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  1. Torquer

    Fox Collection

    You're mad, I tell you! You are mad! Lol. If there wasn't so much water between us I get her from you.
  2. Torquer

    Fox Collection

    Nice Fox collection. Man, I want my old one back soooooo bad!
  3. Torquer

    Life & times of a Hornet

    This is the best post I've seen is quite a while. I'm surly enjoying your re-ride thru memorylane. Please keep it, man...! Thanks.
  4. Yeah...and these photo's are not even photochopped!...yeah...really.
  5. Torquer

    Life & times of a Hornet

    Fantastic thread and great pictures! Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed it.
  6. ...and a video from a looooong time ago.... Pulling Juggs That's all for now...Hope you enjoyed the show!
  7. Oh no...I just spotted some more old photo's of my old Juggernaut and Clodbuster... Goofy...but entertaining nonetheless!...
  8. ...few more I just found...
  9. ...oh...can't forget the video...!!! Rally Video
  10. Great models here... One of my favorite models to photograph was my old TB01 EVO...I sure wish I still had her. Fantastic car! Some of you may remember these from years gone by....
  11. Torquer

    lol (oh dear)

    HAHAHA..... I hope Tamiya does a re-re of this model...!
  12. I’m totally please with most of the re’s and related comments you all already pointed out… I would also like to see the re’s stay as close as possible to the originals…such as the case with the Blackfoot. I really want a re-Blackfoot, but only if it were on an ORV platform. I too am waiting on the re-Fox! I re-want one BAD!!!! My favorite part of the re’s is the fact that I can share the fun of RC’s with both of my kids…affordably and in re-true Tamiya style. It is so much fun bashing around the yard with my youngsters with some re-classics…priceless!
  13. Torquer

    Grasshopper/Hornet Parts request…

    Got home from work last night and saw a large box on the doorstep and knew the Hornet kit had arrived. Then a trip to the mailbox revealed a package from Jeff. What perfect timing. Thank you a ton Jeff. You're a real standup guy. I hope to be able to return the cavorted sometime. Will
  14. Torquer

    Grasshopper/Hornet Parts request…

    I can't thank you enough, Jeff. It is very nice of you to ship these out for free. I really hope to be able to return the favor sometime. Also, I think I need to know more about this "Snowhopper- ski patrol" you speak of.... I'll be on the lookout! Thank you, -Will