
  6. Hey Twinset I used to ride a pro flex animal back in the day. Awesome bike. My other drain is scuba diving.
  7. Hey John. I think you'll find that Pendine sands is south wales?? Tenby way :-D
  8. Isle of wight road trip it is then Andy..... I'd be up for this although I agree that lexan shells would be a great alternative to shells that people have spent hours trying to get correct although saying that I have a ranger and a suoer champ that would get an outing for this one. No idea on location though sorry. We had a bit of a meet at brean sands a couple of years back but it wasn't fenced off. Great fun
  9. Hi John. The green lunchbox is mine but I didnt get chance to run it as did a runner to Maccy D's after the burger van let us down. What a top day and my car didnt let me down at all although I have to admit that I may of let the car down with some great crashes..... time time to try and repair the body shell. Big shout to Lee for organising a great days racing and also to all involved in making it fun. I reckon we should look at every 6 months tho instead of annually..... :-D
  10. So is there still going to be a lunchbox race
  11. Finally got round to getting into the loft and finding my holiday buggy and lunchbox. All ready for the event now as busy next weekend. Question... how much difference to speed will a 19t pinion on a sport tuned actually make compared to a 17t? Ps.... packed a fresh roll of gaffa tape just incase ;-)
  12. Well im booked in to the travelodge so WILL make it to the pub..... the big question is can you get done for being drunk in charge of an holiday buggy the next day? :-P
  13. Any recommendations as to what spares I should bring as dont have any at all. Anybody know of any particular weaknesses with the 2010 holiday buggy? Also is there anhone there who will be selling spares in the day? Cheers Rich :-D
  14. Ok so ive just booked in for the standard class. best get up in the loft and dig my holiday buggy and lunchbox out :-) Also booked into the Farnborough central Travelodge for the sat night so up for a couple of beers John if you are. Should be bringing my neighbour with me who is member 'hamster' on here if he can find his buggy as hes just moved house. Booked myself in as a '5' rated driver but i'll apologise now if I get in anyones way during the racing haha Looking forward to this now See you all there :-)
  15. Really thinking of coming down to this one :-) are we allowed reverse on our speed controls for this event? years since I raced and reverse wasn't allowed back then... Got a mate interested as well so as soon as he confirms i'll book us both in for the standard class (should be slow enough for me to get around the track hopefully) Got a lunchbox which I could bring for a bash in the luchie race as well. is there any restrictions on the lunchbox race as i'd have to change it back to brushed if there is? Cheers Rich :-)
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